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Massachusetts, United States

Spanish Journeys is a top source on Spain run by serious eaters who believe one of the best ways to get to know a place is through its food.

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  • Mike Falconeri United States

    Spanish Journeys website

    Teresa, we just got back from Spain and it was just about as perfect a trip as can be had. When my wife saw the country house she literally teared up - it was so stunningly beautiful. I loved Girona. And San Sebastin. I could go on and on but just want you to know how much I appreciate what you put together for us. In fact, if I make it back to Europe again I just might say the heck with Italy and go back to Spain. I loved it that much.

  • Claire Hobson United States

    Spanish Journeys website

    Well, our daughter Rachelle has officially found her honeymoon destination; mind you, no groom yet, but the honeymoon location has been chosen. I think I speak for everyone that our hearts and minds are full and our souls nurtured after a wonderful two weeks in Spain. Thank you so much for opening doors to people, places, food and drink we never would have had the opportunity to experience.

  • Mary-Jane Salk from New York, USA

    Spanish Journeys website

    I said yes to our Extremadura adventure because I have total faith in you, your knowledge of Spain, but especially your spirit and derring-do. I still count it as one of the great trips of my life and I regale people with that road trip as if we had been Kerouac - with cheese.

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