Vegan and Yoga Travel

Muenster, Germany

Vegan and Yoga Travel is the first vegan tour operator in the world, offering 100% vegan cuisine on their luxury European river cruises.

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  • Veronica

    Vegan and Yoga Travel website

    Once again, thank you for a fantastic cruise. I think you will be seeing more of us in the future.

  • a traveler

    Vegan and Yoga Travel website

    Thank you for a great trip. It was delicious! I am writing about the trip on my blog: Totally Veg.

  • Susi

    Vegan and Yoga Travel website

    Dear Vegan River Cruise team, you have truly made me happy! Completely! These four days count among the most beautiful vacation memories of my life, and that is really saying something, since I travel a lot. You have put something really awesome together! Respect! A thousand thanks! You can bet that I have blogged about this trip and I hope you offer this and similar trips from now on, both short and longer ones. You all did a great job! Wow! Best wishes.

  • Phil

    Vegan and Yoga Travel website

    My wife and I just got back from an amazing trip and I thought I would share our experience. We joined a vegan river cruise through Holland and Belgium over the Easter holiday. It was fantastic. We were all vegans on this cruise. The best vegan food prepared by an expert chef and staff. The boat was fabulous. We were the only Americans in a group of almost all Germans. There was one lady from China who spoke English and a couple from Ireland. Most of the Germans spoke English, so we did not have any language problem. Germany has become a real vegan stronghold. The company that put it on now has an English website and I know they would love to become more international in their clients.

  • Liz and Christian

    Vegan and Yoga Travel website

    Thanks so much again for having us, we loved the cruise and have been telling everyone about it!

  • Eric and Julia

    Vegan and Yoga Travel website

    The best thing, and maybe the most important too, on board of a river cruise by Vegan Travel is the food. Not having to worry about your next meal is still uncommon when traveling on a vegan diet. The team of Untervegs took good care of the guests, though. The day started off with a breakfast buffet. For lunch, the crew served three courses. In the afternoon, hot beverages and cake were served in the lounge. The evenings brought fancy five-course dinners with extravagant desserts, a colorful range of vegan cocktails rounded off the evenings in the lounge, and little midnight snack after the night events sent us to bed satisfied every night. We came back with the same feeling we had last time: after being pampered beyond comparison for six days straight, its kind of hard to get adjusted to actually have to do things on your own again and go on with your life.

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