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8 Day Ultimate Horseback Riding to Discover the Beauty, Culinary and Culture of Maranhão
This listing has no upcoming availability. Check out these similar experiences

This listing has no upcoming availability. Check out these similar experiences

(No availability) 8 Day Ultimate Horseback Riding to Discover the Beauty, Culinary and Culture of Maranhão

La Ferme de Georges, Parque Nacional dos Lençóis Maranhenses, CP 185, Barreirinhas - MA, 65590-000, Brazil

Brazil Horse riding Expedition, Nature and Culture

This is a true adventure for lovers of desert landscapes and outdoor life to discover new places never visited before. This is a walk for which you need to be an experienced rider, to travel 90 kilometers. In this unique adventure, you can see all the icon images, dunes, lagoons, beaches and oasis of the Lençois Maranhenses. Explore unexplored areas with contrasting and spectacular desert landscapes. Be ready to cross galloping large expanses of dunes and wet plains perfect for horses. The luggage is transported by the support team, which prepares the camps and bases. You can choose between camping tents or traditional hammocks, the guide will help you experience a very comfortable dream in one of these. To conclude an exciting final about flying the riding areas, and arriving in Sao Luis to enjoy the culture in the Historic Center, a world heritage site.

Key information

  • Rider Weight Limit: 198 pounds / 90 kilograms for men and 176 pounds / 80 kilograms for women
  • Horse Height: 14 hands
  • Tack Type: Australian
  • Horse Breed: Mestizos


  • Savor traditional regional food and drinks
  • 4 days with the riding of total 90 kilometers
  • Visit local communities to know their stories and culture
  • Ride on various landscapes: dunes, lagoons, vegetation, and small rivers
  • 7 nights of mixed accommodation
  • A private flight to São Luis
  • São Luis night city tour
  • Airport transfers

Skill level

  • Advanced


4 days with instruction in English
The organizer also speaks: Portuguese
Group size: Maximum of 12 participants
Airport transfer included: Marechal Cunha Machado International Airport
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La Ferme de George

It is an inn on the edge of the national park, mixing typical characteristics of local architecture with high standards of comfort and attention, it offers its guests a restaurant with products from its own organic garden, spacious outdoor spaces, a delicious pool, and various games.

Casa Frankie

An old house, totally restored by Frank, in the heart of the Historic Center, offers a simple style of accommodation with beauty and authenticity, spacious rooms and rooms to relax, in addition to a wonderful pool, the only change on the original structure of the house.

Ziluca's House

This family home, in a community in the national park, offers great hammocks and delicious traditional food for your stop in Ponta do Mangue. Hospitality and a lot of kindness characteristic of this family and this woman who was born and raised 16 children in this inhospitable place.


Day 1: Welcome to Atins

A car will be waiting for you at the São Luis Airport to take you to Barreirinhas. After a delicious açai, a boat ride takes you to Atins, enjoying the wonderful visuals of the Preguiças River, a gigantic river surrounded by giant palm trees of Buriti and branches of Açai, and dunes that submerge in the river. In Atins, an afternoon of rest will be followed by dinner, then you will receive all the necessary information for the adventure.

Alternative Day 1: Welcome to Atins by Kayak

A car is waiting for you at São Luis Airport to take you to Barreirinhas. The Kayak team will be ready waiting for you for an incredible adventure, of improvement and contemplation. The first part of the navigation through the river will be by boat, lasting about 40 minutes until you reach a settlement of fishermen. The guide will give the necessary information and the best way to use your paddles, to achieve your best performance with them.

The Rio Preguiças presents unique characteristics and incredible beauties, from the sighting of Guaras (ibis) and herons, crustaceans in the Maguezales, and the Pequenos Lençóis dunes that emerge from the banks of the river, passing by the beaches of Cabure and the view from the Mandacaru Lighthouse and several small fishing communities. A support boat is ready at all times to take those who prefer to continue the tour more comfortably.

