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7 Days Cooking Holidays in Oaxaca Mexico

  • Seasons of My Heart, Rancho Aurora, AP 42 Admon.3, Oaxaca 68101, Mexico

7 Days Cooking Holidays in Oaxaca Mexico

  • Seasons of My Heart, Rancho Aurora, AP 42 Admon.3, Oaxaca 68101, Mexico

Cooking Vacations in Mexico

Enjoy the fabulous weather and learn about the rich culture and culinary highlights of Oaxaca through a wonderful gastronomical journey. There are three hands-on classes at Seasons of My Heart as well as a pre-hispanic class at the home of friends. There are meals in markets and local restaurants that round out the experience.


  • 3 hands-on classes
  • 1 pre-hispanic class at the home of friends
  • A guided trip to the mountain top ruins of the city of Monte Alban
  • A visit to various Zapotec artists to learn about their crafts and finish
  • Meals in markets and local restaurants to round out the experience
  • Visit to the fabulous ethno botanical garden for a tour
  • 6 nights accommodation
  • 7 days with instruction
  • English
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Seasons of My Heart offers cultural and culinary highlights of Oaxaca. These 6 days of exploration in the beautiful valley of Oaxaca and scheduled excursions provide an amazing escape from winter blues.

Guided trip to the mountain-top ruins of the city of Monte Alban

Visit to the fabulous ethno botanical garden

Visit to various Zapotec artists to learn about their crafts and finish

The retreat takes place at Oaxaca, Mexico.

Meals covered in local restaurants and markets.

Chile lovers tour

Gay vela, Istmo de Tehuantepec tour

Istmo and Pacific coast tour

Mexico City and Tepoz tour

Michoacan cuisine and monarch butterflies tour

The cacao fiesta, Tabasco and Chiapas tour

Veracruz vanilla and spring equinox celebration tour

Yucatan peninsula carnival tour

  • 6 nights accommodation
  • Cooking classes and demos
  • Entrance fees
  • Three meals a day
  • Transportation while on the tour
  • Transfers from airport, alcoholic beverages, laundry and phone calls are not included in the price.


  • Review by a traveler from United States
    9 out of 10

    "Susana Trilling is spectacular. Not only is she a published cookbook author and host of her own TV show on Public Television, she also is an accomplished teacher and host. My husband and I took one of her one-day classes when we visited Oaxaca in December. We had a wonderful time, and were deeply moved by Susana's commitment to preserving the food tradition of Oaxaca and neighboring states. A must!"

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by a traveler from Switzerland
    9 out of 10

    "This was our second day-long cooking class in Oaxaca, and though the two were very different, I recommend both highly. This was a professional operation with an incredible head chef and an army of assistants to make it all work. We enjoyed the market tour at Etla, guided by Yolanda, an extremely knowledgeable chef, who kept a short leash on the group, so we could move through all of the different foods in the market, and so we could hear the information she had to offer. Back at the beautiful ranch and cooking school, Susana Trilling gave an informative lecture about Oaxaca cuisine and divided the group to prepare our multi-course dinner. The recipes were very clear and both she and assistants were available to help along the way. My group made a yellow mole, but I definitely got to see what the others were making. We also all stopped what we were doing to head out to the comal out back to cook the parts of our recipes that needed it. The dinner tasted wonderful and was well-presented. Even in our small group, it could be hard to hear the conversation because of the odd acoustics of the dome. However, we thoroughly enjoyed this more formal introduction to preparing Oaxaca cuisine."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by a traveler from United States

