The Jewel of Yoga

Bucks, United Kingdom

The Jewel of Yoga offers yoga/surf holidays and yoga/dive holidays combining your yoga practice with the forces of nature in Algarve, Portugal.

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  • Tessa Netherlands

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Deep and light. If I had to choose two words to describe the yoga retreat, these would be the ones. Jenny and Igor are two very special teachers who teach from their hearts. No dogmas, but intuition and presence are what make their classes true and real. The talks we had were a valuable addition that created space to think about life and what yoga can do and means for us living on earth in the 21st century. At last: the soft approach really made me dive deep and made me realize that I could relax more, and more, and more I feel very grateful and thankful for bringing back my love for the practice of yoga.

  • Freya United Kingdom

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I had a great time with Jenny and Igor from Jewel of Yoga. They are a lovely gentle couple, with their love of yoga and life shining through. We were taught techniques to help the body which can be applied to any yoga style. The Yin yoga and meditation were very healing.The food at the retreat was delicious and filling. We even asked for a few of the recipes! The accommodation was in a beautiful setting and about a 30 minutes bike ride to the beach. Even on a hot day there was a gentle breeze blowing on the ride.

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  • Dan

    December 2015

    I took one of my first yoga lessons with Jenny a few years ago and can safely say it has been one of the best I have taken since. Jenny approaches the practice with integrity humility and gentleness. I still remember her calm and soothing voice and the deep bliss I felt after the class. A special teacher indeed! The Algarve has a treasure in her.

  • Dominique

    December 2015

    Jenny and Igor are probably the most inspiring yoga teachers I have encountered during my yoga practice for the last 10 years. They provide a unique opportunity to get to know your own body and your mind, always gentle and kind and never judgmental. Do yourself a big favor and learn from these gifted and beautiful teachers.

  • Kaya Peters

    December 2015

    Yoga, as most things in life, can be a true art when practiced and taught properly. Both Igor and Jenny are artists in their field, able to convey the essence of what yoga really is about to students of all levels and backgrounds. As a yoga teacher myself, I have greatly benefited from them. The world needs good teachers, and they definitely are!

  • Sally

    December 2015

    Jenny and Igor are two of the very few people I know who actually embody what they teach. When they feel they fall short of their training principles, they're happy to admit it, with grace and humor. Their teaching is student-centered, full of life, love, questions and tenderness. Jenny and Igor have been absolutely key in my recovery from a serious long-term illness that meant I was bed-bound for large parts of the day. I'm now able to get through one of their yang classes and go jogging. I've spent the last 15 years intensively going to Buddhist and yoga retreats, classes and groups, but have never felt truly at home, accepted and challenged until I met Jenny and Igor.

  • Judy

    December 2015

    I have known Jenny and Igor for over five years and have discovered that yoga with them is always an eye-opening experience. It is more than asana. It is not only about what you do on the mat, but what you do off it, why, and how this affects your practice and your life. They inspire you to stretch your boundaries, to challenge yourself, and in the process discover more about yourself than you ever did before. You will have the pleasure of meeting a loving, kind, gentle, sincere, honest, open, understanding and above all very spiritual couple who are very generous in sharing their own personal life experiences with you.

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