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The Sanctuary - Vegan Community and Health Retreats

Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico, Mexico

The Sanctuary is a conscious intentional community and retreat center with a focus on health, spirituality, and a plant-based diet set in Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

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  • Miriam Malek Great Britain

    January 2018, BookCulinaryVacations

    The palapa where the yoga and meditation takes place is very pretty with great views. The downstairs bit is also nice and I also liked the fact that they offered a silent day. The best activity was where we went to a beach to watch a film, but I think the staff should have a very strong think about how to improve their activities because listening to an audiobook is not sufficient at this price

    I also was lucky to meet incredible people on this trip who I ended up travelling around Mexico with. This made my retreat so much better, but I am still rating it as one-star because the retreat itself was very disappointing, I was just very lucky to meet these people there

    Unfortunately I was very disappointed with this retreat. The staff are very young and no one has a yoga teacher training qualifications - given this, I really don't understand how the staff are qualified to run a retreat (actually very dangerous). On top of this, it is extremely expensive for what it is which is basically the following: a yoga class per day, normally run by an inexperienced person, a meditation class (also run by someone with scant experience), plus activities which are normally listening to audiobooks.

    I don't know about anyone else but this is not what I expect from a yoga retreat and I am unemployed so I spent a large amount of money on this.

    My main issue however is the unprofessionalism of the staff at this retreat centre. The founder of the centre has apparently abandoned it and the person in charge was nowhere to be seen during my retreat. The inexperienced staff left in charge are lovely people but not suitable to be running a retreat.

    The communication was very disorganised. For example I wrote a large complaints email and it was over a week until I received a reply. I understand everyone at this retreat centre seems to be "healing" but please have some respect for your customers. There also needs to be a bit of business acumen if you are taking this much money from people and a respect that people are paying for this experience. Two friends also had issues with a cockroach infestation in her room

  • Anonymous

    January 2018, BookCulinaryVacations

    The room and house were very nice. The rooftop was a highlight with views of the ocean, ocean breezes and hammocks for relaxing. The food was fresh vegan and plentiful. The house is only a 5 minute walk from the beach and surf village where there are restaurants and shops. The point is beautiful with hiking trails and surfing.

    This was more of an Air BnB that offered several yoga and meditation classes a day - some of which were on video, and meals. The people managing it were not focused on customer service. The people working there had no idea what was going on or how to contact management. The neighbor's guard dogs bark most of the time - day and night. So it was not as peaceful as one would expect from a place called The Sanctuary.

  • Kathleen Beveridge United States

    January 2018, BookCulinaryVacations

    Lovely building with gorgeous rooftop space. Very calm, quiet contemplative, respectful environment, very clean and safe, managers Jonathan and Maria lovely souls, very close to beach, market, outside activities, restaurants

    No structure to “retreat” “yoga” stay - provision of laptop guided meditation was unique? No certified or qualified yoga/meditation staff work or volunteer there so there is no instruction program although the Santuary was in “transition” during my stay. Very expensive for a room to stay - 97.00 to 125.00 USD way too much money for a non-existent “yoga retreat”. Meals and smoothies were pretty awful - there is no trained vegan chef and no menu planning - food is prepared/served according to what is in the kitchen - which is usually an unappetizing “surprise” each meal. No laundry so if you travel light ie backpack, you are hand washing your stinkies daily. There are pages of rules ? I’m not sure how that all works. And per Escondido style - it is very noisy with dogs barking and roosters crowing all night - combine that with a local favourite activity, the firecracker - sleep deprivation is an issue. It’s not a bad place - it just isn’t what it’s advertised or promoted as. As a place to hang out, it’s great - as a yoga retreat, it is abysmal.

  • Amy Stirling United Mexican States

    October 2017, BookCulinaryVacations

    Really loved the openness and loving support of the current team. They welcomed me in and gave me a beautiful space to let go and heal in. Jonathan is an amazing teacher and intuitive healer who facilitated some of the biggest transitions in my personal journey to date.

    Being in an outer suburb of Puerto it's away from the tourists and nightlife, but still a bit noisy from local village life, like barking dogs, roosters and the like. The location is so close to the main town, and beach, it's totally worth it.

