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Sagrada Wellness offers various themes of an all-inclusive yoga retreats in California's Central Coast.

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  • Christopher Ames United States

    April 2017, BookCulinaryVacations


  • Meghan US

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I am so glad that I discovered Sagrada Wellness on this website! This retreat center is a hidden gem in the hills of California. The space is beautifully and thoughtfully designed. Eva and Scott are wonderful hosts and have created a spectacular retreat. From the yoga classes to the breathtaking grounds, views, hiking trails, and the delicious food and tea, it's all incredible! I would suggest this to any of my friends looking a getaway and I hope to return as well! It's a magical place.

  • Stephanie B. United States

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Incredible yoga retreat! Aaron Ogden is a great teacher, the classes are a great mix of vinyasa, yin, and tai chi. They also complement the hikes very well. The food that Scott and Eva make is also really delicious and healthy. It was the perfect weekend retreat and I likely will do it again next year!!

  • Juliet S. United States

    BookYogaRetreats website

    What an amazing experience! Just got back from Sagrada after a wonderful 4-day weekend where Scott helped me plan a retreat for 9 girlfriends. Aaron led the group beautifully, gearing the instruction to all levels.

    Accommodations were very comfortable, the food was delicious and the location was wonderful - near charming San Louis Obispo and great wine tasting options in Paso Robles. It is the perfect break to relax and rejuvenate. I think it is safe to say, we all feel a bit lighter and brighter on our returns home. I highly recommend!

  • Lindsay M. United States

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I first found this place by googling "girl's weekend retreat". I wasn't thinking I was going to find much, and yet I stumbled upon a piece of heaven offering a "Yoga, Wine, and Chocolate" retreat. Seriously? Did they read my mind?

    My best friend and I decided quickly that this had our names written all over it, and after a month of getting our hopes up, waiting for the weekend to come, were still blown away.

    Everyday, there were nature hikes, some that were meditative (in silence). It's amazing how much energy you feel from your surroundings when you take a silent moment to reflect on it. This was followed by a delicious and nutritional breakfast.

    An hour later was an amazing reflective yoga session, where our fabulous yogi, Aaron, would change the classes to suit how we were feeling during that time. There was anything from deep stretching yoga classes, to meditative/reflective yoga classes, to harder working-on-my-core-because-I-hate-having-a-belly yoga classes.

    After yoga, there were amazing lunches. Always fresh, healthy and nutritious. After lunch there was free time when you could read, go on a walk, journal, hot tub, or even get an amazing "energy healing massage".

    Then, came the wine tastings with chocolate pairings! One wine tasting actually came with cupcake pairings. Yes, all of my wildest dreams had come true! After feeling relaxed from yoga, a hot tub soak, a massage, and wine, now give me a few cupcakes! Oh, my! Big smiles all around! :D

    Shortly after that, to help soak up the tastings, we would have the most amazing dinner. Ranging from vegetable lasagna to tempeh salad to salmon. Yum!

    There were so many girls that I met there that I now think of as good friends. We all explored, meditated, laughed, and drank great wine together. How could you *not* bond over those things?

    I could go on about all of the amazing experiences I had during my weekend, but you'll just have to experience it for yourself. I know that I went in thinking that I was going to have good time, but I had no idea that I was going to leave as a changed person.

    Thank you so much to Eva, Scott, and Aaron. You all will always have a special place in my heart.

  • Amity S. United States

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Just got back from a weekend stay at Sagrada and Loved it! This cool off-the-beaten-path guest house (and yoga retreat center) is family-run. Located just outside the cute town of Santa Margarita, it is a quick drive from the wine mecca, Highway 46.

    The ranch's setting feels remote, perfect for nature lovers, couples or girlfriends who want to unplug and unwind but still be close to all the Central Coast amenities. There are three cute cottages and a pimped out caboose for rent. The style is a successful hybrid of John Wayne and the Dalai Lama, a marriage of laid back western and Zen sanctuary. A completely unique vibe.

    We spent our first morning procuring treats from Avila Valley Farm to picnic on the beach. Four words: fresh pressed apple juice! Holy deliciousness. Then back to the ranch for an outdoor shower and swing in the hammock. I credit the huge outdoor hammock for breaking my husband's smart phone dependency, at least for the weekend. Insert more wine tasting.

