Seven Cups

Arizona, United States

Seven Cups is an American tea company based in Tucson, Arizona. We source traditional, handmade Chinese teas directly from the growers and tea masters who make them, bringing our teas back from China.

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  • a traveler United States

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    It was my first time there, and my friend and I were treated to an outstanding experience. First, it was a beautiful day and we wanted to sit outside. There are two tables and one group took the remaining two chairs to add to their table. One of the staff brought their indoor chairs out for us immediately - what a nice welcome! The second good thing was a recommendation for tea. I was suffering from allergies and lost my voice - they brought silver needles tea with chrysanthemum buds and my voice was coming back just fine after this visit.

    My friend tried an iced tea and we snacked on the rice crackers and some edamame while we talked - we were there for 1 hour and 30 minutes and were never neglected. Someone kept bringing me more hot water and checked on us periodically. The staff were knowledgeable and friendly; they also provided us with a bit of education since neither of us knew much about Chinese teas. We felt so welcome and really enjoyed our experience there.

  • Alexis and Kim Kaae

    Seven Cups website

    Kim and I got back from China this morning from what can only be described as the most memorable experience ever. Zhuping made the trip very special with her wonderful personality, her knowledge of tea, the country side and all her tea friends. No one could have done it better and I am sure she must be exhausted.

  • Andy Laub

    Seven Cups website

    The Spring Tea Tour with Zhuping of Seven Cups was one of the most significant events of my life. After the second day and visiting the mother bush for Anji Bai Cha we exclaimed we could stop right there and feel our expectations were far exceeded. Actually, every day exceeded the marvels, mystery and magic of the previous day! It is said that Zhuping is a force of nature, but she is also much more. Zhuping is a tireless, extremely generous and patient Chinese cultural resource of fascinating insights, including the art, history, healing traditions and spiritual practices of the people of her native countryWe also laughed a lot every day, all day long.

  • Dan Taylor

    Seven Cups website

    I found true culture woven with unbelievable hospitality on my journeys with Seven Cups. The cuisine was extraordinary, but the real flavor was the Chinese countryside. Ill be back for more with Seven Cups.

  • Viginia T. United States

    TripAdvisor website

    Seven Cups is one of the most interesting cultural gastronomic explorations in Tucson. The teas are of the highest quality, steeped perfectly, and the atmosphere and furnishings are elegant, refined, relaxing, and beautiful. I strongly recommend the tea eggs (made in-house) and the Dragon Whisker white puerh. The service is always outstanding as well. I have brought my college students up here several times for a traditional Chinese tea ceremony by tea master Xuping, and it was delightful.

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