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Path, Walks, Talks and Beyond

Path, Walks, Talks and Beyond offers exclusive trips, culinary cooking holidays, wine tastings, gourmet trips, and wine cruises, while experiencing authentic Italy and local life.

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A traveler US

TripAdvisor website

I've dreamt about going back on a Puglia tour with Andrea and Angela (the Path tour guides) every week since I returned 3 months ago. And, yes, Puglia is an amazing region no matter how you see it, but going with Andrea and Angela takes you to the next level. They are so accommodating, so intelligent, so hip, so in-the-know, and so friendly. My friend and I genuinely consider ourselves friends of theirs following our one week biking around Puglia. I wish there were tours like this all over the world. My friend and I were pretty demanding as far as particular customers go. We had Andrea and Angela changing up routes and activities much more than most tour guides would ever be willing to change anything, and they were always on top of our changes, weaving them into an updated plan. Even when we were done with our one week bike trip and began our one week at a villa with friends, rather than use the villas services to help us with planning and activities, we utilized Andrea and Angela for an additional week - they are that good. Their bikes are in excellent condition. You have all the guidance you could ever want or need - sometimes they'll even pop-up mid-route to make sure you are on the right track. Their hotel recs are top notch. You never touch your luggage - it always ends up in your next hotel room. Ask them about the option of bluetooth music on your bike. Their restaurant recommendations are always on point - Angela is a fantastic cook herself. All in all, you'd be crazy not to travel Puglia without Path.

A traveler Montana

TripAdvisor website

Just returned from 9 incredible days of mostly biking and some hiking in Puglia region of Southern Italy. Cannot overstate the incredible service and expertise of Andrea and Angela. Starting in the unforgettable Basilicata town of Matera was the perfect beginning to a fantastic trip. Their local guides/ shuttle drivers and top notch boutique hotels ( with great breakfasts) have been obviously chosen with care. Path's flexibility, and oversight of the trip was reassuring. Staying sometimes for 2 nights in some villages provided some rest while giving us the time to more explore these unique, historical and vibrant towns. Most rides were 50-60 km - very doable for experienced bikers. Mostly very quiet roads through farmlands and olive groves. Very courteous drivers respecting bikers on slightly busier coastal roads. As already reviewed, Angela's cooking class, wine and cheese evening and Lecce tours are not to be missed. Probably the most memorable part of our trip was getting to know this great couple who are doing what they love in the area of Italy they are passionate about. So glad we took their advice on what to see and do in Puglia. Any services they offer WILL be fantastic! B and M, Montana USA

Amanda H.

TripAdvisor website

We were very impressed with the wealth of knowledge and great organization skills from Andrea and Angela. Our bicycles were super, they supplied helmets, GPS navigator and detailed written instructions. We did some training before we left, and we are fairly active people, so, do train as per the organizers instructions if you can. We made a change to one of our activities while we were there and Andrea and Angela didn't blink an eye, they just organized something else for us. We enjoyed everything they organized, and everything we did by ourselves. The Olive groves and countryside is lovely. The ocean is so clear and the air, so fresh that you barely notice the hills ( ha!) We are not avid bike riders however, there are many of them out there in Puglia. Would I go again? Definitely!

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