Women's Own Adventure

New South Wales, Australia

Women's Own Adventure specializes in soft adventure travel for women. Enjoy walking, wildlife, and cultural interaction with a small group of like-minded women in amazing destinations.

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  • Sharyn Nepal

    Women’s Own Adventure website, edited

    Had an absolutely fantastic time! Everything was well organized and ran smoothly throughout the trip. The standard was more than I expected, I had no idea that we would be waited on hand and foot. We just had to think about a cup of tea, and it was like magic it appeared. The boys couldn’t do enough for us; they did a fantastic job looking after us. The experience was amazing, I hadn’t done much research before I left, and did most of it on the plane from a lonely planet book purchased at the airport. I really had no expectations, just there for the experience.

  • Darlene

    Women’s Own Adventure website, edited

    I found the Tuscany with Joanne and Christine trip to be life changing on so many levels. The adventure of travelling with only women for 10 days was initially frightening but turned out to be such fun and so liberating. I will certainly be doing that again. Joanne was so generous will her endless knowledge and passion for writing and poetry. Since returning, I have bought a poetry book, life changing! Joanne instills the belief that you can do it. I have far more confidence in my writing. I am never going to make a living out of it, but I now play and have fun with words. I have found my enjoyment of reading has increased immeasurably. I would recommend this trip to anyone. I have never been an avid reader or writer, but since Tuscany, it has all changed!

  • Sandra

    Women’s Own Adventure website, edited

    Our walks were pleasant sojourns along the tracks, talking and teaming up with different women, waiting and watching, for the next magnificent scene to appear for the avid photographers to snap. What wonder! Our walking guide Christine became one of the party, travelling with us, always attending to our personal needs, nothing was ever too much trouble. She had a warm, calm personality and befriended us all. The combination of younger women and older women worked extremely well. They enjoyed our wisdom; we enjoyed their youthfulness and enthusiasm. The places chosen to visit were different and each new location offered something unique. The accommodation was good and those of us who shared had great roommates. This was a very successful trip and could be highly recommended.

  • Damien and Fran Australia

    Women's Own Adventure website

    Fran and I had a truly wonderful time. The experience exceeded our expectations and the leadership of Josephina was much appreciated. She understood the nature of the experience and gave us every opportunity to immerse ourselves in the Camino experience. The opportunity to begin to understand this part of the world was an experience in itself. The quality of the accommodation was outstanding and, I believe, we received great value for our money.

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