Phuket Thai Cooking Academy

Phuket, Thailand

Phuket Thai Cooking Academy offers fun and amazing team building activities and professional Thai chef courses.

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  • Susan Grace United Kingdom

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    My husband and I spent a wonderful day working with Chef Ying and her husband, Lionel, who was like a highly convivial maitre d', plus a highly accomplished chef in his own right. The pace was driven by our skills, the food we cooked and then ate, was utterly delicious. These people care passionately about making your experience as enjoyable as possible, as well as learning the intricacies of Thai cuisine. We would highly recommend a visit to the academy to anyone who enjoys local food and would like to replicate some of the amazing flavors back home.

  • Etienne R.

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    We've had a great experience at Phuket Cooking Academy. Our teacher, King, spoke very good English and was easy to understand. We started the day at the market where she made us try a bunch of fruits, veggies and herbs. Next we went to the school where we ate sticky rice desserts for breakfast and got an overview of the course. The class is on a covered deck in the back of a private residence. Each student gets an apron, a hat, a burner and several woks to cook in. It was very clean and well organised. We started with making our own coconut cream and milk then made curry for our recipes. My wife and I went for the full day course. We cooked 10 meals. It was a lot of fun and I was impressed with the quality and taste of the meals we were able to cook. I recommend you take the course early in your trip because you get to understand more about the products available at the markets and it breaks the ice for the rest of your trip, you get to enjoy more of the desserts, sweets, and meals available in Thailand. This is a great activity to do in Phuket and it was one of my favorite. Thank you, King, for your kindness and the quality of your teaching. I highly recommend the Phuket Cooking Academy!

  • Les United Kingdom

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    We spent a great day at the cooking academy; this school is great for people who actually want to learn how to cook Thai food, both on the day and once they return home again. We were told all about the ingredients, and which ones we could swap them for if we were unable to get certain spices or vegetables in the UK. It's a long day and a lot of food to eat; however, it's good value for money as the detail of instructions and hands-on learning were superb.We have done classes in other countries before, but not really had the correct help to be able to recreate it once we got home. This time, we are sure we can reproduce some very nice dishes. It's a little tricky to find, but once you arrive, it's a lovely location with really nice people. This really was the highlight of our holiday! Thank you very much!

  • David United States

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    I've tasted some of the best Thai food from Phuket Cooking Academy. Ying has a few hidden tricks that bring a subtle punch to the spices. I feel I can now open a Thai restaurant with the menu of mango and sticky rice, papaya salad, Phad Thai, duck and red curry, and delicious stir-fry seafood dish.I highly recommend this for a great family experience. We have three kids: 16, 14, and 11. Suggestion: Don't eat breakfast before you come. We cooked enough food to cover breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  • Ashley United States

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    My daughter and I spent the day with Ying and Lionel learning several Thai recipes. Everything was modified to meet our individual needs including pace and menu. It was our second cooking class, and we enjoyed learning many new interesting ingredients, tips, tricks, and shortcuts.

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