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8 Days Taste of Culinary Holiday in Trancoso, Brazil
This listing has no upcoming availability. Check out these similar experiences

This listing has no upcoming availability. Check out these similar experiences

(No availability) 8 Days Taste of Culinary Holiday in Trancoso, Brazil

Uxua Casa Hotel & Spa, Quadrado, Trancoso, Porto Seguro Municipality, Bahia, Nordeste, Brazil

Unforgettable Brazil Culinary Holiday

Join UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa to enjoy a mixology with UXUA barmen to mastering the caipirinha, lesson preparing Bahia's signature dessert -sweet coconut cocada - featuring home-grown coconuts, and master chocolate-making class using the fresh cacao from UXUA's garden. Also, enjoy a cooking class in your own kitchen where the UXUA's chef teaches the art of making the perfect moqueca (Bahai's traditional fish stew), lunch at Boteco do Para (a typical family-owned bar serving local seafood delicacies with a forgotten-in-time vibe), boat trip to Espelho with Silvinha lunch plus three dinners at three restaurants, boat trip to Caraiva -colonial village at the edge of an Indian reserve with beautiful river beach and seashore.


  • A cooking class
  • A chocolate-making class
  • Typical lunch at Boteco do Para
  • Boat trips to Espelho and Caraiva
  • A lesson preparing Bahai's signature dessert
  • 7 nights' accommodation
  • Bahian breakfasts
  • Airport transfers


7 days with instruction
Airport transfer included: Porto Seguro Airport
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During this holiday you will get choices of place where you will be staying at. The houses’ names are Estúdio, 1 Suite, 2 Suite, and 3 Suite. All of them are part of UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa.


Estúdio features a wonderful sense of open space, rustic local accents, sturdy furniture, antiques, and art merge harmoniously. The hardwood floors reclaimed from a local farm set an organic tone complemented by a spectacular indoor / outdoor bathroom featuring a vertical garden, sinks carved from tree trunks found in the UXUA garden, and double-wooden shower heads.

Since Trancoso was rediscovered by the world (by wandering hippies actually) in the 1970s, many international artists have relocated here. Estúdio was envisioned as a perfect retreat for one of them. It’s an airy one-bedroom studio with abundant space for living and creating. An entire wall opens to a vast garden patio, perfect for relaxing or quiet contemplation among nature.

1 Suite

1 Suite, one-bedroom houses, has six different types such as Seu Pedrinho, Seu Irênio, Casa Da Arvore, Terraço Do Ceu, Quintal Da Glória, Seu João.

Seu Pedrinho

Seu Pedrinho is the largest one-bedroom casa on the historic Quadrado with an airy, bright interior no less colorful than its exterior. Accented with smooth wooden floors, each room offers a Quadrado view. This has a vast living area with deep sofas, open kitchen and dining room, bar, cozy private garden, two bathrooms, one with a double shower, and a spacious bedroom with a canopy bed. The casa's brilliant magenta color was inspired by the area's oldest bougainvillea which grows out front with a rustic picnic table resting in its shade.

Seu Irênio

Seu Irênio is the Quadrado's only one-bedroom casa with a pool, and a design perfectly merging rustic modernism with luxury. Light streams through glass tiles hidden in an antique roof, old interior walls stripped to their structural frame allow the flow of air and wide Quadrado views, bedroom with spectacular garden bath, and double-shower open to the sky beside a private plunge pool.

Terraço Do Ceu

Terraço’s stunning rooftop with swimming pool is its signature element, and make it one of the most in-demand casas in Trancoso. The countless other details have led it to win architectural awards, with an interior completed in 2013 and reflecting UXUA's latest evolutions in creative artiginal design with contributions from several of UXUA’s acclaimed Artist In Casa.

Quintal Da Glória

Named after the late Dona da Glória, Trancoso's legendary midwife and healer whose tropical garden it overlooks (see Glória in a documentary by UXUA and acclaimed Brazilian director Cisma). This airy yet intimate studio nestles in ancient treetops, its deck invaded by branches forming a central ‘highway’ for a family of monkeys gathering fruits each day from UXUA's garden.

Quintal Da Glória has an outdoor deck with deep sofa, countless cushions, dining table, and loads of room to enjoy tropical garden views. Local ceramics, antiques, and artisanal creations, including TV hidden within a wooden trunk, are UXUA signatures, and here are beautifully composed atop white, burnt-cement floors created with a traditional technique. Spectacular open-air bathroom with double-showers of eucalyptus wood features a privileged view over the secret gardens behind Trancoso’s famed Quadrado.

Casa Da Árvore

UXUA's wooded garden begged for a fantasy treehouse, and centuries of fallen trees, reclaimed wood of old farms, and Wilbert Das's imagination made it reality. The result is eco-consciousness meets summer palace meets Robinson Crusoe. Sprawling across three levels, this elevated treehouse dream earns "green" credentials not only from recycled woods, but also a traditional thatched roof, and an award-winning interior executed from reclaimed, organic materials gathered across southern of Bahia.

