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New Jersey, United States

Perillo Tours has been offering travel, escorted tours and vacation packages to Italy from America since 1945 and over three generations of the Perillo family.

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  • Melinda Volckmann Vining United States

    Perillo Tours Facebook page

    We just returned from our trip to Italy through Perillo via the Three Crowns tour. Every last detail, from transportation, flights, and hotels were organized impeccably. We also booked quite a few days trips and tours, and were more than satisfied with their vendor, City Wonders. All of the guides were helpful and knowledgeable.

    We were very pleased with our hotel rooms.

    The drivers who picked us up from the airport and train stations were waiting for us at the expected time.

    I highly recommend Perillo to anyone looking to travel to Italy.

  • Lana Watson Famiano United States

    Perillo Tours Facebook page

    Have you ever wanted to go to the most beautiful, interesting country in the world? If you've been to Italy, you've been there. If you haven't, you don't know what you are missing. My first trip to Italy was in 2005 with Perillo Tours. I fell in love; with the country, with the history, with the art, with the beauty and with the tour company. Since that first trip, I've returned eight more times. Each one with Perillo. I wouldn't do it any other way. Perillo knows how to do it right. You can leave all your worries with Perillo and enjoy your time in the most beautiful country. I've been asked many times. No, I don't work for Perillo. But I'm absolutely sold on the service they provide. From the folks you work with in New Jersey to the tour bus in Italy. It's all first class. So, do yourself a favor, book a tour. I promise there is nothing like it. And I'm always thrilled to share my experiences with anyone, should you want additional information regarding money, art, food, shopping (my favorite) or anything else. Just let me know and we can schedule some time to talk. Ciao!!

  • Sharon Macaulay

    Perillo Tours Facebook page

    Wanted to say a big thank you to Perillo Tours for making my first trip to Italy (going back in 2017) so awesome. From the time I landed till the time I took off (I would still be there if it wasn't for my tour guide Rossella B. who got me and my friend to the front of the line). The hotels we stayed in were beautiful and the one in Amalfi was spectacular. The restaurants were great and so was the food. I will be using Perillo again! See you in 2017! Ciao

  • Marc Weinberg United States

    Perillo Tours Facebook page

    We just got back from a 10-day trip to Florence, Rome, and Ravello. The private guides, tours, and drivers were outstanding. The private winery experience was something everyone should do. Irene at Perillo took great care of us. Thank you!

  • a traveler United States

    Yelp website

    The whole truth and nothing but the truth: we recently returned from a ten-day tour of Italy. Since it was our first time there, we decided on taking a Perillo's tour. We wanted to strictly focus on the beauty of this country and all it had to offer. The decision we made was the right one as the tour worked out perfectly. All tours guides (with one exception) were knowledgeable and entertaining, as they mixed important facts with fun, keeping everyone enthralled. The best dining we experienced in Italy was included within the tour package. We had a wonderful Perillo tour manager, Sandra, she kept everything in order. There were no mishaps with any outing. A very positive experience with Perillo, we had a wonderful time. We will strongly consider using Perillio Tours on similar excursions.

  • a traveler United States

    Yelp website

    We thoroughly enjoyed it and we have been recommending this company to many others ever since. The only time we touched our bags was when we took them into, and outside our hotel room. The tour guide (Marco) was excellent. All of his suggestions were "spot on". The tour guides that he hired in other cities were also great! We chose the "non-dinner" tour because we did not want to be told when and where we were eating dinner. We believe we made the correct choice. Marco would give us suggestions before parting with us in the afternoons, and he even offered for us to follow him to restaurants that he has discovered over the years. We had 37 members on the tour, yet it never felt crowded. For the most part we all got along great! We had a good time at a winery in the Tuscan region, and we have been drinking wine for a year and a half now just from that region.

  • Lezuz Alba

    Perillo Tours Facebook page

    We absolutely loved our trip. Almost 9 years later we still highly talk about our time there and the experiences. I feel as if it were yesterday that my husband and I took that 11-day trip.

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