  • Evonne Bellefleur United States

    September 2017, BookCulinaryVacations

    I had such a relaxing time at The Sanctuary! The rooftop was perfect for yoga,meditation and hammock naps. There was lots of free time to do what you wanted during the day and the schedule was very flexible. The people were kind and accommodating. The food was always plentiful and wholesome, I left meals feeling full but not weighed down! It's such a short walk to the beach and I felt very safe as a solo lady traveller heading out in my own. Some other beautiful spots around which you can can to.

    I would say this is more of a spiritual healing centre as opposed to a yoga retreat. Although we did yoga a few times the focus seemed more on meditation specifically kundalini yoga and chanting. Not nec bad but good for people to know going in. Sometimes the schedule would change without you knowing but we were warned of that.

  • Jimena Mayorga Spanish State

    January 2018, BookCulinaryVacations

    La casa es preciosa. Muy buena la ubicación. Las huéspedes muy amables y divertidas. El reiki de Jonathan!

    El sitio lo lleva gente muy joven e inexperta, aunque con potencial de crecimiento. Recibí el mail de bienvenida muy tarde y allí me enteré que solo aceptaban cash. Me obligaron a pagar todo ni bien llegué a través de paypal con un recargo del 12% más un extra fee de 70usd que no aparecía en eñ balance de book yoga retreats. El equipo no está certificado en yoga y es muy joven aún. La ducha no tiene presión y hay demasiado ruido en la calle durante la noche.

  • Xavier Carayon Colombia

    July 2017, BookCulinaryVacations

    C'est en fait un lieu communautaire ou les gens sont sympas. Il y a une jolie atmosphère.

    Un soir nous sommes allés au cinéma et en fait le responsable (Johnathan) a offert le ciné à tout le monde !

    C'est plutôt rare, non ?

    L'endroit, le yoga, la nourriture (vegan), les gens, tout m'a beaucoup plu.

    Par contre, ce n'est pas une retraite de Yoga de type "branchouille", c'est vraiment un esprit communautaire, sans jugement. Ils ont aussi une petite ferme où ils sont en train de développer des choses pour les enfants (cours d'anglais, etc.)

    L'esprit c'est vraiment prendre le temps, sourire, participer aux activités, faire une démarche personnelle, un peu curative.

    Pour info, tout est en anglais. Certaines personnes parlent espagnol : la dame qui fait la cuisine, les profs de yoga.

    A 5-10mn à pieds, il y a une petite rue avec des petits cafés assez branchés, un peu façon surfeur Bali. C'est pas mal du tout.

    On est loin du yoga business !


    Testimonials 5

    • Tiffany Kleppe

      BookYoga Retreats website

      The Sanctuary - Vegan Community and Health RetreatsThe Sanctuary was a great experience for me, I went on a solo mission and opted for the shared accommodation. The people that I met at The Sanctuary will forever live In my heart. The days are structured to allow a lot of time to explore and enjoy your time in the beautiful Puerto Escondido. The sunsets, the beaches, the little hippie surf spots, the scenery. It's amazing. There are a lot of dogs that like to bark at night but it's something that you just become used to. The food is absolutely amazing, Connie is very talented, it didn't even feel like I was eating "vegan," the one thing I would do is go back and help in the kitchen to learn her amazing recipes. The practitioners that are offered are by far the best I've had in years. Thank you Peter and everyone who touched my soul for the lovely experience.

    • Anna Carless

      BookYoga Retreats website

      Great experience! Good food and people.This is a good place to be creative in your healing and restoration as it does not follow any one meditation, yoga approach, or healing methodology. It is not upscale so don't expect fancy, instead expect good vegan food and a chance for self-reflection. Happy to be here, Anna.

    • Melissa G.

      BookYoga Retreats website

      What Pete and his team have created here is truly wonderful. The Sanctuary is a deeply loving, spiritual and supportive environment in which to discover many healing modalities and practice the art of self-loving and healing. The sense of community here is strong and authentic, the people I have met feel like family and I will be back for sure. With deep gratitude and love.

    • Jonathan Fletcher Mexico

      TripAdvisor website

      This place is about process, healing, finding yourself, and eating super healthy and tasty food. Just walking distance of three minutes from the ocean and really clean house, with great people, and amazing space to practice yoga on the roof. I give the sanctuary five stars!

    • Chi

      The Sanctuary - Vegan Community and Health Retreats website

      Beautiful environment, wonderful people, amazing vegan food. What more could a human being ask for? Anybody who wants to take a spiritual health retreat by the beach will find a home here.

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