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Walkabout Gourmet Adventures

Walkabout Gourmet Adventures is a travel company that offers guided walking tours with delicious food and fine hotels in the countryside and villages of Europe, Eastern Europe, and Australia.

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Diana and Marion New Zealand

Walkabout Gourmet Tours website

We have seen worlds that many will never discover, on secret passage ways, and out of the way trails; glimpses of ancient societies and marvels of enduring architecture and art treasures; and the beauty of timeless views beyond words. Thank you!

Sue Australia

Walkabout Gourmet Tours website

The tour was even better than expected. The formula of staying in one place for a while is perfect. We will undoubtedly become serial Walkabout Gourmet Tour-ers. Many thanks for your "mountain" of information. Here is only one word I can think of that describes the holiday - Magic!

Yvonne Australia

Walkabout Gourmet Tours website

Just came back from another walk, the 4th. I didn't know how I'd handle it after so many years and no time to put in pre-walking. The enjoyment of starting out as strangers, gathering together, enjoying the atmosphere, food and walks under the reassuring hand of our guide will fill the mind in the months and years to come. Thank you Graeme. I do hope that I'll have the opportunity to walk in the company of one of the Clarkes again. It's about time we nominated you for one of the great Family Awards.

Judi Australia

Walkabout Gourmet Tours website

Why does it have to end? These past weeks have been two weeks of wonderful variety and surprises with great people and the best of tour leaders. Merci beaucoup, Graeme! We'll be back. Thanks for the laughs, the experiences and the memories.

Brian and Maureen Australia

Walkabout Gourmet Tours website

These two weeks have been an amazing experience with one highlight after the other. Thank you both for another amazing journey. Your research never fails to amaze me. You keep coming up with new treasures every year. No wonder we all keep coming back. Thank you Birgitta. She is a wonderful guide that helped make the journey great. It was also nice to have someone who likes to go up the hills at a slow pace. Many thanks!

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