TravelShopTurkey offers the best and the most efficient Turkish culinary tours throughout Turkey, whilst maintaining quality of service and life.

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Jamil Pakistan

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I am writing this review as a humble note of appreciation for the outstanding services provided by Travel Shop on our visit to turkey. I am really pleased with the knowledge and skills of Travel Shop staff. Great service makes their customers feel that they care about developing a long-term relationship that means more than just making the money. We had a wonderful time in Turkey. The transportation and hotel accommodations were wonderful. I think we got a wonderful deal. Travel Shop was an excellent Travel Agent for us and considered our unique needs as planned our itinerary. Every suggestion made was excellent, as considered our budget, time constraints, and personal likes and dislikes. Travel Shop made our trip easy and stress free. We would definitely recommend this tour, especially for those who enjoy seeing archaeological ruins and next time we plan a vacation we will be sure to contact Travel Shop!

Sue Australia

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We were lucky enough to have visited before Istanbul had major security threats. We had a great tour guide who shared many personal experiences about being Turkish and religious information. TravelShopTurkey was very helpful and made Turkey an amazing trip. We did a 9-day treasure tour, which started in Istanbul. We went back into the city on our last days in Turkey and were able to visit areas we learnt about from our guide.

a traveler Gauteng, South Africa

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I enjoyed my trip to Turkey. I was concerned about my safety as a solo traveler, but TravelShopTurkey was really amazing. I was efficiently picked up and dropped off from my arrival to end of my holiday. I picked the wrong package as I would have skipped Cannakale entirely and preferred more leisure time in Istanbul. Also, the hotel in Pamukkale was not great, but I think it was the best one available in that area. Quite a boring place. There was an evening variety show, but still boring.

All food was amazing. I ate way too much. All tour guides were fantastic. One bathroom stop on the way to Pamukkale was totally gross. Made great friends on the tours. Would like to visit again and will definitely contact TravelShopTurkey first.


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Being a former art history student, Istanbul had been on my checklist primarily because of Hagia Sophia. Any art junkie would understand this feeling and, I must say, that the wait was every bit worth it! The TravelShopTurkey and Turgay Polat have given me one of the most memorable experiences of my lifetime, one that I shall always cherish. Turgay, you are an amazing guide, well-informed, and well-equipped with patience as well. Definitely coming back sometime in the future!


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Turgay from TravelShopTurkey was very helpful to us, guided us to the best places, and was very friendly and courteous. It was a week well spent. Thank you Turgay and TravelShopTurkey for this amazing experience. We will definitely come again!

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