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Saveur France is dedicated to providing fresh perspectives and insights on travel, restaurants, food, wine, and the emerging gastronomic trends of France through its Provence culinary tours.

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  • Hal and Barbara Kaplan

    Saveur France website

    It was truly a unique and wonderful experience. Having had the opportunity to see their fabulous home in Montfrin as it was, at that time, still undergoing extensive renovation, we are anxious to do the tour again, if only for the opportunity to stay there.

  • Donald Mariano

    Saveur France website

    I dont know of a more unique and exciting tour than the one that Carole Peck and Bernard Jarrier have been offering in Provence. What a thoughtful and meaningful trip they plan! Ive learned a great deal from them since they are both quite knowledgeable about the region its history, its food and its culture. Clearly, the tour is a value! It should be a first for everyone. I look forward to my third return this year!

  • Cyntia Newby and Jan Napier

    Saveur France website

    The Provence tour of Carole and Bernard is an original combination of cuisine and culture both classy and comfortable, like the Good News Cafe itself. Fascinating experiences range from everyday shopping and food preparation at their home in a tiny provincial town, to a master class in the finest hotel kitchen in Avignon.There is a similar range in wine tastings, from a small family-run organic grower to a prestigious Chateauneuf-du-Pape vineyard. Visits to great dining spots discovered by Bernard in beautiful towns from the mountains to the Mediterranean coast, along with terrific conversation and laughs, are a daily highlight. The best tour for the epi-curious!

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