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Souk Couisine organizes culinary events in Morocco and offers opportunities to learn how to cook as the Moroccans do at home.

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Met in the main square and then each given a shopping list to find around the market and a purse of money. You are taken round the different parts of the souks and where to buy all the different ingredients, which is great! Then it's back to the kitchen where half the group cook half the dishes and the other half cook the other half. Massive portions and plenty to eat! Everyone sits down at the end to eat everything you have cooked. You get all the recipes for everything you have cooked too so you can go home and cook it again! All the recipes are from the local Moroccan ladies who help you cook, it's great knowing that you are cooking proper traditional local dishes. Great day out, nice taste of local culture and delicious food!

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The day started with a tour of the old medina buying the necessary ingredients for the class, learning about the souks and local history. It was very interesting! We weren't tourists now, we were buying what the locals buy! The cooking class was well organized supported by several local women who made the experience of learning Moroccan cuisine very enjoyable. Gemma is a wonderful host who kept the day moving forward, ending in a meal shared by all. Lots of food and laughter. A great way to spend the day.

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