Arrival in Atins will be followed by a rest time and a reinvigorating dinner in the excellent restaurant of La Ferme de George. In this alternative, Day 2 will be for rest at the inn or on the beach and receive all the necessary information for the adventure on horseback and continue the itinerary normally.

Day 2: The horses

Early in the morning after a nutritious organic breakfast at La Ferme de George Inn, the horses will be ready to begin the expedition. The fresh air in the early hours of the morning is perfect to oxygenate and begin to feel your horses and the ways of this incredible geography. After areas of vegetation, small rivers, lagoons, and swampy sonas, you find the first group of dunes and lagoons, the first opportunity to cool off in a plunge.

The riding continues through enough regions of restinga and serrated, characteristic ecosystems of the region, until the second group of dunes and gigantic lagoons of celestial, green and turquoise color, the day will already be hot and it will be the perfect time to swim and enjoy this natural wonder.

A quick gallop takes you to the place of the first lunch in the Mata Fome community, typical roasted fish in the house of Dona Graça, a restaurant convention some time ago. A rest in hammocks and in the afternoon the ride continues for Vargem d'Agua. There, you will camp next to the ruins of the house where your guide Antonio Carlos was born, who will share stories and the legacy of this culture, last dinner.

Day 3: Lagoa Bonita

In the early morning, after a simple and energetic breakfast, everyone can help take care of the horses and prepare them to continue the adventure. Digging along the banks of the Sucuruju River, you visit some communities, chestnut pickers, and goat breeders. You will reach the groups of very high dunes in the Lagoa Bonita region, the main icon of the National Park, enjoying a contemplation of the landscape, lagoon bath, and sun.

Your lunch will be at the home of a local family, dishes in coconut milk. After a break, you prepare to cross a vast region of dunes, a magnificent white view of 360 degrees. You arrive at your camp, shops equipped with mats, mugs, and light. The team will have your dinner ready, based on vegetables, grains, seeds and chestnuts, energetic and light to balance the diet. Sleeping under the starry sky is a perfect option to make memories more epic.

Day 4: Cross the dunes and Dona Ziluca

Shortly after breakfast, you continue your ride through a large stretch of dunes, for several hours contemplating the most dreamlike landscapes, between visions of whites, blues and greens, swimming in gigantic lagoons and small rivers of crystalline waters and white-black sands. Refreshed and energized, you arrive at the vegetation of Ponta do Mangue, in a perfect place in the middle of nature.

The team will have a lunch of natural sandwiches, cheese vegetables, eggs and fish, all fresh ingredients organically produced in the region. Juices of delicious fruits that are part of the vegetation that surrounds you, such as mirim, murici and caju. Also coconut water. After that, you will have a moisturizing lunch, you are ready to explore a region of vegetation and dunes, soft sand areas, walking through old cowboy roads in search of cattle that are raised loose.

You arrive at the community of Ponta do Mangue, where the family of Doña Ziluca awaits you, and she will prepare for you a caipira chicken feast, in different types of traditional sauces, brown sauce, coconut milk, and Tucupi (juice of the mandioca), accompanied by rice, beans, salads, and pasta. An unforgettable dinner with a native hostess, born in this natural place and isolated in time. She will tell you about surviving and raising a family in a system of self-sustainability, raising animals, planting their vegetables and fruits, and above all the fishing that linked them to civilization by bartering for some manufactured products such as Cachaça, Tapioca and others produced in other regions such as rice and cassava flour.

She offers you a large room with hammocks and some prayers of outdoor hammocks, a bonfire before the break will be a special time to strengthen ties between the members of the group.

Day 5: Shrimps and oysters

Dona Ziluca wakes up before dawn, to prepare a delicious traditional breakfast, coffee, tapiocas, coconut and garden fruits. The ride continues through high between dunes and vegetation, on the way to the Lagoa Capivara circuit. From there, you can see the sea to some kilometers, the gigantic dune field and many lagoons of different glaucous greens. Last freshwater bath, before going down to the Lençóis beach to contemplate the immensity and enjoy a quick gallop along the long beaches, which take you to Canto de Atins, a place of the famous Roasted Shrimp, but you take a special alternative for your lunch.