    We finished the perfect day marveling at how many stars there are. A solo morning trail run provided incredible views of the hills without another soul around, a rejuvenating end to our little get away. Do your body and spirit a favor, check in at Sagrada! p.s. hurry before Sunset Magazine gets wind of this place it will be impossible to get a reservation!

  • Alicia H. United States

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Thank you to the entire staff at Sagrada Wellness - my recent Chocolate, Wine and Yoga trip was amazing! The food was some of the best I have had, the yoga inspiring and the chocolate and wine were just icing on an amazing trip.

    I went on this trip as a post baby present to myself for wellness and to renew my commitment to health (and of course sleep too). Leaving the trip I came home feeling renewed, inspired to cook healthy foods and stronger in health and body.

    I attribute this to an amazing resort experience; from acupuncture with Eva, to morning walks and yoga classes with Aaron, to home cooked meals by both Scott and Eva everything was perfect and allowed me to accomplish my trip goals and come away with things I couldn't have imagined.

    I highly recommend this resort to anyone. Sagrada Wellness has many themed weekends coming up and am sure they will all be amazing; however not sure how any of them could top the Chocolate, Wine and Yoga retreat. But knowing Scott, Eva and Aaron, I am sure they will. Enjoy!

  • Alison R. United States

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Just enjoyed 3 days at Sagrada and am already thinking of when I can go back again. The focus was on yoga, nature, great people, listening to the nature sounds, and just taking time to un-plug and relax. The trip and beautiful ranch grounds really did exceed all my expectations!

    Beautiful landscapes in the Santa Margarita Mountains, sweeping views, really cute and comfortable cabins, hot tub and steam room that I used daily, a pool for the summer time, and yoga studio that was just perfect for our group of 8 girls.

    The hosts/owners, Scott and Eva, treated us like friends and cooked really delicious and healthy meals 3 times a day. Our yoga teacher, Aaron Ogden, taught 2.5 hours long flow classes focusing on breath awareness and were the highlight of each day! You literally get to show up and just enjoy it all without making any decisions or using any brain power whatsoever which was a nice break from normal big city life.

    They offer massage, acupuncture and nutrition counseling treatments if you so desire. All the cabins are cute & comfy and if you opt for the Caboose - you get to stay in a really nice almost gothic red train that is converted into a studio apt. Shooting for the caboose on my next trip as it has it's own shower and bathroom which would be nice. Either way, you will be thrilled with your experiences!

Testimonials 31

  • Kira and John

    Sagrada Wellness website

    You have given us the most fitting and wonderful honeymoon we could ever have dreamed of. We were lucky to have the peaceful time alone, but I can only imagine the energy that fills this place when you have a yoga retreat. The animals kept us company and I’m not sure I’ve ever slept that soundly. Thank you so much. Hopefully we can visit again some day. Grateful and happy.

  • Desiree, Nerissa, Jessie, Anne, Caroline, Dana, and Amanda

    Sagrada Wellness website

    We had the most amazing weekend at Sagrada! It was more wonderful than we imagined it would be. We plan on making this a yearly tradition! See you next year.

  • Christina, Sandra, Connor, and Margaret

    Sagrada Wellness website

    Thank you so much for welcoming us into your fabulous home. Honestly, we didn’t really know what to expect, we were looking for peace and relaxation away from daily stress, but this really blew us away. It has been the most amazing experience, one we will never forget. Thanks again.

  • Danielle

    Sagrada Wellness website

    Thank you for such a fabulous yoga retreat. Everything was way better than expected.

  • Kristen

    Sagrada Wellness website

    We had a wonderful time on our yoga, wine and chocolate retreat. The food was beyond amazing. Nicole did a wonderful job teaching our yoga classes-leaving us feeling open and blessed out. The wine and laughter Saturday night also helped to open our hearts. The property is beautiful and loved the morning hikes. Thank you all for our pre-wedding mother-daughter bonding. See you again in the future. Namaste.

  • Kathy

    Sagrada Wellness website

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful area-this getaway was exactly what I needed. I’m hoping my path crosses with everyone again.

  • Susan

    Sagrada Wellness website

    In the years to come, I know I will smile every time I remember morning yoga under the olive tree. Sun Salutations looking across the whole valley-what a wonderful memory. Thank you!

  • Andrea and Don

    Sagrada Wellness website

    This is a beautiful place with a beautiful aura. We were incredibly comfortable in our room at Sagrada. Thank you.

