Three Trees Yoga and Healing Arts Center

Three Trees Yoga offer a peaceful and supportive environment where students can learn a variety of yoga methods that will enhance their physical health, mental clarity, and sense of wellbeing.

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Rachelle Koran

Three Trees Yoga and Healing Arts Center website

I can't say enough about what a sacred space & beautiful community you Trees have cultivated. Every time I walk into the studio I feel heaviness drop away, space being created, & as if I'm being welcomed home!

Evelyn Saunders

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I went to my first beginners yoga class today. I had a small miracle to share with you. About exactly a week ago I got a pinched nerve in my lower back. I was about to call and make a doctors appointment because it was not going away. The pain was not preventing me from getting my work done but it was constant and nothing helped! I went to the beginners yoga class and they did a lot of stretching of the hips and lower back. Guess more pinched nerve! It is totally and completely gone! I understand why chiropractors suggest yoga for back problems. It was like getting an adjustment and a massage all at once. Thanks, I'll be back!

Kim McLeod

Three Trees Yoga website

I have been a regular student at Three Trees Yoga since 2007 when I discovered I had breast cancer. I felt embraced, listened to, supported and respected as I navigated my health crisis. I also was dealing with significant challenges with my son's autism diagnosis. Three Trees Yoga is a sanctuary to me that I can come and go to and always feel embraced and welcomed. The classes are authentic, build community, reflect the times and are grounded in education and knowledge. The staff and owners are committed to a rich, individualized yoga practice for their members.

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