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Lisbon, Portugal

Portuguese Connection is specialized in the teaching of Portuguese to foreigners, offering custom designed courses, developed to ensure a fantastic experience.

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  • Neryl Australia

    Portuguese Connection website

    Portuguese Connection is fabulous - excellent teachers, great learning environment, centrally located, efficiently run and fun! I really enjoyed my two-week course and wish I'd had booked to stay longer as I didn't want to leave.

  • Haley United States

    Portuguese Connection website

    After moving to Lisbon, I knew I would need help to learn Portuguese. I am so happy that I have begun lessons with The Portuguese Connection. The entire staffs are so friendly and welcoming. My teacher Carla is wonderful! She is patient, and made me feel comfortable asking when I wasn't sure about something. One evening, Annalisa took us across town to see a short play, part of the Teatro das Compras, one of the many artistic events that happen during the Festas de Lisboa in June. The Portuguese Connection is passionate about helping you to learn the language, but also, in connecting you to the Portuguese culture. I am looking forward to the lessons I'm taking in the next few weeks!

  • Mary Australia

    Portuguese Connection website

    I was so lucky to discover Portuguese Connection! Within 24hrs of my phone call (from Evora) l was enjoying private lessons with the wonderful teacher Ana. Nothing was too hard for Annalisa to arrange - even though l had no email at the time. Ana made me feel so relaxed that l could absorb and learn - l felt l really made progress in the week l had with her - l didn´t want to leave. Attending the school was a highlight of my two month cycle ride through the country. I loved Lisbon and would go back to Principe Real - it became my favourite area.

  • Stefanie Germany

    Portuguese Connection website

    This is a wonderful and lovely language school and I had such a cool experience there. All the teachers are super friendly and competent, the owners Joana and Marco are the best ever - such a cool, young, professional couple and I really learned a lot during my two courses and am looking forward to maybe doing a third one since I am living in Lisbon

  • Miriam Romano

    Portuguese Connection website

    Best language school ever! I loved the teachers, our classes and the walking tours all together with Annalisa. I made such progresses thanks to their amazing and interesting classes! Hope to come back soon! I would definitely recommend it.

  • Cecilia Sforzi

    Portuguese Connection website

    I really loved my experience at Portuguese Connection school. I did one week of the intensive course when I was just arrived in Lisbon and it helped me a lot. The atmosphere is so familiar and welcoming. And the school it's right in the heart of the city! I would suggest it to anyone, Muito obrigada

  • Marco Lorenzi

    Portuguese Connection website

    If you want to learn Portuguese in a relaxing and fun environment and with an effective method, Portuguese Connection is the place for you! I attended a two-week intensive course and I am very happy with this experience and now I feel much more confident with my speaking skills in Lisboa! My teachers Joana and Ana have been so nice and professional, each with their own teaching style, and they have been also helpful for any issue I had with my everyday life here. "Obrigado" to all of you!

  • a traveler United States

    Trip Advisor website

    We are in Portugal for a few weeks and wanted to be able to say basic things (like thank you, excuse me, order food, etc.) in intelligible Portuguese but didn't have the time for a week of class. This one-day class met our needs perfectly. The instructor, Angela, made the information interesting and lively and we enjoyed her sense of humor. We were taken on a walking tour and a cafe in the afternoon by Laurie and learned more about Lisbon. The staff geared the course exactly for our needs. Strongly recommend the school for its curriculum, personnel and location.

  • Leonard Xavier United States

    Portuguese Connection website

    Wow! What a great experience. From the minute I entered the offices of Portuguese Connection I felt welcomed. Joana, Marco and Laurie managed the trick of being both genuinely friendly and quietly competent in all their interactions with me. And I had some special demands, since my wife was an absolute beginner, and I had an experience with the language going back many years. But Joana and Laurie accommodated us both without a second thought. It also helped that Maggie, the dog, could transcend any language barrier with a few affectionate licks. (What a brilliant idea: a language school with a dog fluent at expressing affection).The second thing I noticed was how much fun the other students seemed to be having. Learning a language can be daunting, which is why its so critical that you learn in an environment that embraces both the didactic and the whimsical. For me, Portuguese Connection was exactly that kind of place. My teacher, Raquel, made even the driest subject interesting and relevant by playfully relating linguistic concepts to everyday life (I now know why in Portugal they talk about puxando o autoclismo). But behind her whimsy was passionate love of the language, which I found infectious. So be warned: learning Portuguese at Portuguese Connection is a blast!

  • Delphine Callewaert Belgium

    Portuguese Connection website

    I would highly recommend this language school for anyone seeking to improve their Portuguese. It's still a small school, but very cozy, and they have a great team. Our first contact with the school was with Laurie. She answered all our questions with a lot of patience, and she made us feel very comfortable about going to this school. She also helped us to find a place to stay for 2 weeks in Lisbon. Thank you Laurie for all your help! Marco and Joana, the owners of the school, are lovely as well! They are always prepared to help and to answer all your questions. Joana is a great, passionate teacher who gives very interactive classes and pushes you to the next level. She does it with a smile and with a lot of humor. The same goes for our teacher of the second week - Raquel. She also gave our Portuguese a boost by making us speak a lot. And, of course, there's Maggie, the dog/ the mascot of the school. She is always happy to see you in the morning and prepared to have some play time

  • Katarina Belarus

    Portuguese Connection website

    I am so glad that Ive taken a course with Portuguese Connection Language School. I started from scratch as a complete beginner, but after just two weeks of intensive course, I was able to speak. Secondly, the lady doing check-in at the airport on my way back was very impressed! Everyone at the school is so nice and helpful and really does care about their students. What I also appreciate is that the course is flexible in the meaning that it is adjusted to your needs. Apart from the language course itself, the school also offers a range of different free-of-charge activities after classes such as, for example, sightseeing. And, the last but not the least, Lisbon is simply an amazing place, full of colors, sun, almost tangible light, sounds and quietness at the same time. It has so much to offer. Take your time to discover its beautiful soul!

  • a traveler

    Trip Advisor website

    Portuguese Connection was a great place to start learning Portuguese! The classes were a good combination of practicing the language and learning useful theory. Moreover, the teachers adopted the content of the classes to the students learning goals and needs. During two weeks in the beginner course I learnt a lot, examples are useful vocabulary, expressions typical in Portugal and important grammar. The school is located in a lively, nice and central area of Lisbon, a city I would recommend to everyone!

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