  • Laura, Rob, Trent, and Hana

    Sagrada Wellness website

    Thank you so much for a wonderful holiday weekend! From the beautiful views and the deer, rabbits, quail, and turkeys to the warm and homey kitchen and rooms, we will remember all of Sagrada’s charms for years to come. We will certainly be returning!

  • Suzanne

    Sagrada Wellness website

    I sit in silence and peace writing for you Sagrada, the land, the accommodations, the kindness and the feeling of wellness abounds. This was the perfect place to end my solo journey of connecting deeper to myself and my wellness. I look forward to coming back again, again, and again-with friends, my husband and solo. May your intention of wellness continue to flourish for many. Cheers.

  • Nicole

    Sagrada Wellness website

    Sagrada thank you for a beautiful weekend. What a special place to relax and meet wonderful people. We had an amazing time and will be back again. Thanks for everything.

  • Julie

    Sagrada Wellness website

    This was the most relaxing beautiful weekend. Aaron was amazing, creative, inspiring and a true spiritual leader. Thanks for being here and providing a space to heal and regenerate. Peace and love, we loved everything!

  • Cheli

    Sagrada Wellness website

    I feel honored to enjoy Scott and Eva’s little bit of paradise here at Sagrada. Thank you for the hospitality, and your thoughtfulness.

  • Robin S. Arizona

    Yelp website

    I first visited Sagrada with my daughter in December. We came because the dates were perfect for our schedules, we left with memories of a perfect retreat. So perfect, that before we left I made reservations for April to bring my closest five woman with me to celebrate my 60th birthday... I wanted to share Sagrada with them...and such a success! My first retreat was Yoga and Hiking and the second was Yoga and Wine. Both retreats included the warmest greetings by Scott, Eva and Nicole, the most fabulous food...including healthy and delicious dessert!, outstanding yoga and Pilates classes, stunning scenery, and extremely immaculate and comfortable accommodations. There is a perfect balance of planned activity and quiet time, aka...hammock and pool time! I look forward to visiting this December again! Sagrada is an ideal retreat if you come alone, as a couple or with friends. It is truly a wellness retreat.

  • Antoinette

    Sagrada Wellness website

    Words cannot begin to describe the feeling in my heart today. Together, you have guided my soul, nourished my spirit, and my body, replenished my well in ways I forgot I needed. Your love, your kindness, your words, your movements, your creativity, your music, and your individual gifts have made me feel whole once again. Thank you for sharing your homes and your hears with us. Much love,

  • Linda B. United States

    Yelp website

    Sagrada Wellness put a hop back in my step. I just came back from a weekend retreat. It was another great experience. This was my second time attending this year. I enjoyed the spacious grounds, and relaxing villa. My body reacted so positively from the acupuncture treatments provided by Eva. I have no pain in area that had bothered me for 6 months. Never having any treatments before her, it is quite incredible. The food was outstanding. The yoga and spiritual classes motivating, and restorative. I highly reccomend this retreat. Thank you Scott and Eva for providing such a great healing get away, I will be back.

  • Angie United States

    Angie Capri Photography website

    After working really hard (and nearly nonstop) for 2 years, I found myself in serious need of a getaway where I could relax, rejuvenate, turn off any form of electronics. I needed a serious break from my computer, the internet, and social media, of which I had no idea I'd have such a close relationship with when I started my business. Can you say digital detox? I'm adventurous, outdoorsy, and a free spirit at heart. Luckily, a quick search turned up exactly what I was looking for (and didn't even know it). There was one spot waiting just for me at Sagrada Wellness' Yoga, Hiking, Wine and Chocolate Retreat in San Luis Obispo, CA. I mean, could a gal like me ask for anything better? I just don't think so. But that wasn't all, we also enjoyed some meditation classes, and I tried my first sessions of qi gong, and transformative acupuncture too. I'm thankful I had the opportunity to enjoy this retreat, and I definitely plan to visit again as soon as possible. I felt so well nourished by all of the delicious, fresh (and mostly vegan) cuisine we enjoyed throughout our entire stay, and adored every last loving detail, and all of the wonderful cozy design elements combining rustic woods and metals, one of my personal favorite styles. My experience was peaceful, positive, intimate, and restorative. I was able to rest my mind, reconnect with myself, and learn a thing or two about who I am becoming. I also took a step back to appreciate how far my business has come as well as gain clarity on the direction it's going. It's so important to simplify and have those friendly reminders that baby steps are good things and better than big leaps sometimes (which is how I tend to travel through life). Thank you for a wonderful experience Sagrada.

