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VegVoyages vegetarian & vegan adventures in Asia! Fascinating cultures, exciting destinations, and mouthwatering cuisines.

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  • Travelers United States

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    It’s hard to capture 16 full days of brand new experiences into words. 16 days where every turn, every new event, brought never before seen images to light. New smells and tastes from cuisines so real, so authentic, they were only experienced at the good fortune of welcome invitation into local villagers kitchens and to a seat beside them in their homes. Your tour has brought new understanding of different religions, of cultural differences so beautiful they should be celebrated, and a firsthand experience of the kindness of humanity that crosses the barriers of race, language, and daily customs. More than anything, this tour filled our heart. It filled them with hope. Hope that others can experience this tour and realize that despite our differences we are the same in many ways. Our hearts were filled with the love from the locals who opened their homes to us. With the pride they had in their heritage, customs and culture. We were touched to the point of tears.

  • Debra Doherty United Kingdom

    VegVoyages Website

    We had good fun, great laughs, fantastic music and the most tasty and enjoyable food ever – truly a culinary feast. Many, many thanks for a fantastic holiday!

  • Donna & Lou DeLurgio United States

    VegVoyages Website

    VegVoyages has meticulously planned for us to be in many places that aren’t in the tour books, where other tourists are few and far between, where the local people have not hardened toward & don’t resent outsiders. You simply cannot buy experiences like these at any price. This is a very special experience, enjoy and learn more than you would have ever thought possible. Thank you!

  • Shirley Dominguez United States

    VegVoyages Website

    VegVoyages is the best travel company I have ever experienced. They truly want you to immerse yourself in the culture of a country and they accomplish this!

  • Melanie and Phil Wood United States

    Veg Voyages website

    Our trip was amazing. We loved getting to see such a variety of villages and ways of life. We loved how genuine the trip was - we got to see people and situations how they were, not ever presented or sanitized for us. We dont know of any way other than with VegVoyages to travel and experience a place in the way we did - eating in local villages, sharing breakfast in local homes, interacting with people we come across strolling through the countryside.

  • Jennifer Brown Canada

    Trip Advisor website

    Just another huge thank you for the amazing cultural exposure on our Bali Adventure. Im now trying to find an Indonesian grocer near Toronto and the pickings are slim! It has been a pleasure to travel without the cookie cutter experience and get a real feel for a whole other world!

  • Kate and Robert Goldhouse United States

    VegVoyages website

    I’ll go on and on about how fantastic traveling with VegVoyages, but I’ll never be able to do it justice. Getting to know the people and experience the cultures was the best part of the trip. We didn’t feel like tourists; instead, we felt like guests. Being a spectator in a new country may open your eyes, but being a participant will open your heart. And we certainly have come away with open hearts. Thank you for a life-changing journey.

  • Amy Leventhal United States

    Trip Advisor website

    We also went to Laos for our second trip with VegVoyages (India was our first), and we're already planning our third trip. Zac, Yusi and Singhji are amazing guides in every way - warm, knowledgeable, thoughtful, and they think of absolutely everything when it comes to making sure everyone is having a great experience.It's wonderful to travel with so many like-minded people. While not everyone is vegan or vegetarian, most travelers share similar views on living compassionately, and learning about other cultures. And the food is wonderful! There's usually a cooking class or two on the trip, which are always fun, memorable, and delicious. We couldn't recommend VegVoyages more highly.

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