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North Carolina, United States

Spyglass Tours and Events specializes in offering reasonable-prices Oktoberfest packages in Munich, Germany. Their main goal is to provide hands-on experiences that leave lasting impressions.

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  • Linda F. United States

    Spyglass Tours and Events webpage

    Spyglass Tours and Events makes Oktoberfest easy! They did all the work and we had all the fun! It was so nice to have everything organized for us so that we could enjoy the week at our leisure. The subway pass for a week made getting around easy and we did not have think about how to go about getting one. The hotel was clean and nice, and very centrally located. We enjoyed meeting and spending time with rest of the tour group, and at the same time, having the freedom to come and go as we pleased. It was a great experience and something that we can mark off our "Bucket List"! Thank you so much for making it such a wonderful experience!

  • Ashleigh T. United States

    Spyglass Tours and Events webpage

    Spyglass Tours and Events does a fantastic job of getting you a great Oktoberfest experience with enough free time to experience the city in addition. We brought out 15 month old and everyone made her feel welcome and loved throughout the trip. Spyglass is very organized, willing to answer all questions and easy to contact with questions and concerns! I highly recommend this experience!

  • Jeff A. United States

    Spyglass Tours and Events webpage

    Spyglass Tours and Events is really the only way to plan and experience Oktoberfest in Munich! This was my second consecutive year to book through Spyglass, and Mike and Ivy have taken what is very difficult to do on your own and made it simple, cost effective and basically worry free! I highly recommend Spyglass Tours if you are considering the real Oktoberfest experience and I hope to see you there every year! Prost!

  • Robre S.

    BBB website

    I went to Munich with Spyglass the first year they offered this amazing experience. Michael and Ivy are wonderful and knowledgeable hosts. I highly recommend booking with them. You have the freedom to explore Munich and the surrounding area and even the fest. Our tent reservation was fantastic and our hotel was great. I cannot say enough great things about Spyglass. I would book with them every time I go to Oktoberfest!

  • Rebecca C. United States

    Yelp website

    We (four of us) went with Spyglass for our Octoberfest trip in the fall of 2013. I was admittedly a bit reluctant to book with them because they did not do a "total" package, i.e., air and transfers, but I took the chance and was glad I did. As I discovered, Spyglass is a small mom and pop type operation and have no employees except themselves. Once in Munich, everything went off without a hitch. For those of you who have never been to Germany (I was in the military there in the 70's), getting a hotel in Munich during Octoberfest is the biggest hurdle. Having Spyglass take care of that and getting a tent reservation relieved a big burden. We were also treated to a beer at a beer garden which allowed us to become acquainted with Spyglass' proprietors, Michael and Ivy, as well as the other members of the "group." I say "group" because you are free to explore Munich and the surrounding area independently. The only time we saw our "group" was during the inclusions for the tour, i.e., hotel, beer garden, or Octoberfest tent reservation. There are plenty of other tour operators in Munich that can get you elsewhere, Greyline being one, and they are easy to book, either before you leave online or while you're there. We in fact booked a side trip to the Neuschwanstein castle (Disney based his amusement park castle on this), and Oberammagau (home to the once every 10 years passion play and woodcarvers), so my son could see them. You can get about Munich on local transit, which we did to see the BMW museum and the old Olympic Stadium, or other numerous Munich venues to your liking. The train station was not all that far from the hotel, so you can easily get anywhere in Germany or Europe, which we also did after our time In Munich. We will go back at some point and hope we can do it with Spyglass which is Michael and Ivy.

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