Roy van den Bor

Perth, Australila, Australia

Having spent more than a year in India travelling, learning yoga and massage, Roy is passionate about sharing his travel experiences and introducing you to his favorite Indian teachers.

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  • Jess Ingram Australia

    Roy van den Bor Facebook website

    I suffer from sciatica, and I just had a massage with Roy. I feel like I have better movement in my body. The massage works on meridians and pressure points with gentle opening and stretching of joints and spine. I love being in his calm and gentle presence.

  • Ari Brasil US

    Roy van den Bor Yoga Trail website

    I've had the pleasure and honor to be one of his students in a yoga teacher training at Rishikesh, India. He is extremely knowledgeable and patient. His sequences are strong, but his direction makes it easier to correctly get into the asanas. He is a simple and truthful teacher which made me feel confident and calm at his classes.

  • Mary Sents US

    Roy van den Bor Yoga Trail website

    I am so grateful that I was able to take Roy's classes for a whole month in Cambodia. After one class, I knew he was my favorite teacher. Yin yoga was amazing and adjustments were made when necessary. His Vinyasa flow was a wonderful, fluid workout. Roy is full of knowledge and striving for more all the time. He is very comfortable to be around and puts his own touch on all of his classes. Also, he gives the best Shavasana. I have never felt more relaxed, and then when you don't think it can get any better, he brings out a flute (sometimes) for some live, relaxing music. You'll never want to leave.

  • Francy Penz Germany

    Roy van den Bor Yoga Trail website

    Roy is an amazing yoga teacher. He has a lot of knowledge and a great way to teach with detailed explanation of the postures. The atmosphere in his classes is really nice. He is always helpful and gives adjustments or different ways to modify a posture. He also never forgets the spiritual aspects of yoga which you can see especially in the way he begins and finishes a class.

  • Luke Armstrong Thailand

    Roy van den Bor Yoga Trail website

    As an instructor, Roy really helped me see that there is a deeper and meditative level to yoga that I could reach. He is always in great spirits and he will occasionally play his flute in shavasana, which is a wonderful way to end a practice.

  • Marshall Tweem Singapore

    Roy van den Bor Yoga Trail website

    Roy is a very friendly teacher who has immense passion in yoga and spirituality. His calming and happy demeanor helps to make classes enjoyable as well as relaxing for students. He's always open to feedback and tailors his classes accordingly to the types of students he receives. I highly recommend Roy's classes!

  • Jake Gibilaro United Kingdom

    Roy van den Bor Yoga Trail website

    I found Roy to be an excellent yoga teacher. I was quite new to yoga, but Roy was very patient and helped me steadily improve at a pace that my body was comfortable with. Roy is very friendly and approachable. He is able to explain the underlying physical or spiritual principles behind the poses.

  • Joelle Erpelding Vietnam

    Roy van den Bor Yoga Trail website

    Roy does a great mixture of Yin and Hatha yoga. His classes focus on body and the spiritual side of yoga. I really recommend taking classes with him.

  • Marlou van Uden Cambodia

    Roy van den Bor Yoga Trail website

    Roy is a very friendly and passionate yogi. He knows what he is doing in front of the class and teaches us what he knows. His classes are various and always gives me a lot of energy, which reminds me every time that about my love for yoga. I was lucky to spend two months with him at the Vagabond temple in Cambodia. Besides being a good teacher, he is also a really good and warm person. Sometimes at the end of the class, when we're all laying in savasana, he puts on some nice relaxing music, but actually, it's him playing the flute!

  • Mijke V Cyprus

    Roy van den Bor Yoga Trail website

    Roy has a lot of knowledge about anatomy and about yoga in general. I've enjoyed a few of Roy's Hatha flow classes. He's a gifted teacher who pays attention to his students and adjusts their poses in a kind and subtle way. There is a very positive energy about him during and outside of the classes.

  • Laura Caputo Indonesia

    Roy van den Bor Yoga Trail website

    I had the opportunity to join a few of Roy's yoga classes. He is a great young teacher with a beautiful, calm aura, and a professional way to teach. I loved his fiery Vinyasa flow and felt very light and strong afterwards. I would highly recommend Roy as a yoga teacher.

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