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Phuket Cleanse

Phuket Cleanse is Thailand’s leading fitness, nutrition, detox, and education retreat. They are also a resort, a fitness facility, a yoga and meditation center, a raw vegan eatery and cooking school.

Reviews 1

Caroline Gasmi Sinkari

from Hong Kong, February 2018

"New adventure "

The program and variety : fitness , yoga , meditation , outings , talks

The food

The staff

The location

Testimonials 5

A traveler Singapore

TripAdvisor website

Thank you, Phuket Cleanse, for an amazing seven or eight days. The food is so amazing that I didn't suffer from coffee or meat withdrawal. Your chefs are all artists. Thank you Lou for the wonderful cooking classes. I am going to make myself some organic raw chocolate when I am back.

The magic of Phuket Cleanse, really, is the staff. Everyone is so cheerful and supportive and always looking out for your needs. I won't name names as I will leave out some. But everyone of you has been five-star. I loved the training and ice baths too and thank you, Charlie, for the great physio sessions. I will be back next year. Take care and thank you again. Stanton, I hope to see your six-pack when I am back

Sophie P.

TripAdvisor website

I truly recommend this place. Everything there was impeccable. The staff is so thoughtful and sweet; the food is healthy, delicious, and fresh, always so beautifully served as well, and the place is just heaven. If you need a calm, relaxing place, this is for you, especially if you need to feel better both in your mind and body. The gym classes are varied and very good, from yoga to thai boxing, and you can choose to meditate. You can also choose to do a juice cleanse and you will always be advised on what the best thing is for you and your body. I came back yesterday and I already miss it. I will definitely be back!

Gemma B.

TripAdvisor website

What can I say about Phuket Cleanse that hasn't been said before? I echo the sentiment of the glowing reviews below and can only say that my visit exceeded all expectation. I've returned home with a permanent smile on my face after pushing myself, both physically and mentally, more than I thought possible. The confidence and skills gained are ones I will carry with me into every aspect of my life. It's not just a place to get fit; it is a unique family, where you are encouraged and supported daily to achieve your goals and to look after yourself in the best way possible. I absolutely loved it and can't recommend it highly enough. I am looking forward to the next visit!

A traveler India

TripAdvisor website

They are angels, all of them. As a father, it is really tough for me to write in any detail, but I will share that my child was going through a tough time, both physically and emotionally, and we were staring at some serious options. In a moment of inspiration, I came across Phuket Cleanse as a possible way to help my child heal; and I couldn't have made a better choice. The support and care they extended to us went beyond anything I had hoped for. The sensitivity with which they handled each situation was touching. I have read some of the reviews about how amazing they are and I want to say this: yes, the food is good, the trainers are all top notch, and the mood is really positive; but one thing most have missed, is that they care! They really, genuinely care about every person who walks through that door. Angels!

A traveler Southampton

TripAdvisor website

Phucket Cleanse came recommended from a friend, who said that it was one in a million and he was right. From the minute I booked, I knew it was going to be great. The main premise is to focus on your goals for the holiday and this starts way before you arrive. This can be cleansing, physically and mentally, and / or bootcamp, exercise, or yoga.

My aim was to recharge without the temptations of coffee or alcohol and this was perfect for me. I adapted my plan during the first few days of my stay and incorporated lots of bikram yoga, jogging, and "me" time. The food was amazing, even for a carnivore like me, and I just went with the flow with lots of talks and lectures to supplement the ideology of the place.

However, the most beautiful thing about Phuket Cleanse for me is the staff; many of whom have previously been guests and their love of the place is obvious. When you arrive, you feel you are meeting up with a group of long lost friends with whom you can spend as much or as little time with as you need. There is no pressure and they are happy to help and chat. Thank you once again for an amazing trip and I look forward to returning soon.

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