  • Richard D. United States

    Yelp website

    My wife and I just finished our second yoga retreat here. As usual, the rooms, and grounds were spotless. The meals were fabulous. The owners were gracious and helpful. Hoping for another yoga retreat here some day. Highly recommended.

  • Laurel O. California, USA

    Yelp website

    I just came back from a 4-day, 3-night hiking and yoga retreat at Sagrada. I can't say enough good things. It was everything I expected and hoped for and more. The location is gorgeous, even the drive relaxed me. The food was so good. I thought I might lose weight on this retreat. That was not to be. We had local wines with dinner that were perfect complement to the wonderful vegan food. The yoga was just what I needed. What everyone needed. We had people in our group who had never done yoga and some were very practiced. Everyone was happy. The hikes were heaven. And then there was every afternoon of free time to write or hot tub or walk or sleep or get treatments. It's a magical place.

  • Clari B. United States

    Yelp website

    My husband and I just got back from our New Year's Eve retreat at Sagrada and we have had a fantastic stay! This place is amazing from different perspectives. You'll be surrounded by beautiful trees, trails, and hills. This place is really quiet. The lodging is cozy, clean, and tastefully decorated. Food and daily herbal teas are tasty, delicious, and organic. They have served very good local wines and sparkling wines at each dinner. The other guests were really friendly and all on the same page. We had a really good time altogether.The classes were taught by a professional, Nicole, who loves her job and do it perfectly. We have enjoyed all the classes we had three times a day. The hosts, Eva and Scott, are fantastic and should definitely start writing a cooking book as I feel we will miss their tasty recipes. The hosts will make you feel like home and will ensure your well-being all the time. Eva is a really skilled acupuncturist and herbalist as I have instantaneously felt the first benefits of the treatment. She is also a great Qi Gong instructor.To summarize, I highly recommend this place if you need a break from your daily routine. You will return happy, relaxed, rejuvenated, full of energy, with new ideas for your meals, and you'll feel strong enough to stick with healthy resolutions. We are looking forward to come back!

  • Diana M. United States

    Yelp website

    Really relaxing and amazing experience. More of a spiritual meditative retreat than intensive yoga retreat but the meditation and spiritual aspects were led extremely well and I enjoyed it a lot. Food was delicious and acupuncture felt amazing.

  • Judi T. United States

    Yelp website

    Quintesential Old California setting. A step back in time. Oaks, rolling hills, and grass. I attended my first yoga retreat at Sagrada Wellness last weekend with a group of folks from Yoga Madre Studio in Sierra Madre. Sagrada couldn't have been a better choice of a venue for our retreat. The accommodations were minimalist, simple, and most comfortable. The yoga studio is a perfect practice area. The meals (as mentioned in other reviews) are delicious, fresh, and vegetarian. Eva and Scott, the proprietors of Sagrada, are most gracious, attentive hosts, and excellent chefs. I would also like to thank Lulu and Ricardo who were on hand to assist with meal preparation and housekeeping needs. Other delights that make Sagrada a special place: a large vegetable garden, a hot tub and showers, millions of stars in the night skies, deer, rabbits, wild turkeys, bats, a giant king snake (actually quite a beautiful snake). I could go on and on. I hope to return in the not too distant future. As one other reviewer noted, Sunset Magazine is certain to get wind of this jewel of a retreat. Sigh.

  • Mara H. United States

    Sagrada Wellness website

    I couldn't have stumbled upon a better place for my very first yoga retreat! Scott and Eva were super friendly and very accommodating (even for gluten and dairy allergies), the living space was rustic but still hotel quality (I am not a camper and I was very comfortable,) and the schedule had just enough activity and quiet time to make for a great balance.

    Lauren led our yoga classes with a fun blend of many different influences (Tai Chi, Pilates, etc.) The classes were great for all levels (we literally had one gal who had taken some gentle yoga at the gym and another gal who was a yoga instructor!) and everyone got personal attention. The grounds were beautiful and teeming with deer, bunnies, birds, and squirrels for natural entertainment. The food was great, and you can't beat the stars at night.

