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Rallou Portokalaki

Rallou Portokalakis was born and raised in Heraklion, Crete and like many generations of Greeks before he, she grew to love the great history and culture of her country. Her father has been involved in tourism for the past 40 years and he has shared his passion for providing wonderful travel adventures in Greece - with her. This has inspired her to study tourism herself. Her experiences and knowledge, combined with her love of her country and the desire to share it with others have led her to follow in her father's footsteps and create Porto Planet.

Yiannis Fournaros

Yiannis Fournaros is a passionate Greek, proud of his country’s endless treasure of history, culture, and flavors. He has always loved travel, reading, and history and he has traveled and searched all over Greece, finding beautiful places, delicious food and wine, and authentic Greek people - as well as understanding that they all hold the ‘real’ Greece in their hearts. He is passionate and proud to share this country that gave birth to him and wants to provide unforgettable experiences for the traveler, here at Porto Planet, along with the love of his life, his beautiful wife, Rallou.

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First of all thank you for the wonderful week with you in Crete and immersing me in the Cretan culture, food and beautiful scenery. Your vibrant personality made it so much more fun. Thank you also for sending me the recipes, I will put them to good use. Again thank you again for the wonderful time in Crete, and the cave dinner was truly a highlight during that week.


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I just wanted to say, that you are a true professional and a very special person. You made the experience truly memorable. You treated all of us like family instead of just strangers.You took us to local eating establishments which really enriched the experience. The cooking classes were a lot of fun, they were very hands on, which I bloody loved. You went out of your way to make sure that we all had a fabulous time.The lodgings were very nice and the location was really spectacular! George I will always remember my time there as very special, and wish you and your family the very best. I will always have a grand smile as I remember my time in Crete.


Porto Planet website

Our trip was great, but of course, the highlight was our week on Crete. We have already made tsaziki, lots of boiled and sauted greens, the cucumber appetizers, the eggplant dip, and greek salad. We bought some grape leaves and phyllo dough so will try making some more dishes soon.As far as critical thoughts about our stay in Crete, we enjoyed the trip and learned so much about Cretan food, culture, and history. Thank you again for a fantastic week full of learning and good memories.

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