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Pritikin is a health and wellness resort, offering upscale rooms, a day spa, and activities designed for weight loss.

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  • a traveler Massachusetts

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    Pritikin has been teaching good health for 50 yrs. The low fat, low sugar, low salt, whole food diet, plus exercise, works to prevent, and often reverse, heart disease, high blood pressure, adult diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. Everything is backed by good science. The program trains you to plan and prepare good foods, do balanced exercise, and deal with the real problems of how to make this program work once you leave the beautiful, peaceful grounds of the luxury hotel setting.

    A complete physical evaluation and exercise stress test precedes developing a custom exercise plan for each person. Physical limitations are considered, and biomechanics consults are available to help plan alternate exercise, as well as need for orthopedic or orthotic aids. The doctors and other personnel are very friendly and supportive, and all necessary services are under one roof. A paramedic is available on premises 24/7.

    Guest rooms are five star luxury suites in the Trump Doral National Hotel, on the beautiful grounds of the Doral golf courses, located about 15 minutes from Miami International Airport, but very quiet. The holiday is expensive, but worth every penny to potentially save your life. We should have gone years ago. Check the website, then call and talk with one of their consultants to book.

  • a traveler Alabama

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    My visit to Pritikin was an eye-opening experience. I learned a lot about healthful living and have started implementing it at home. The room in the golf villa was very comfortable. The little walk to the Center building offered comfortable extra exercise, although shuttles are available. There are also some rooms closer to the main building. The spa looked great though we didn't use it except for a shower after using the pool. The atmosphere is nice and casual.

    No sport coat was needed for dinner. The lectures are outstanding; try not to miss one. The body mechanics evaluation was life-changing in a very positive way. All the exercise classes were great and attendants were very knowledgeable. Medical appointments and time included were exceptional. We also took advantage of the blood pressure monitoring during exercise due to low salt food. Food is no salt added, no fat added, no sugar, however it still maintains a very good quality and was abundant.

  • a traveler Texas

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    Pritikin is a godsend for those who want to change the direction of their lives; it did for me. Of course I lost weight and lowered my blood pressure; who wouldn't when all there is to do is to eat properly, exercise and learn from experts who want you to succeed? But it was much more than that; it gave me hope that I could live a healthier, happier and more productive life if that's what I chose to do. I'm resisting the urge to proselytize too much but I do feel a calling to help those I love to find a healthier path. It's expensive but if you can accumulate the entrance fee go for it. How much is your life worth?

  • a traveler Minnesota

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    The medical staff, from the front desk to the doctors, were all exceptional. All provided excellent care, attention and follow up after my return home. Programs were packed with information and all the presenters were knowledgeable and motivational. Kimberly, Jay and the staff doctors made sense of the noise around nutrition and lifestyle, and brought medical, fact-based information to explain the science and success behind the Pritikin lifestyle.

    The daily workouts were a great way to start each day and create a new (for me) habit of daily exercise. The gym staff were all very encouraging and supportive. Cardio, strength, core, and yoga workouts were all flexible enough that individuals could adjust to meet their levels of ability. The food was delicious, and the the daily cooking classes were hugely beneficial in helping to keep me going on the nutrition piece of Pritikin when I got home.

    The facilities were undergoing renovation, and the spa was not open during my stay. That was the only downside for me regarding facilities. I think the spa was scheduled to re-open the week after I left! Some minimal services were available, but I look forward to the full spa experience during my next stay. Sleeping rooms were spacious and comfortable. Hotel and Pritikin staff were all very accommodating and I always felt very well cared for. Pritikin definitely was what I needed and my time there has motivated me to keep going well after my return home. Many of the people I met there were on return visits, and I look forward to returning at some point in the future as well.

  • Marianne Florida

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    If you are married, in a relationship, or single, and are not completely happy or fulfilled in life, then keep reading.

    Dr. Coral Arvon is an intelligent, insightful, experienced, renown psychologist/life coach. I have known her for over a decade. Her lectures, as well as her sessions in person or face time have changed my life. Her advice is always on point. Why? Because she has seen and heard everything and knows what to do. I know people in and out of the United States that specifically come to Florida just to hear her lecture or make an appointment with her with a ton of positive feedback. Speak to her just once and it will change your life!

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