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Saraii Village

Food is a central part of life in Sri Lanka and Saraii Village in Tissamaharam makes it a point to plan culinary holidays to celebrate the best of Sri Lanka cuisine.

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Alejandro R

Trip Advisor website

If you are looking for an inspiring, relaxing, and magical getaway, this is your place! Nestled in a beautiful man made forest, Saraii Village offers Mud houses and tree houses for a memorable vacation. The staff is wonderful, and they provide organic food from their garden and local producers to cook over an open fire. They have a salt water pool which goes along with the concept and it refreshes you so well.

You also can try the excursions they do, canoe ride, or fishing on the lake, as well as take hikes around the area. They even have a boutique selling their own textiles and crafts helping the community. Go for more a few days. You will feel so refreshed!

Chamal Sapumohotti

Saraii Village Facebook page

The service was exceptional. The staff went out of there way to make sure we had a great vacation.


TripAdvisor website

Saraii Village is a very beautiful place to spend the holidays. We stayed in a suite tree house. It was an awesome experience I ever had. They had tasty foods (had a tasty barbecue meal for dinner), clean rooms, and friendly staff. I can rate a 5-star plus.


TripAdvisor website

This is an awesome place. We stayed in a tree house and it was so good! Most friendly staff, simply awesome customer caring from the moment we made the booking! We enjoyed a ride in the lake and a super cool breakfast by the lake! It was a different experience to have breakfast while the ripples of water touching your feet! Will recommend it for a nature lovers who want to have an authentic experience.

Kanil Sri Lanka

TripAdvisor website

My wife and I spent 2 amazing nights at Saraii as a part of an old colleagues get together. We checked in straight for an extraordinary lunch on our day 1. Hosted by the riverbank with a spread of over 15 local village sourced vegetables and greens with enough and more meat varieties and fresh water fish to suit our taste buds served in clay pots, laid out on a long table in the shallow waters in the middle of the river. The start was unique and classy.

We were a group of 40, both adults and children. Spending a good 6 hours at the river, dipping in the cool waters, reliving old memories, relating old tales and escapades, singing our favorite songs, while chilled beer flowed around freely. What was remarkable was that the Saraii staff was at hand all this time helpful, yet discreet and always with a keen intent to serve and did so with genuine pleasure, even though the last of us had our lunch by 6.15pm. The food of Saraii is a clear highlight; a creative blend of authentic Sri Lankan food given a refreshing twist of fusion served elegantly every single time, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The team at Saraii certainly knows how to cook it up.

Most of our crowd spent the night among the branches of their amazing tree houses, which was a work of art. My wife and I opted for terra firma and stayed in a spacious mud chalet, which had a large open air washroom. The rooms are commendable, clean, and with all necessary amenities; what was remarkable was the attention to detail, even down to the 100% natural toiletries, the glass bottles for water, in keeping with the sustainable philosophy of Saraii. A refreshing change from running behind certifications or ticking the boxes of the green washing concepts, which we tend to see most companies practicing today.

For the morning, the rest of the team had gone off on a sustainable fishing tour, which we missed as we opted to enjoy a longer nap. I woke up to regrets as my friends mentioned the epic of an experience they had doing rod fishing and net fishing the old school way, going for a tour on the lake in canoes with local fishermen, enjoying the fresh catch cooked by them on the lake shore, and served with local bread, manyok (Cassava) and coconut sambol.

Spending a quiet, yet relaxing day enjoying the breeze and the surroundings, we engaged in a fun filled water polo session in the all natural salt water pool with chilled beer served with numerous snacks and bites right through. Continuing to amaze and full of surprises, on the second night, we had a super BBQ arranged in their in house restaurant. I wont do justice if I don't make special mention of the excellent service the hotel staff provided; courteous and outgoing at all times; right from the point of welcoming us to the glorious hospitality they provided and showcased through out our entire stay, which in fact made it the best holiday we ever had. It was a meaningful holiday and the entire team enjoyed every bit of it.

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