10 Days Raw Superfood Cooking and Yoga Retreat in Spain

  • Orgiva, Granada, Spain

10 Days Raw Superfood Cooking and Yoga Retreat in Spain

  • Orgiva, Granada, Spain

Raw Food and Yoga Retreat Spain

Join Tara and her team, to explore all the benefits of yoga, meditation and the power of raw food and discover a lifestyle that will help you waking up every day feeling full of energy. While you leave your alarm clocks, over-scheduled, modern lives behind, you will slip back into the natural rhythms of nature. You will not only stretch your body and mind, but also enjoy cleansing and learning all about the raw food life style. Come and taste, feel and live the difference! While there will be time for relaxation and rest, we also have an exciting array of possibilities for fun outings to the beach, mountains, herb-walk and Buddhist monastery.


  • Cooking classes, nutritional talks
  • Daily twice yoga and meditation classes
  • Juices and smoothies enhanced with super-foods
  • Fresh squeezed juice shots, unlimited spring water
  • Organic tea and fresh tropical fruit through out the day
  • Healthy breakfast and all meals during your stay
  • Big swimming pool, evening inspiring movies
  • 9 nights accommodation
  • 10 days with instruction
  • English
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You will be spending 10 days together near the village Orgiva in a beautiful retreat centre, situated in the southern hillside of the Sierra Nevada. It has 2,5 hec. of green and fertile land, because of the old watering system created by the Arabs.

Here in the middle of hundred-years-old olive trees, oranges and lemons you'll find cosy and comfortable cottages. There is the main house with 4 bedrooms that offers single and double rooms and there separate self-contained furnished cottages which offer accommodation for 2 to 4 people. They have 2 bedrooms (each with single beds). 2 bathrooms and a covered porch. You can refresh yourself in a big swimming pool surrounded by tropical gardens. An added attraction is that the city of Granada and the beaches are only a short 45-minutes drive away.

What does a retreat day looks like

Refreshed with lemon water and herbal teas, we start the day at sunrise for meditation. Continuing with an invigorating pranayama session and yoga in the nature.

Breakfast can be anything from almond milk with granola, chia porridge, banana pancakes to crackers with avocado and cashew cheese always accompanied by a fresh smoothy or juice, prepared with Super-foods. Exotic fruits, like mangoes, figs, papayas etc can be taken through out the day and come from the nearby Costa Tropical, organically produced.

After the morning break, one can rest in a hammock in the shade of a palm tree, read a book, take a dip in the pool, chat with like minded people or have a walk in the beautiful nature all around.

Our lunch is always the biggest meal of the day and you will be amazed by the incredible variety of the gourmet raw food dishes that we serve each day.

Then, we offer different workshops about super foods, 'hands-on' raw food preparation or a nutritional talk. Some people like to drift into siesta, enjoy a massage session, have a nature walk, or just be.

At the end of the afternoon, we come together again for a relaxing treat of yin yoga, a meditative sunset view, and more exquisite food at dinner. In the evenings there is no set program but we always have time for a chat with a cup of tea, watch an inspiring DVD together or do some mantra singing in nature.

The yoga

We dedicate each day to the energy of one of the chakras, starting with the base.

You will be gently taken into a deepening practice of yoga postures, meditation and pranayama. It does not matter if you are a beginner or advanced student. We have small groups and so there is lots of personal attention. Everyone can get deeper into awareness of there body, breath and being. Even when you have never done any yoga before then this is a great opportunity to get into a non-demanding practice in your own pace.

The morning classes will be a more dynamic Yang Yoga style, while we end the day with a more calming Yin-Yoga practice.Tara will be guiding most of the yoga sessions and sometimes we will invite guest teachers.

The raw food

Indulge in an array of organic, raw and ( when desired also) cooked vegan meals. We will show you that eating raw food can be a sensational culinary experience, that delights the palate and leaves you fully satisfied. You don't need much time or special equipment to be able to make delicious recipes, and we are going to show you how!

Healthy menus include delicious and nutritious protein-filled super-foods lovingly prepared. Our chefs will be sharing with you valuable tips and resources that enable you to take your SunFoodYoga experience home with you.

  • Tara Esther Kleij

    Tara was born in Holland. In 1991, she became a certified rebirther in Haarlem and in 1995, she finished an intensive four-year massage training learning classical massage, rebalancing, and Shiatsu. She learned Thai-yoga massage in Thailand and Ayurvedic yoga massage in India. She likes to share the knowledge of this ancient practice and intermix it with a mantra and pranayama. She uses alignment principles and fun to bring in her own unique teaching style. She specializes in Hatha yoga, Flow yoga, Yin yoga, meditation and pranayama, and teach for over 25 years.

