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Seven Cups

Seven Cups is an American tea company based in Tucson, Arizona. We source traditional, handmade Chinese teas directly from the growers and tea masters who make them, bringing our teas back from China.

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It was my first time there, and my friend and I were treated to an outstanding experience. First, it was a beautiful day and we wanted to sit outside. There are two tables and one group took the remaining two chairs to add to their table. One of the staff brought their indoor chairs out for us immediately - what a nice welcome! The second good thing was a recommendation for tea. I was suffering from allergies and lost my voice - they brought silver needles tea with chrysanthemum buds and my voice was coming back just fine after this visit.

My friend tried an iced tea and we snacked on the rice crackers and some edamame while we talked - we were there for 1 hour and 30 minutes and were never neglected. Someone kept bringing me more hot water and checked on us periodically. The staff were knowledgeable and friendly; they also provided us with a bit of education since neither of us knew much about Chinese teas. We felt so welcome and really enjoyed our experience there.

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