Tuscan Women Cook

Tuscan Women Cook is the original total-immersion cooking school offering cooking classes in a weeklong program in Montefollonico in Tuscany, Italy.

Instructors 11

Dania Masotti

As co-owner of the acclaimed La Chiusa hotel and the Michelin-starred La Chiusa Ristorante, Dania runs her award-winning kitchen with grace and style. You’ll often find her out in La Chiusa’s organic garden picking fresh herbs and vegetables for her bright and creamy vegetable risotto. Guests swoon over Dania’s homemade caramel gelato and love learning how to pull hand-spun sugar during Dania’s cooking class.


Simonetta welcomes guests into the Ristorante 13 Gobbi kitchen to learn how to prepare their immensely popular pungent, garlicky aglione sauce. Guests spoon this delicious sauce over everything, from fresh pasta to the bountiful grilled vegetable platter Simonetta serves at lunch.

Cristina Amberti

Cristina will be your tour guide in the beautiful medieval city of Siena.


To watch Donatella’s arms stretched wide, twirling fresh pici is to akin to watching extraordinary choreography. And like a dancer, Donatella makes the most complicated handmade pasta and pastry look effortless, leaving guests who visit her at Ristorante 13 Gobbi both awed and inspired. Her fresh fruit crostata is the perfect ending to one of the best meals you’ll have in Montefollonico.


You’d be hard pressed to find a Tuscan kitchen with a better view than La Costa’s where Tuscan Women Cook guests delight in alfresco dining, swooning over both the views and their meals. This busy, fragrant kitchen is run by Ada, who has prepared her long list of regional specialties for decades. Tuscan Women Cook guests always ask for seconds of Ada’s rich, flavorful ribollita soup. It’s a recipe many guests report preparing as soon as they arrive home to recapture the memory of Ada’s bustling kitchen.


This mother-daughter team of Antonella and Ada run the kitchen at Agriturismo Belagaggio, a picturesque family compound perched atop a Tuscan hillside. Three generations of family members cook and teach in their kitchen on any given day, sharing their secret stuffing ingredient with guests for their memorable fried stuffed zucchini flowers and patiently guiding the hungry and the willing through each delicious, delicate layer upon layer of their famous pasta al forno.


Gloria is one of Tuscan Women Cook's very first women cooks in 2000. She will be lead the class at the Bernardini family home and agriturismo called Belagaggio.


Lorella will teach you how to make three Italian specialities, the Tuscan bread salad panzanella, the traditional Italian gnocchi, and ricciarelli, Siena’s almond cookie. She is the private chef for the Andreucci winery family who conducts the wine tasting for the Friday cooking class. Here’s where you’ll learn about food and wine pairing Italian style.


Lara will teach you in a family-style cooking class at the gorgeous Andreucci winery.

Vittorio Innocenti

Vittorio Innocenti is a local wine master. He is famous for his Vino Nobile di Montepulciano and his award-winning Vin Santo.

Flavio Andreucci

Flavio is the seventh generation of his family to practice the art of making wine. He was recently honored at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City for his outstanding wines.

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