Wisdom of Horses

Granada, Spain

Wisdom of Horses offers a way to inner peace, confidence, and strength. All through retreats with yoga, meditation, and self-enquiry in the presence of horses.

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  • Klaudia

    Wisdom of Horses website

    Wisdom of Horses Yoga Retreat with Tara and Kim, who are such generous and authentic people, was one of the most life-changing experiences for me. Located in a beautiful Spanish village surrounded by mountains, astonishing views and pleasant climate made the perfect place for yoga retreat. Creative, delicious daily meals full of healthy local ingredients and 'live food' was the great opportunity to heal my body. On the other hand, yoga classes were just on the right level for everyone from beginners to more advanced, and combined with meditation gave a wonderful start to a new day leaving you feeling relaxed and energised at the same time. But the real highlight of this retreat were sessions with Kim and her horses. The beautiful bond between Kim and horses was easily seen and for me she brought the human – horse relationship to a different level. I was able to learn a lot about myself through interaction with horses and see many thing from a different perspective. Being surrounded by like-minded people gave me new strength on my life journey. I would recommend this retreat to anyone with all my heart!

  • Lisan

    Wisdom of Horses website

    It's been a month since I did the yoga and wisdom of horses retreat and I must say that the effects of the week are still working on me...

    First of all the location is stunning but it was Tara, and Kim with her three beautiful horses that made my week unforgettable. As soon as I met them I felt a sense of ease and relaxation. They are people that know their own hearts and with whom you can just be yourself, Tara is inspiring with her yoga and her knowledge of rawfood and nutrition, and very generous with everything she offered us. All the food was so fresh and gorgious! Our day out into the mountains was a lot of fun and so peaceful.. Tara's radiance and zest for life are a joy to be around.To get to know Kim and her horses was a real gift and she helped me to meet the horses in a way that I have longed for but never quite managed by myself. I know I am not done there yet and that I will be back. I am grateful for the connections that were made during the week and feel deeply nourished by the whole experience.

  • Annemarie

    Wisdom of Horses website

    Just returned from a wonderful week in the Alpujarras. So many insights and eye-heart-hara-openers. We do not need to *understand* (with our thinking little minds) the behaviour of horses (or humans, trees, insects, flowers....). When we open up to the silence and peace within us, we communicate on a universal level of love and understanding. Thank you for bringing this practical and, at the same time, very deep knowledge to the surface Kim, Sal, Nona and Astra.

  • Julie

    Wisdom of Horses website

    So many teachings from the horses and Kim. I am grateful to have finally found a tool to live my emotions and to move forward in life. I know now how to contact my inner strength and I´m looking forward to practising it in my daily life

    Thank you for the non-entertainment and to let me find my place with total independence.

  • Mo

    Wisdom of Horses website

    Beautiful, unique, powerful what I experienced here.

    I came openminded and openhearted and Kim, Nona, Astra and Sal have shown me how it is to be at home again in myself, to experience the essence of who I am.

    Kim, you have the gift to transmit your wisdom with your horses!!!

    What I really appreciate, is that all happens in an earthly and free way.

    Thank you so much for all these beautiful experiences.

    Lovely food, lovely time, pure life!

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