Imagine yourself lying in a hammock drinking a fresh juice in a tropical garden surrounded by orange and ancient olive tree's. You enjoy the sun caressing your skin while in the far distance you see the sun is softly setting behind the beautiful Alpujarra mountain peaks. Welcome to Orgiva on this sunfoodyoga retreat, here you can wind down, relax, recharge and get away from it all. There is a wide variety of landscapes in the Alpujarra's and lots of it is Natural Park, there is a wealth of plant and animal life. The pace of village life is slow and tranquil.

Menu sneak peek

  • Spinach and avocado soup carrot soup
  • Coconut curry with sweet potato rice
  • Mango and banana smoothy mediterranean tart
  • Apricot and chocolate nest
  • All food is organic and free of any GMO ingredients, refined sugars, gluten or animal product. If you dont eat this or that - no worries - we are happy to accommodate any of your food preferences
  • The benefits of clean eating and exercise are not complete without giving the body time to rest and rejuvenate those weary muscles. We have a team of world-class therapists to give you healing and pampering - give yourself a treat!
  • 9 nights accommodation in comfortable rooms, double or single occupancy
  • Big swimming pool, evening inspiring movies
  • Cooking classes, nutritional talks
  • Daily yoga and meditation led 2 times a day by Tara in person
  • Fresh squeezed juice shots, unlimited spring water
  • Healthy breakfast and all meals during your stay
  • Juices and smoothies enhanced with super-foods
  • Large common area and plenty of space for socialization
  • Organic tea and fresh tropical fruit through out the day
  • The deposit is fully refundable if the booking is cancelled up to 45 days before the arrival date.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid 30 days before arrival.

Verified BookCulinaryVacations.com reviews

  • R
    Review by Rebecca Muller from Great Britain

    2017-May-15 10:40:18

  • A
    Review by Athina Goldberg from Canada

    CONS Cons: More variety in food would be helpful. More 'get to know you' activities at the beginning with the group.

    PROS Pros: The facilitators were excellent, warm, welcoming, knowledgeable. The mix of activities with the yoga was great.

    2017-Apr-29 19:08:32

  • Review by Klaudia from United Kingdom
    10 out of 10

    "Wisdom of Horses Yoga Retreat with Tara and Kim, who are such generous and authentic people, was one of the most life-changing experiences for me. Located in a beautiful Spanish village surrounded by mountains, astonishing views and pleasant climate made the perfect place for yoga retreat. Creative, delicious daily meals full of healthy local ingredients and 'live food' was the great opportunity to heal my body. On the other hand, yoga classes were just on the right level for everyone from beginners to more advanced, and combined with meditation gave a wonderful start to a new day leaving you feeling relaxed and energized at the same time. But the real highlight of this retreat were sessions with Kim and her horses. The beautiful bond between Kim and horses was easily seen and for me she brought the human – horse relationship to a different level. I was able to learn a lot about myself through interaction with horses and see many thing from a different perspective. Being surrounded by like-minded people gave me new strength on my life journey. I would recommend this retreat to anyone with all my heart!"

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited


  • Review by Cathelijine from Netherlands

    "Every morning I was delighted by a beautiful breakfast table with a delicious smoothie and many other goodies. All of the food were made with so much love and creativity and tasted very good. You both brought a lot of humor, joy and warmth to this week. The yoga sessions where never boring, always different, relaxing and I learned a lot from them. The time with the horses were also very special for me, especially when we made the beautiful walk along the river. Thank you both for an amazing week, I went back home fully charged again!"

    SunFoodYoga website, edited

  • Review by Janny from Netherlands

    "Not enough words to describe the marvellous retreat. Excelent teachers, proffesional cooking, delicious and superb healthy rawfood, nice place, lots of sun and fun!!! So I came back with body and mind totaly in shape. Thanks Tara!!"

    SunFoodYoga website, edited

  • Review by Halldora from Iceland

    "Dearest Tara. Thank you, we had the best 10 days I have experienced in a long time. I still have peace in my heart and a calm and clear mind and hope I will be able to hold on to that feeling and the memory of a wonderful time with you, the place and people."

