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Tuscany Cook hosts the best Tuscan cooking classes and Tuscan holidays combined with cooking courses in Italy.

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Lisa Banchieri

Lisa turned her passion for cooking into a real profession. The art of cooking is a talent that Lisa has refined through training experiences, the most prestigious certainly being the Scuola Etoile of Chioggia, where she mastered a global vision of both cooking and food presentation. Lisa loves to gather people around a table. When shopping, she chooses fresh, first quality products at farmer markets; then, through chopping, browning, and seasoning, her dishes gradually take shape, revealing her secret ingredients: passion and enthusiasm for her work and the utmost respect for her guests.

Elaine Trigiani

Elaine was a former art historian, she then moved to Italy to learn about olive oil and Sicilian and Tuscan culinary traditions from her relatives, farmers, producers, home cooks, and chefs. Elaine lets the choice of fresh, local ingredients define a recipe and shape a meal because she believes thats the best way to achieve complex, complimentary flavors. Elaine designs culinary travel programs that allow culinary tradition to reveal the culture of the place, she is a writer, has an MA in art history, and is certified as an olive oil taster by the Regione Toscana.

Self Taught (Italian)


Patrizia is the matriarch, the master of presentation of Baco. She is the impetus to all that is initiated there and her joy of entertaining is a way of life lived in nonchalance; it is her very essence. Her exquisite taste and her meticulous attention to detail permeates all she applies it to: interior designing, remodeling, and cooking. She is capable of organizing all social functions from weddings, hotel openings, private parties, and weekly workshops. Speaking 3 languages fluently, 30 years of running the residential vacations at Baco, her clientele have become dear friends from all over


Lorenzo is the wine and oil producer. His passion for wines started in his childhood years during the summer holidays at the familiy estate Fattoria Baco. He loved watching the farmers in their noisy tractors and longed to drive tractors one day in the vineyards. After studying agriculture, he started working at Fattoria Baco continuing the family tradition. He started using modern agronomic techniques which increased the already high quality of wines. He produces several varieties of oils which have been prized both Nationally and Internationally. Hes involved in a new production of organical

Elisa Camporale

Elisa is the tour guide in Tuscany Cook. She obtained her master degree in renaissance art history at the University of Florence and her Ph.D. in history of art from the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa. She is the author of numerous journal publications. In 2004, Elisa became a tour guide of Florence and its province, and later to Siena and Province. Since then, she has been enthusiastically accompanying foreign guests in their discovery of her native region, sharing the secrets of the most enchanting sites of Tuscany.

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