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Middlesex, United Kingdom

Tim Syrad is an expert for wine tasting events and runs wine tours to beautiful wine regions in Europe and the New World.

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  • Lynn and Geoff Wilcos England

    Tim Syrad Wine Tours website

    We would just like to say what a wonderful trip it was. Location perfect and the vineyards we visited were really superb. Wines and food are exceptionally good, and the amount of tastings done, was just the right balance. The weather was great too! Thank you for all your effort in making the tour such a memorable one.

  • Hilary Thompson London

    Tim Syrad Wine Tours website

    Thank you again for a fantastic wine tour. The Friday and Saturday were particularly memorable for their excellent wines, locations, and personalities.

  • Jon Berman England

    Tim Syrad Wine Tours website

    We really cannot compliment you highly enough. It was an excellent tour and completely surpassed our expectations. Perugia was lovely and the hotel was well-located. We thought your selection of wineries was inspiring. It was really interesting in terms of their different approaches, etc. The food was amazing and the final lunch on the terrace at Terre Margaritelli was really quite memorable.

  • Olivia Freeman

    Tim Syrad Wine Tours website

    Tim Syrad’s Wine Tours is one of the major highlights of my year. Tim is skilled at putting together a well-balanced and fascinating tour. We visit many vineyards that you would never find on your own.

  • Richard Disney Streatley

    Tim Syrad Wine Tours website

    I would just like to say how much I enjoyed my first tour with Tim Syrad Wine Tours, and would like to say a big thank you for all your efforts in making it both so much fun, and also so very enlightening. I look forward to a good many more tours in future!

  • Gregor Dixon Laleham

    Tim Syrad Wine Tours website

    Tim brings a delightful informality and humour to his tours without neglecting the serious side of understanding the wine and food of the region. Tim also brings something different; in the case of the Catalyuna tour, by finding small artisan producers, often using organic or bio-dynamic methods, experimenting with different grape varieties or re-introducing indigenous grape varieties back to a wine region.

  • Beryl Wall Chiswick

    Tim Syrad Wine Tours website

    We have just spent all evening talking about which wine makers we met and what we drank and ate. I think that speaks volumes about the quality of the tour. Thank you! We met so many interesting characters, all with different individual dreams and goals, but with so much in common ultimately. In particular, though, we met legends. What a privilege. Thanks so much, Tim, for a great tour.

  • Peter & Liz Gardner Wyre Piddle

    Tim Syrad Wine Tours website

    We have always found the groups friendly and welcoming, and after a few years, we now look forward to meeting old friends and making new ones each trip. The organization has always been very good, whilst remaining light touch. Well done Tim! We will hopefully see you on many more.

  • Charles & Doris Monsell Goring

    Tim Syrad Wine Tours website

    We returned yesterday from Sitges, and just wanted to feedback to you that we enjoyed this tour very much. The relaxed format with lunch arranged somewhere, plus staying in a good hotel, such as La Niña, suits us very well.

  • Richard Seeley Hammersmith

    Tim Syrad Wine Tours website

    Tim always arranges to visit a carefully chosen range of producers, from the large to the small family owned vineyard. It is always a pleasure to listen to the passion and commitment of the people in the wine business, and to be gently guided by Tim’s expert knowledge.

  • Alan and Anne Farley Caversham

    Tim Syrad Wine Tours website

    Just a note to say how much we both enjoyed the tour. It was an impeccable itinerary and organization, as always. You even supplied the sunshine! All the winemakers were delightfully welcoming and enthusiastic, even when they were having to answer the phone, take deliveries, and sweep the floor, at the same time.

  • Peter Morgan Banbury

    Tim Syrad Wine Tours website

    We particularly enjoy the many smaller wineries, where the individuality and character of the winemaker is apparent, and we can enjoy interesting wine with the local cuisine. Tim's research, enthusiasm, and humour, combined with his willingness to take the tours off the beaten track, all add up to a truly informative and enjoyable holiday.

  • Pres Wells Long Wittenham

    Tim Syrad Wine Tours website

    The wine-making areas, the wide variety of people working there are fascinating and some of the characters we have met, particularly from the smaller wineries, are very memorable. For me, this is one of the aspects of the tour that most appeals. To see the way they live, where they work, the pride they take in their wines, gives a wonderful insight, not to mention envy, to their lifestyle!

  • Michael Butt Pangbourne

    Tim Syrad Wine Tours website

    It never ceases to amaze me how Tim can discover magnificent vineyards, with enthusiastic owners and exemplary wine, and together with restaurants of the highest quality. These factors combine, make Tim's tours ever so memorable. I just keep on going!

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