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Wisconsin, United States

Travel Well Yoga Retreats aims to lead others to experience yoga in a beautiful space, eating nourishing meals, exploring the world, and finding the opportunity to meet like-minded people.

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  • Tina

    Travel Well Yoga Retreats website

    What an amazing retreat. I feel as though I reconnected with my soul. The daily yoga on the dock with the indescribable view and the kayaking through the Lake Superior sea caves allowed me to get lost in nature and its gifts. I came home feeling so calm and at peace. Amy’s attention to detail was the icing on the cake; she made sure we had the best food, the best guides, and some excellent bonding time with friends, both old and new. Big thanks to Shooty and Christy as well.

  • Nancy

    Travel Well Yoga Retreats website

    I wanted to connect with you and let you know how the fall retreat helped me to find some peace. I have been continuing the practice of carving out time for meditation and have let the events of this week sink in somewhat. I think the thing is that I have spent the last year making hard decisions that I really did not want to face. But, alas, this cup did not pass from me and I needed to choose over and over again between bad or worse options. The beauty and grace of this retreat was that all of the details were handled for me and presented as a gift. I could just be in the moment and trust that the experiences that unfolded were in my best interest and offered with love. I only needed to accept and truly feel the emotions that resulted from them. The bond I deeply felt with all the women I shared the retreat with, the yoga and meditation that gently opened my heart and mind, the beauty of the island and lake, the thrill of riding a horse for the first time, each tapped into a yearning I had not realized was there. Thank you to everyone who made this wonderful healing journey possible. I will never forget it.

  • a traveler

    Travel Well Yoga Retreats website

    Where do I start? This vacation was absolutely fantastic from start to finish. Great communication from Amy. She took care of every detail so that we were able to relax and enjoy. She welcomed us to the island and made us feel right at home.

  • Sarah

    Travel Well Yoga Retreats website

    Amy sets up an incredible retreat that not only involves yoga but also a cultural experience you will take with you for life. She creates a fully packed schedule of events on her itinerary and, by the end, you feel immersed yet also feel you have only tasted a little of what there is to offer in Italy. The food alone could persuade me. Amy is an exceptional retreat master and makes sure every retreater has all needs and requests met. There are a lot of people to look after, but she takes you under her wing like her own child. I have had poor experiences with yoga in the past and she changed that for me!

  • Tamara

    Travel Well Yoga Retreats website

    I can honestly say that Amy is one my all time favorites! All of Amy’s yoga classes are carefully designed and unique, offering invaluable lessons both on and off the mat. Amy’s classes are athletic and energetic, yet mindful and relaxing, a brilliant combo that strengthens the body and mind. At the beginning of each class, Amy describes a new life challenge (fear, strength, etc.) and proceeds to guide her students on a yoga journey that left me feeling empowered, balanced, and energized.

    I was very impressed at how she tailored her classes to suit the personality and mood of her students, from embracing laughter and the inner child to pushing students out of their comfort zones with serious core, balance, and strength poses. Amy had me doing poses that I did not know I could do!

    Amy also offered me some excellent advice on small alignment adjustments that will protect my body and allow me to enjoy my yoga practice for many years to come. I would highly recommend Amy’s teaching and yoga retreats to all levels, whether you are advanced or can barely touch your toes, Amy will meet you wherever you are at. Thank you, Amy!

  • Jen

    Travel Well Yoga Retreats website

    Everyone should have the opportunity for the gifts of exhilaration, relaxation, and friendship I just received! Much gratitude and thanks to Amy, Shooty, Christy, and the awesome women on the retreat!

  • Joan

    Travel Well Yoga Retreats website

    Amy’s retreat was way beyond my expectations. She did so much to make this fun and safe, and with fabulous food, too. I will return next summer, which is the best compliment I can give her.

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