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Dear Angela; Thank you and your husband and parents again for a truly exceptional and wonderful experience. I came home with a very strong affection for Sicily and your family. We hope to come back soon to see what we missed. I've been married to Janet for almost 40 years. When we first were married, I used to read aloud to her. Somehow as life went on, we got out of that habit. In Sicily, we rediscovered it and I've been reading Montalbano mysteries to Jan every night to help her get to sleep. Some day I want to see the sea from Montalbano's veranda. Four days in Sicily. We had a private guide and driver for Jan and me and our friends the Wells, Angela Macalusa, and her company Fransicile. I cannot say enough about Angela's expert guidance and the great enjoyment we had of her company and that of her husband and family. Anyone seeking a private tour of any and all parts of Sicily should email Angela at [email protected] or [email protected] The website is She also guides private tours of the Amalfi Coast. We are already planning to return to Sicily for her to guide us to the other half of Sicily we did not see. I want to take her to Montalbano Tour of Ragusa and surrounding areas, including Agrigento, which are the locations where the Italian TV series based on the Camileri mysteries are filmed. She can get me into Montalbano's house in fictional Marinella. The Inspector's HQ is fictional Vigata, which is Ragusa. His fictional Montelusa is Agrigento. I recommend anyone who is interested in Sicily to read Camileri first before visiting. One learns the meaning of what one sees, as well as a wonderful guide to the exceptional gastronomy of Sicily. Angela is an expert on all these things and we were so very fortunate to have her guidance. She helped me get my baggage sorted out at the airport in Catania for our flight to Malta, even talking the officials into letting me jump the security line. Wasn't sure the looks we got were daggers or folks wondering just who the hell we were to pull such a stunt. Angela took very good care of us indeed.

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