    I was traveling alone, and since I booked last minute, ended up in the shared room with one other girl. The room was huge and could have fit 4-5 comfortably. That would be a fun room for a girls' weekend.

    I recommend Sagrada highly for everyone! Just please don't y'all book the weekend I want to go back.

  • Julia G. United States

    Sagrada Wellness website

    I attended the yoga & hiking retreat over labor day weekend and can't recommend this place enough. aaron ogden led the yoga and hiking and he is really talented. check him out before the rest of the world finds him.

    I was scared as can be before showing up alone to my first yoga retreat, but as another reviewer said, all my fears were unfounded.

    First, the spaces- lounge and dining, yoga room and guest rooms are all tastefully decorated and calming. communal bathrooms: forget everything you know about them from college. These are clean and classy. I stayed in the loft above the yoga room, it was cozy and comfortable.

    The grounds are great and full of wildlife- lots of deer and rabbits, there are paths to explore on your own and strategically placed adirondack chairs for chilling out.

    Scott and Eva are ideal hosts- they tell you everything you need to know, then let you be. But if you need them they reappear magical, also magical were the meals that were ready on time and delicious. I'm not good at remembering food i've eaten, but everything was tasty.

    The schedule struck the right balance between free time and activities, the hikes were super fun and also challenging.

  • Mimi N. United States

    Sagrada Wellness website

    If you're looking for a retreat off the beaten path, with plenty of room to ponder life's mysteries, while deepenign your yoga practice and eating amazing, lovingly-prepared vegetarian meals, look no further.

    Their recent renovations include rooms that should grace the pages of Dwell as an example of tasteful, warm and artistic green-building design. The grounds are lovely, as are the owners and staff.

    If Aaron Ogden is leading a retreat, do yourself a huge favor and sign up. He is a gifted yogi, teacher and philosopher who is intuitive and kind. This is a special place that will surely be a transformative base for many seekers. Sacred, indeed.

  • Sarah M. United States

    Yelp website

    What an amazing place! Recently went to a weekend yoga retreat here led by Aaron Ogden and had a lovely time. Scott and Eva made us feel warm and welcome, the setting was beautiful and tranquil, and I left feeling totally rejuvenated. Will definitely come back for the delicious food, the friendly company, the peace and quiet, and the spa treatments!

  • Lisa United States

    Sagrada Wellness website

    Hi Aaron, I feel compelled to tell you that since the treatment you gave me, I have had intense experiences of energy moving through my body. Throughout many years, both before and after my near death experience, I have had numerous flashes of energy, intense connections, vibrations, whatever you want to name this, move through me.

    But now this channel, which is my body, is much more open, and the flow, which has intensified, just wants to continue. My whole body melts into that which is around me, and I am no longer my body but what Is. Even though these are short episodes, they are more frequent and intense, leaving me a walking vibration. So hard to put into words, but this is what i feel.

    For quite awhile after the movement and deep breathing in my body stops, my whole body "radiates" or vibrates, especially through my arms and hands. Thank you for being a channel, for giving your gift to others, and for being the special person that you are..

  • Brandy United States

    Sagrada Wellness website

    It has been a lovely beautiful experience here at Sagrada. The name is so appropriate because you offer a sacred space within your gates. It is nourishing, nurturing, expanding, energizing, and comforting all at once. The details and the care are apparent and so gracious. Thank you and I look forward to returning and seeing you growth and success.

  • Susan United States

    Sagrada Wellness website

    In the years to come, I know I will smile every time I remember morning yoga under the olive tree. Sun salutations looking across the whole valley - what a wonderful memory. Thank you!

  • Suzanne United States

    Sagrada Wellness website

    I sit in silence and peace writing for you Sagrada, the land, the accommodations, the kindness and the feeling of wellness abounds. This was the perfect place to end my solo journey of connecting deeper to myself and my wellness. I look forward to coming back again, again, and again-with friends, my husband and solo. May your intention of wellness continue to flourish for many. Cheers.

  • Erin United States

    Sagrada Wellness website

    I just left the New Year's Yoga Retreat with Aaron Ogden as an instructor. It couldn't have been a better trip for my worn out New York self. Each morning started with a beautiful hike at different locations every day. We had a lovely small group of people at all different levels of yoga and Aaron tailored the classes perfectly for what we were all trying to achieve. And his massage skills rock! Sagrada Wellness is a very special and beautiful place.

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