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  • Elizabeth United States

    Rick Steeve's Europe website

    I didn't believe my husband and I were "tour people," but this tour of the Basque regions of France and Spain disproved that theory! From the very start, Francisco was welcoming, gracious, and incredibly fun! Every experience was intriguing and engaging.

  • Janet United States

    Rick Steves Europe website

    While the trip covered a fairly small area of territory and I was afraid that perhaps it would feel repetitive, I thought all the four places we stayed at were varied and memorable on their own merit. While I am not sure that I have a distinct sense of Basqueness, the region felt different to other areas of Spain in appealing ways. The highlight for me was walking the Camino, something that I have heard about for decades. This introduction, I hope, will spur me to walk the whole length. Seeing San Sebastian from the mountain top upon our arrival in the city was the best moment. It is such a breathtaking setting! I liked that it was the introduction to our visit, as it gave me the lay of the land and also gave such a clear signal that I had entered a beautiful place.

  • Anita United States

    Rick Steves Europe website

    The tour was really great. The only not-so-outstanding experience was the time in Bayonne which does not have that much to offer. The rest of the places were terrific and I see the value of visiting the French side of the Basque country. Although the group had a subgroup of 9 Canadians who were long-time friends, everyone was friendly and the group worked well. I loved the walk on Santiago de Compostela. I also thought that the city tour of Bilbao was great.

  • Rebecca United States

    Rick Steves Europe website

    I enjoyed the tour very much. Our guide, Francisco, gave us a great insight into the Basque culture. He discussed the running of the bulls, Basque men's social clubs, the rules of inheriting land and personal inspirations from Basque strong religious beliefs. It was great to see so many families out together every night, all generations out in the town plazas playing and enjoying each others' company. Also, the countryside and seaside were beautiful. The best moment for me was when we walked 6 miles of the pilgrimage trail. While walking, I thought about the pilgrims who had a long way to travel before they got to the official starting point. While we may have been slipping a little on the rocks, I realized they did not have sneakers or hiking boots with good tread, no walking poles, backpacks, credit cards, and yet they made the long trip. It made me have a greater appreciation for their sacrifices.

  • Sue United States

    Rick Steves Europe website

    It was wonderful and affirming for me. I had no expectations except to know, having been recently widowed, if I still found joy in traveling and if it would be ok to do so alone. Of course, I was not alone. I had a really great group of supportive people along the way. The tour far exceeded my expectations. The windmills lining the tops of the mountains for as far as I could see were the most impressive thing.

  • Deborah United States

    Rick Steves Europe website

    This tour exceeded my expectations, from the history and its influence on the rest of France and Spain to the food which was truly incredible. The beauty of mountains and seaside made this a tour I would recommend without hesitation. I loved the unexpected beauty of the Basque region; the Pyrenees Mountains; village; the gorgeous port city of San Sebastian; St Jean-de-Luz; walking the Camino de Santiago; the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao; the wonderful food, the best food we have ever eaten; and the very nice, friendly, and helpful people

  • Raylene United States

    Rick Steves Europe website

    The tour was educational, inspirational, with good company and fun! Walking the Camino de Santiago was a wow moment for me. The Camino is what drew me to this trip and it was everything that I hoped for. Another wow moment was the visit to Guernika. Learning about the horrific bombing and listening to our guide, Francisco, explain the history in relation to current events was quite emotional for me.

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