TrekAmerica has over 40 years of experience in offering road trips, adventure tours and singles adventures for 18 to thirty-somethings across USA, Canada, Alaska and Mexico.

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I would definitely recommend this trip and trek america in general. everything we did was so much fun but i especially loved that we were camping. I've done a few different tours similar to trek America and that's what made trek stand out for me. other passengers on the tour were all there just there to have fun which is so good, you get so close to people after spending 3 weeks together. also our leader felt more like a friend than some guy in charge of us which was pretty cool. there was a lot of driving but i loved that side of it too, we played loads of car games, slept and blew up the aux. all the activities organised by the tour are great and optionals are also fun. only downside is i still have "post trek depression" over a month afterwards, everyday wish i was back in the US on the bus with everyone or putting up our tents or toasting marshmallows on a campfire! already planning next summers trek trip with a girl who i met on this years.

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From the beginning on I knew we would have a great time together! Our leader Dano was from the area and knew where to go to get a full experience in the cities.

We chilled on sunny beaches, slept under the stars, swam the Colorado river, hiked the Grand Canyon and Yosemite, partied in Vegas and San Francisco. I could go on for hours telling what we did. It was amazing!

In San Francisco we got a tour by Urban Adventures, which was very well organized and the guide was a helpful and clear guy that showed us around chinatown, little italy and the nort beach area.

The group was great, we got to know each other very fast and forged some friendships for the rest of our lives!

Despite not being able Death Valley due to extreme heath, I still think I've visited all the highlights on the West Coast.

Certainly looking forward to booking my next trek!

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