The current house of your guide Antonio Carlos, located in a special place in front of the dunes, will be the perfect space for your lunch, traditional shrimp in that place and grilled fish, coconut water from the garden. Contemplating great Lençóis and the Atlantic Ocean, you expect the best time of the tide to continue along the beach and cross on horseback for the Island of Love, also called as Cuba by the natives.

There, you expect fishermen in a small settlement, to share a unique experience, the authentic Caiçara culture, of those who are born and live the beach, collecting shellfish, oysters, crabs, and fishing in canoes with nets and lines. The fishh are always fresh! A simple and natural life in extinction. One night under the infinite sky, enjoying the stars the sound of the sea on the deserted beach of the island.

Alternative Day 5: Trekking to the oasis

Dona Ziluca wakes up before dawn to prepare a delicious traditional breakfast, coffee, tapiocas, coconut and fruits from the garden. The ride continues through high between dunes and vegetation, on the way to the Lagoa Capivara circuit. From there, you can see the sea a few kilometers away, the gigantic dune field and many lagoons of different glaucous greens.

Last freshwater bath, before going down to the Lençóis beach, a 4x4 will be waiting for you to take you to Rio Negro. There begins your trek to Baixa Grande, where you will walk for two hours to the oasis, sharing the lives of these families who lived for a long time away from the world. The walk will allow you to cross lagoons on foot and feel the softness of the sand on your feet. After enjoying the sunset, a traditional dinner and rest will be in hammocks in a shared room among the members of the group.

On Day 6 after breakfast, you walk back to the beach where the 4x4 awaits you again to take you to the new house of your guide, Antonio Carlos, in Canto de Atins, a place where the horses await you. The adventure continues normally, starting from the middle of day 5 on an itinerary without trekking.

Day 6: Relax and rest

In the morning, coffee with cassava flour and roasted fish will be your traditional breakfast with fishermen. You cross the river foz by canoe, to get to where the horses await you on the beach. It will be the last moments with your horse to reach the inn, a restful afternoon to enjoy the beach of Atins or the pool of the inn, and relax with options of massages or practices of yoga. In the evening, dinner will be at the traditional Atins Pizza at the Maresia Inn, a true delight to get a little out of the traditional dishes.

Day 7: Flight and night

After breakfast, a 4x4 jeep will take you to Barreirinhas, a path of heavy sands that the natives use daily to supply Atins, 28 km but you need two hours to cross them, crossing different communities and rustic bridges over small rivers until reaching Barreirinhas.

Lunch will be in a restaurant in the city Beira Rio. After a quiet walk and a delicious ice cream of regional exotic fruits, you will be ready to take a private flight that will take you back to São Luis, flying over 155,000 hectares of the National Park, seeing from the sky what was your journey on horseback. It is a wonderful conclusion for this experience, of contemplation of the most amazing landscapes and integration with the ancient original culture, which forms and inhabits the Lençóis Maranhenses.

Arriving in São Luis, you go to the Historic Center (ONU World Heritage Site), where you will stay at Casa Frankie, an old house restored and inhabited by Frank Dinamarques, who lives in the city many years ago. He will share with you a little of his experience in this special city, which offers varied cultural alternatives, such as crioula drum and classic reggae two years' 70 that are traditions since the time that was heard via shortwave from the radio stations of Jamaica, street artists offer shows. Every day, dance halls sounds from Samba e Forro to the most current sounds of Brazilian Funk Favela. You will also have several excellent culinary alternatives for dinner and Facundo Menossi, the founding partner of Sempre Atins and creator of this adventure, will be your host on this night city tour.

Day 8: Departure

End of the tour.

Included excursions

  • São Luis night city tour
  • Rio Preguiças guided tour (alternative)



Atins is a fishing village located at the eastern entrance of the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park. Access is limited, 4x4 vehicles through sand trails and dunes or motorboats through the Preguiças River.