Despite rustic appearances, this is no ascetic hippie enclave. Little luxuries (and big surprises) are hidden under the steep pitch of a painstakingly-crafted native roof, including large covered veranda / al fresco living room with hammock and bar, the bathroom's double shower, and spa tub on the outdoor deck, plus a cozy, rustic lounge beneath the casa with antique wooden swings.

Seu João

Inspired by the spirit of João's 'open house', UXUA recreated this traditional home as an actual open house, removing walls to open an entire side revealing a tropical oasis of private gardens, while inviting inside Bahia's tropical breezes and light.

Seu João looks like a traditional fishermen's bungalow transforms upon entering into a gleaming, bright hideaway. An entire wall opens revealing a lush private courtyard, with wooden decks around a swimming pool with hydro-massage Jacuzzi, outdoor shower, and rustic pergola. The open-air bathroom features sunken shower / bath and sinks carved from tree trunks.

2 Suite

2 suite consists of several houses such as Gulab Mahal, Eugênia, and Nozinho. All of them has 2 bedrooms with ensuite bath, kitchen, and living room with a beautifully designed interior.

Gulab Mahal

A simple native home sat here for centuries, but after Trancoso’s rediscovery by hippies in the 70s a family of adventurous travellers arrived and opened a wondrous Indian restaurant they named Gulab Mahal, adding a raised mezzanine lounge, stained glass windows, and outdoor kitchen with tiered garden which UXUA preserved in homage to the casa’s unique history.

The casa is rich with authentic details, including the traditional rustic table and chairs sitting on the Historic Quadrado. Views of the square are enjoyed throughout, including the large living room and pillow-filled mezzanine with carved hardwood accents, plus a sunken outdoor kitchen. Two split-level bedroom suites feature stunning reclaimed hardwood floors.


This house was named after a favorite tree, a noble Eugênia gently guarding over UXUA. Trancoso always attracted nature-lovers. The hippie commune owning this land in the 70's were so enamored by their countless trees that they removed none, even fallen ones. Local artisans eventually gathered that old wood to create organic details of UXUA, while all living trees are honored and casas-like Eugênia feature them growing inside, branches and limbs shooting through the roof.

Labeled a 'masterpiece of rustic modernism', Eugênia is the largest, most palatial of UXUA's Casas and gets all the angles right. Garden location amid masses of verdant greenery, pool shaped of local stones, indoor / outdoor kitchen and terrace for al fresco dining, master suite with warehouse-sized bathroom replete with antique iron tub, and a 2nd-floor bedroom suite with balcony overlooking the trees. Add countless eco-conscious touches like a sofa of recycled canvas from Amazonian truck covers.


Casa Nozinho was named after its former owner, a native fisherman who moved just down the street (moves are never far in Trancoso). Tucked into a quiet corner of UXUA's garden, this peaceful house enjoys abundant sunshine and a true neighborhood feel. Nozinho was proud of his immaculate gardens, manicuring even his grass, something considered quite exotic among the other fishermen.

Nozhinho is UXUA’s typical rustic-modernism, a playful abundance of color and light. The bright and airy Casa Nozinho sports sofa-fuls of light-toned throw pillows, and scores of homey details. The kitchen is large and welcoming, and the massive outdoor dining area invites unforgettable meals at home. The bedroom suites face separate gardens on opposite sides of the house, a cozy detail delivering maximum privacy to each guest.

3 Suite

3 Suite has two-bedroom in the main house with the third a garden suite separated by a patio filled with cushions and covered by a flowering pergola. A table in front of the casa invites al fresco dinner parties or cocktails on the historic square, while a rustic table inside offers a more intimate option. It also has Quadrado views from the kitchen, dining or the airy living room with its deep sofas.

3 Suite was the most recent native parents to raise a large, happy family in this antique fisherman's casa at the heart of the Historic Quadrado. For an authentic dose of Trancoso visitors can’t do better than stay here. Antiques include precious pieces of Trancoso history, from antique painted signs to a religious oratorio (a traditional alter found in old Bahian homes).

Included excursions

  • A boat trip to Caraiva
  • A boat trip to Espelhi with Silvinha lunch plus three dinners at three restaurants



You will visit Capim Santo, Jacare do Brasil, and Maritaca. Capin Santo is the Trancoso's oldest restaurant which now has Brazilian sensation with the second acclaimed location opened in Sao Pauolo. Jacate do Brasil is known for the innovative dishes in an absolutely refined, relaxed Trancoso atmosphere just steps from the Quadrado. Maritaca is a landmark equally renowned for its convivial social atmosphere and wood-fired pizzas, with a few culinary surprises.


Trancoso is in Brazil's verdant and historic Bahia state, a magical spot where the rainforest meets Atlantic mangrove and endless beaches. A perfect subtropical climate and warm ocean temperatures bless this area year-round. In the 70's, the hippies reached Trancoso by walking three-hour along empty beaches of the city of Porto Seguro because there was no road. Porto Seguro today is only 55-minute away by car (eight minutes by helicopter), and its airport receives daily flights from major Brazilian cities.

