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San Diego Spiritual Retreat Center

Julian, United States

San Diego Spiritual Retreat Center is a community that provides the perfect getaway base for those looking for a retreat in the beautiful area of Cuyamaca.

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Really Good

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Jennifer Robinson

Jennifer is a spiritual counselor and life coach, an evidential medium, and an energy healer. She has taken more than 200 classroom hours for mediumship and evidential mediumship and studied under some of the greatest teachers for this fairly uncommon art. She works all over at San Diego Spiritual Retreat Center where she does a lot of spirit work and life coaching for people who have gaps between where they are and where they want to be in life.

Memo Ozdogan

From his early twenties, Memo has had a great passion and personal interest in exploring western and eastern spirituality and philosophy in order to see and understand different approaches towards the subject of living. He has delved into the original teachings of the Buddha, J.Krishnamurti, Rumi, ancient Greek philosophy, Zen, the Tao, ancient forms of spirituality, and new age spirituality.

Reviews 9

  • Anonymous

    August 2017, BookCulinaryVacations

    Some of the vegan dishes were good, Jennifer's hospitality and intent were in the right place, the two other guests who participated.

    Oh boy, where to begin? This was called a yoga retreat, although one of the hosts didn't even know what "asana" meant. We paid for a two night retreat, although left after the first night because it was nothing close to a retreat, where one can restore and relax. Memo is a self-proclaimed "spiritual counselor", and yet takes you on multiple journeys of confusion, for hours on end. The agenda was packed with "spiritual discussions" that basically consisted of Memo opposing any counter thought you may have to his own view. I don't actually believe he is credentialed to be giving life advice, yet does so wrecklessly. The retreat claimed that activities were "optional", yet they gave us grief when we opted out of one activity, which wasn't even clearly defined in the scheduled. The retreat ended with Memo getting offended at the fact that I questioned what the purpose of these multiple "discussions" were, since it felt like he kept contradiating himself over and over, while getting aggravated with other guests for challenging his viewpoint. We decided to try to salvage what was left of our weekend by leaving early, which turned into another 45 minute argument with Memo trying to justify his role as a credible "spiritual counselor". Memo wasn't only arguing with myself and my guest, but with another volunteer. It was pretty ridiculous altogether. They asked us not to leave a bad review, but we wanted to be honest about our experience. The yoga itself was sub-par as well.

  • Richard Barrett United States

    August 2017, BookCulinaryVacations

    Jennifer and Memo probably would not appreciate me saying this, but there is NO meat in that house. This was my first time at any kind of spiritual retreat. I have never done yoga, been spiritual, talked about love or gone a day without eating some sort of meat. Coming to this place I was a bit apprehensive, but I have to say Jennifer and Memo and the volunteers were amazing. I cant praise them enough. The food had zero meat in it..I mean no meat at all and was freaking good. Jennifer sent me the recipes and I started making one of the salads with my steaks..That combined with a scotch are a good combination. The yoga was amazing. The instructor has such a nice ass..very cute girl! The gardener is a down to earth guy who takes pride in his work. Memo was eloquent, understanding and insightful. I enjoyed the long walks, deep conversations and overall spiritual guidance. There was a beer in the apartment and I was going to drink it but decided against it. the place is nice, its not ritzy or classy, but it is a great place to go heal from stress, meet like minded people, go for long walks and self reflect. The bonfire night was amazing and the staff was overall wondeful. The only thing that could top this off is if they had scotch and cigars..Cheers!!!

    The mosquito's

  • Jocelyn Blumberg United States

    July 2017, BookCulinaryVacations

    I met lots of great ladies. The Santa Ysabel preserve was nice.

    I was disappointed by the false advertising. The food was not made by a trained chef as advertised. There were no spa or massage offered. The Jacuzzi chemicals were not balanced so the water smelled. The above ground pool was also not maintained. The labyrinth was not maintained and the usage was not explained. The yoga instructor was not as advertised and lacked teaching experience. The water was tap not spring water as advertised. The only food we ate from the property was lettuce. I really hoped to learn something about meditation, yoga and food to take away with me. Unfortunately I came home empty handed and disappointed.

  • Bahareh Habibi United States

    June 2017, BookCulinaryVacations

    The experience felt very special and exceeded my expectations. I can't wait to go back in the fall.

  • Alona Metz

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I recently enjoyed the 3 days Inward Nakedness Retreat at the San Diego Spiritual Retreat Center. It was 3 days and 2 nights of pure quiet, relaxation and no pressure. The area is beautiful and charming, the homemade vegan food was fantastic and the staff was super friendly and professional. Jennifer and Memo really made everyone feel comfortable, welcome and cared for. I would definitely go back and highly recommend this retreat!

Testimonials 5

  • Lily Wittwer

    San Diego Spiritual Retreat Center Facebook page

    I came for a spiritual yoga retreat and had a lovely time. The atmosphere is kind and loving, and the people are more so. Everyone is beyond caring and understanding and always up for a good discussion. The surrounding area is gorgeous for walking, but you might be like me and find all the sanctuary you needed in the property lines. I'm a picky camper (read: I don't camp) and the area was relaxing, peaceful and easy to sleep and wake up in. Also, the food is absolutely amazing no matter your normal dietary preferences.

  • Jaylin San Diego

    San Diego Spiritual Retreat Center website

    Dear Jennifer and Memo,thank you for a peaceful, relaxing weekend where you gave me the opportunity to be myself. Thank you for letting me laugh without judgement. I enjoyed being a witness of the beauty of your love for each other. Peacefully.

  • Jen Brookbanks

    San Diego Spiritual Retreat Center website

    I visited San Diego spiritual retreat in June for a weekend yoga retreat. I went by myself and was a little nervous about it as I had never done anything like that before. I needn't have been. Jennifer and Memo were wonderful and very welcoming. I felt relaxed and at ease immediately. Memo showed me to the little house I was staying in. It was really cute surrounded by trees very secluded in the forest. The best part was the hot tub which was amazing to relax in at night and look at the stars. We made vision boards and talked the first evening. Jennifer made some Amazing vegan food which I enjoyed very much. Next morning I was up early for a delicious fresh vegetable juice and an early yoga class. It was very nice outside doing yoga looking at the trees and hearing the animals. Very peaceful. Afterwards we had a nice breakfast and Memo and I went hiking. We went up to Volcan Mountain which has great views at the top of the hill.

    That afternoon when I got back I had my first reiki session with Flavia a Brazilian girl living there at the time. She was also fabulous. I had never had reiki before and wasn't really sure what to expect. She explained everything to me and I felt very relaxed during and after the session.

    I was quite stressed out with work and personal issues before going on this retreat and it was exactly what I needed. A few days away from the city in the peace and quiet to relax. I felt amazing after the session.

    I then did some deep breathing and meditation with Jennifer which was also amazing. The weekend away really gave me time to relax and think about things. Jennifer, memo and Flavia were all lovely to talk to and very helpful. We talked about many of my problems and they gave some great advice and helped me a lot! I cannot recommend this place enough! Five stars! You absolutely have to go and visit. I've been back twice since and I now feel like that is my happy place! Anytime I'm feeling stressed out or in need of a break its where I will go!

  • Veronica Campos

    San Diego Spiritual Retreat Center website

    Jennifer, I just want to thank you for the great weekend retreat you provided. I really enjoyed all the yummy food, juices, and great company. Thank you.

  • Patricia

    San Diego Spiritual Retreat Center website

    Jennifer and Memo, thank you for your hospitality and warmth. I enjoyed my time here very much. Happy holidays and Yours.

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