The meeting of the river with the Atlantic Ocean contributes to a magical scene with sandbanks that form bars in front of the beach, the biggest ones are Cuba and Brasília, in the middle there are perfect flat water lagoons and the trade winds from August to December make Atins is a wonderful place for kitesurfing, a sport that is increasingly explored in the region.

Traditionally, the main economic activity is fishing although with increasing tourism this is changing rapidly. Atins has charming inns, such as La Ferme de George, an inn that mixes traditional building features with contemporary architecture and high standards of comfort, or Maresia, another charming inn that has an Italian restaurant, the main nightly recommendation of Atins.

Atins is very rich in natural beauty, large areas of mangroves on the banks of the Rio Preguiças and the Igarape, inhabited by crabs, guaras, herons. The beaches have sarnambi, sururu, oysters and crabs, the river and the sea give so many types of fish that it gave meaning to the birth of the village with the arrival of the first nomadic fishermen, the caiçaras.

Sao Luis

Sao Luis has very strong manifestations such as the bumba-meu-boi, a party of Afro-indigenous tradition that appears in the city during the festivities of the month of June. In addition, it has the Tambor de Crioula and Cacuriá. These events take place during the June festivities. In the carnival, the tradition of São Luís is a strong street carnival, where the popular blocks mix with the playful and traditional bands. Tambor de Mina, an Afro-Brazilian religion, has the most important terreiros in the Casa Grande das Minas Jeje (Querebentã de Tói Zomadônu) and in the Casa de Nagô (Nagon Abioton).

At the end of the 18th century, the increase in international demand for cotton to meet the British textile industry combined with the reduction of North American production due to the United States War of Independence provided the ideal scenario for stimulating cotton production in Maranhão. During this period, the golden phase of Maranhão's economy, São Luís began to experience a cultural effervescence.

The city, which was more related to European capitals than other Brazilian cities, was the first to receive an Italian opera company. It received the latest news from French literature weekly. The great cotton fortunes and the local commercials sent their children to study in Recife, Salvador, Rio de Janeiro and, mainly, Europe. It is at this stage that São Luís becomes known as "Atenas Brasileira". The denomination stems from the number of local writers who played an important role in Brazilian literary movements from romanticism. Thus, the image of Maranhão emerged as the state that speaks the best Portuguese in the country.


All your meals and drinks during this tour are included in the price

Meal highlights

  • Typical roasted fish in the house of Dona Graça
  • Coconut milk dishes in a local family house
  • Vegetarian dinner under the starry sky at your camp
  • Organic natural sandwiches and regional fruit juices
  • Caipira chicken feast with different types of traditional sauces
  • Traditional breakfast, coffee, tapiocas, coconut and garden fruits
  • Traditional shrimp, grilled fish, and coconut water in Canto de Atins
  • Traditional Atins' pizza
  • Delicious ice cream of regional exotic fruit
  • São Luis culinary tour

The following meals are included:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Drinks

The following dietary requirement(s) are served and/or catered for:

  • Regular (typically includes meat and fish)
If you have special dietary requirements it's a good idea to communicate it to the organiser when making a reservation

What's included

  • 7 nights accommodation throughout the trip
  • All meals and drinks
  • All activities mentioned in the itinerary
  • Expert guiding
  • All horse riding activities
  • Adventure insurance
  • Airport transfers

What's not included

  • International and domestic flights
  • Gratuities and any items of a personal nature
  • Additional activities such as kite surf
  • Travel insurance and medical aid

How to get there

Recommended Airports

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Marechal Cunha Machado International Airport (SLZ). Transfer from and to this airport is included. A Sempre Atins representative will pick you up at the airport.

Airport: Marechal Cunha Machado International Airport Airport transfer included: Marechal Cunha Machado International Airport No additional charges. You can request this in the next step.

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 50% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid 5 days before arrival.
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