Uxua Praia

Every Uxua casa has its own, deep sofa reserved on the beach. It's only an 8-minute walk from the hotel, through the Historic Quadrado and down a path to a simple wooden bridge passing one of the best-preserved stretches of Atlantic mangrove in Brazil. Arriving at Uxua Praia, towels, every imaginable drink, and Uxua's innovative Bahian fusion cuisine await. As do all the services one could wish for; massage, yoga, and capoeira lessons all available.


  • Uxua beach - 8 minutes by foot
  • Porto Seguro - 55 minutes by car



  • Cooking classes
  • Gym
  • Massage
  • Spa
  • Swimming pool (outdoor)


  • Dining area
  • Kitchen
  • Lounge
  • Restaurant
  • Terrace
  • Patio


  • Library
  • Wireless internet


This retreat only includes elaborate Bahian breakfasts. However, it does not include meals and beverages.

Tastes of Trancoso

With Bahia's rich culinary heritage mixing African, Native American, and Portuguese influences and Trancoso's unique rediscovery by hippies in the 1970's, it is no surprise the food scene here is dynamic, and you celebrate every aspect from the most innovative restaurant to the goodness of home cooking and simple, traditional street food.

Taste of tradition - Moqueca Baiana

If there's a single dish which defines cuisine of the region its the famed fish stew, moqueca baiana, it's a spectacularly flavorful meal tracing African origins in ingredients such as dende oil, coconut milk, and sweet peppers.

Recipe - Frutos do mar with black rice

Mixed seafood sauté with lobster, octopus, squid, prawns, and mussels in tomato-basil and pitanga-fruit sauce accompanied by black rice; this is definitely one of UXUA's signatures and something UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa loves making. Give it a try!

Laid-back Trancoso ice tea

Since even before UXUA opened to guests, the team invented a soothing camomile flower ice tea with ginger, passionfruit, apple, pineapple, honey and cinnamon. Now a classic, this drink refreshes, relaxes nerves, and is perfect for laid back, tropical afternoons.

A pasta tribute to Trancoso's fishermen

Native fishermen don't work only on the ocean here, frequently they also maintain family farms. In tasty tribute to their dual lifestyle was born this healthy whole-grain spaghetti dish, now one of the most popular at the small restaurant on Trancoso's historic Quadrado.

Uxua's backyard spices

A sweet and delicate little pepper, from the gardens to your table. Local cooks have long claimed the soil in the center of old Trancoso is the richest and most fertile in the area, and here's some spicy proof

Uxua recipe - ice cream sandwhich

Uxua Casa Hotel & Spa's always creating ice cream sandwhiches and popcycles with new recipes, this one inspired by a staple food they love of Brasil, tapioca. It’s used to create a shell which they filled with homemade cream and cashew with caramel ice cream.

In Bahia cooking is a social event

Bahian cooking seems to Uxua Casa Hotel & Spa to be as much about smiles as it is spices. Uxua Casa Hotel & Spa's always been welcomed in local homes for meals and invited to join in cooking. The own kitchens have the same family atmosphere.

Trancoso farm and fish market

Every Saturday morning, Trancoso's farm and fish market is a pure image of Bahia.

Chocolate is from the Americas!

Chocolate isn't Swiss, it has its roots in the Americas where cacao is indigenous. It’s a privilege for Uxua Casa Hotel & Spa to have old cacao trees growing naturally in UXUA's garden and they make good use of them.

Uxua recipe - The iconic biribando salad

The original outsiders who rediscovered Trancoso in the 1970's, mostly hippies and artists, were welcomed by the natives and were given the affectionate nickname biribandos.

The local artisanal ice cream

Not just original, Uxua Casa Hotel & Spa reinvents it each day. Totally fresh, totally organic, totally spontaneous, and totally Trancoso.

Uxua recipe - Signature caipicoco

Uxua Casa Hotel & Spa didn't start the worldwide craze for coconuts but they've definitely done their part.

Note: Restaurant bookings subject to availability and seasonability. Drinks included or excluded depending on the restaurant.

Things to do (optional)

  • Capoeira lessons
  • Massage
  • Yoga

What's included

  • A mixology with UXUA barmen (preparing and mastering caipirinha)
  • A lesson preparing Bahia's signature dessert (preparing sweet coconut cocada - featuring home-grown coconuts)
  • A master chocolate-making class
  • A cooking class in your own kitchen (making the perfect moqueca (Bahai's traditional fish stew))
  • A boat trip to Espelhi with Silvinha lunch plus three dinners at three restaurants
  • A boat trip to Caraiva
  • Transfers to and from Porto Seguro airport
  • 7 nights' accommodation
  • Lunch at Boteco do Para
  • Elaborate Bahian breakfast
  • Reserved sofa at UXUA beach lounge
  • Gym
  • Wi-Fi
  • Parking

What's not included

  • Activities not listed on the experience
  • 13 % taxes and service taxes
  • Flight
  • Meals and beverages

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 14% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.
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