    "My boyfriend and I read about this cooking tour in a magazine and planned the timing of our trip to Oaxaca, so that we would be there on a Wednesday to take this class. We were not disappointed! The day started at the meeting point in Oaxaca and our group got in two taxis that took us to the market. The market tour with Yolanda was great! She led us through the vendors and would explain different ingredients and which dishes they were used for. She would also purchase different items from vendors and let our group sample them. The best one was the tamale vendor she is supposed to be the best in the area and we got to try all six varieties that she was selling that day! After all the sampling we had lunch in the market at one of the lunch counters, and then an hour of free time to browse the market on our own and do some personal shopping.After the market we took the taxis to the cooking school out in the country. The location is beautiful! We were offered refreshments, and then Susana walked everyone through the recipes we would be making. Everyone in the class picked a different dish to make and most people paired up to make two dishes. The ingredients for each dish were set out in baskets, and most of the time consuming prep (cooking beans, making chicken stock, etc.) had been done in advance. Dont worry, there was plenty left for us to do! We chopped veggies, roasted chilies, made tortillas and cooked on a comal. At the end of the day everyone sat down to a giant dinner. We were lucky to have some excellent cooks in our group, everything was very tasty. The staff at the school was excellent and really kept things running smoothly. They didnt speak much English, and I dont speak much Spanish but every time I had a question language was never a barrier. I learned some new techniques for Mexican cooking that I will use now that I am back home."

    Trip Advisor website, edited

  • Review by a traveler from United States

    "My traveling group of 7 signed up for the course, and joined about 8 others. Some of us had been to markets in Oaxaca, some had not. The guide was knowledgeable about where to eat the most tasty market food. The entire group of about 15 rode the bus to the kitchen, a beautiful huge dining room next to the kitchen with 6 stations. The groups divided into cooking sessions (appetizer, soup, salad, mole, dessert). By the luck of the draw I got mole. Choose mole if you have a choice. Some, but not all of the food had been prepped since we were given the recipe as though we were starting from scratch. It was hard to tell what had been already done (prepare the chicken by putting the chicken in the pot with 6 quarts of water to make stock, had already been done) and, although we were told to read the recipe before beginning, my reading was inadequate. For example, the recipes describe ingredient (onion) and how it is to be prepared (quartered). I missed that part, so when reading the recipe (in preparation: quarter the onion) I was confused but it was by my own doing by assuming the ingredients and preparation (methodology) were separate.The sous chefs were very helpful and a tad shy. My Spanish is horrible and her English was probably better than my Spanish, but she understood almost everything I said. Susana was everywhere adding a calming hand, an extra splash of stock, evaluating the quality of the preparation. The timing of everything and scheduling of the food preparation was pretty spot on. Is true that the salad folks had a lot more time to socialize than the mole folks, and the appetizer folks were first (and therefore the most delicious!), but everything ran like a well-oiled machine. Whatever problems that may have existed in earlier reviews retiming seem to have been resolved. We had an interesting mix of folks, non-professional chefs, just a bunch of folks wanting to enjoy how to prepare Mexican food. Plating was beautiful. The food was really tasty (even though I am not much of a chicken fan). Im pretty happy I didnt get salad."

    Trip Advisor website, edited

  • Review by a traveler from United States

    "Susana Trillings cooking class is an adventure in many ways. The morning was spent with Yolanda at the Etla Mercado. This is a huge market and Yolanda was an excellent guide. We wove our way through it with Yolanda stopping to describe and explain the uses for virtually every fruit, vegetable, chili, cheese, spice, and herb we saw. And we tasted most of them as well as 6-8 different, and wonderfully delicious, tamales. After lunch in the market, we took taxis to the school which is in the countryside near San Lorenzo Cacaotepec. The school is a lovely airy, domed building with a cooking area that includes three or four cooking stations and a huge stove. Susana walked us through each of the 6 courses we would be making and then we (there were 6 of us) each took responsibility for one dish. We each prepared our dish all the way through which was a great learning experience.Throughout, Susana and an assistant were available to guide us and answer (our million) questions. They were both excellent. I did the Mole Amarillo and felt I learned not just how to prepare all the ingredients, but how to taste the mole as it cooked, why and what to be tasting for. As we all prepared our own dishes, we could also follow what others were doing with their dishes. Sharing the meal with Susana, her assistant and my fellow students was a real pleasure with all of us savoring and acknowledging the contributions we had made. The atmosphere Susana creates is very warm and relaxed. Although the day is long we met in Oaxaca at 09:00 and got back at 19:30. I dont think any of us wanted to leave and head home."

    Trip Advisor website, edited