    SunFoodYoga website, edited

  • Review by Simone Freitag from Germany

    "Dear Tara, thank you so much for a wonderful, relaxing retreat. I enjoyed the food, the yoga and the people. Raw food has not been a major focus until now, but Sam, Pam and Amanda are the magicians in the kitchen. I enjoyed every bit of food that was on our plates - nourishing me so greatly. I am very keen on continuing a big part of it and I'm really inspired by the variety of the raw food. The yoga practice was kind, gentle and very self-focusing. I was just at the right place, at the right time. And I am more than grateful for this experience. I learned a lot about myself, and I am happy to continue my journey towards a self-aware and self-conscious life. When it comes to the people, it is super how we all connect together in just one retreat. I found it the most wonderful collection of people I can imagine. We shared and laughed so much. Even younger and older women connecting so greatly is not easy, but we made it a truly memorable experience and we will keep this in our hearts forever. Thank you so much for providing this time and space. Your effort is truly remarkable. Love and peace, Simone."

    SunFoodYoga website, edited

  • Review by Anne from United Kingdom

    "Certain things come along and change your life. This beautiful retreat is one. I feel so so peaceful and content and able to face life with renewed grace. Thank you Tara for your beautiful, elegant and peaceful teaching."

    SunFoodYoga website, edited

  • Review by Agnes from Netherlands

    "So much love, so much care, so much beauty. That must be SunfoodYoga. Thank you for creating this safe space. This feminine space, where women can blossom like flowers in the spring nourished, loved, taken care of. This is what you create Tara! You invite us to love ourselves again. We all, as a group, as an individual, took this invitation. And look what happened, we are all shiny and bright. Thank you, and bless you and everybody here. Lots of love, tons of it, Agnes."

    SunFoodYoga website, edited

  • Review by Detta and Bjorg from Iceland

    "Thank you Tara and all your lovely helpers for making the last 10 days a wonderful experience.Thank you for the meditation and yoga sessions which have made us brighter in body and mind. Thank you for the marvelous surroundings you have brought us to, the trees and the birds, and the beautiful view in every direction. Thank you for the food that have nourished us and made us healthier and stronger. Last but not least, thank you for being you, Bjorg and Ditta"

    SunFoodYoga website, edited

  • Review by Mireille
    10 out of 10

    "If you are looking for a genuine, spiritual and dynamic yoga teacher, this is the retreat for you. Tara works from the hart and is absolutely authentic. As a yoga teacher I came for inspiration. Well I have found it in many ways. A lot of attention is being paid to raw food as well and it's yummy!"

    SunFoodYoga Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Becky
    10 out of 10

    "It has been such a great retreat in Spain (September 2014) with an amazing yogateacher (Tara) and divine raw food. I can recommend this to anyone who loves to be nurtured with healthy raw food, wants to live a healthy-back-to-nature life style and wants to have some great fun! I'll be back."

    SunFoodYoga Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Susanne from Germany

    "Your yoga retreat is as authentic as you are and therefore touching soul, mind and body. Thank you and your team for everything you are sharing with us in such a beautiful way. Love and light to all of you"

    SunFoodYoga website, edited

  • Review by Rachel from Australia

    "Thank you so much for a lovely time here, I have been really inspired by the raw food way of eating and have loved doing the yoga and meditation each day. so thank you again for a relaxing ten days. You are doing a wonderful job here Tara. I am glad I could have come here!"

    SunFoodYoga website, edited

  • Review by Carolien from United Kingdom

    "There I was, the absolute beginner, who had never done yoga or meditation! I found this place, your lessons, the pool, the amazing food, the people, the birds, the flowers, the sun and the full moon absolutely amazing. It is an experience I will not forget quickly. Thank you for your guidance and love, and I hope that you have a great party for your 50th birthday. "

    SunFoodYoga website, edited

  • Review by Sanne from United Kingdom

    "It was a great week, I really enjoyed it, especially your way of teaching, very easy to follow even for an almost beginner, like me. You have a very nice flow, and the way you talk us through all the moves made it easy to get a lot of benefit from the yoga."

    SunFoodYoga website, edited

  • Review by Denice from Germany

    "The rawfood was a big surprise, I thought it would be a whole lot of salad and hunger. However, I felt no hunger, the food was very variated and much more prepared than expected. It always looked and tasted fantastic."

    SunFoodYoga website, edited

  • Review by Lotte from Denmark

    "To sum it up, I came for the rawfood experience, but it was the yoga that will bring me back to a future yoga retreat. You, Tara, really made me feel why yoga is good for the body and essential for the mind, and I loved the morning silence. Back in Denmark, I try my very best to remember the yoga and take time to do some every day. I'm looking for some yoga group in my area to join in. And hopefully I will join you some time in the future, somewhere in the world, perhaps in Spain. Being in the mountains in that beautiful garden, was a big plus. Take care!"

    SunFoodYoga website, edited

Orgiva, Netherlands

SunFoodYoga offers yoga retreats in beautiful locations, as well as promoting living on a pure raw food diet to gently detoxify the body and mind.

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