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Ann Arbor , United States

Guided travel with Zingerman's - we believe you can learn about a place and the culture through the food! - Elph and Jillian.

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  • Rick US

    Zingermans Food Tour website

    What I liked best was the thoughtfulness and love that went into the breadth and scope of the planning and experience. Food tour is inadequate to describe what you offer - this was an immersion into everything that food represents for a culture: history, geography, passion, relationships, and emotions. The three of you did all the technical logistics flawlessly and elevated this beyond what anyone would expect from a food tour to a much higher, emotional experience.

  • Carol US

    Zingermans Food Tour website

    The cooking classes were wonderful. There was no pressure to do anything and everyone enjoyed themselves; even those obviously out of their comfort zone. I am grateful to have been part of this tour! I cant imagine anything better.

  • Renee US

    Zingermans Food Tour website

    This was a great food trip. It had a nice combination of hands-on cooking, learning about local cuisine, about people and their culture while still making it feel like a vacation.

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