Why Partner with BookCulinaryVacations.com?

We believe that a culinary travel experience enriches people’s lives. Guests can learn about different cultures and have fun memories of cooking and traveling together. That is why we want more and more people to experience an eye-opening culinary journey.

Our visitors can easily find, compare, and book culinary travel experiences on our website. Consumers can also add reviews, which we believe create a friendly marketplace of travelers and businesses that interact in a sustainable and responsible way. Organizers benefit from a new stream of customers from around the world.


Maximum online exposure

BookCulinaryVacations.com is the best source for booking culinary travel experiences. We connect organizers with an unmatched online global demand of customers. BookCulinaryVacations.com customers have a special interest in all things about food and drinks, from learning about the ingredients, cooking, to tasting.

  • Create a free public business page and listings including your contact details and high quality pictures.
  • List multiple day culinary holidays or courses that include accommodation.


No registration fees, no fixed costs

Create quality listings with our SEO friendly website for free.

  • Add your listings. Your future customers can contact you directly with questions or inquiries. It is completely free!
  • Customers will contact you through our website. For every successful booking that is initiated by one of those messages we charge a service fee of 14%. No hidden fees.
  • For organisers based in the EU there will be VAT added on top of the 14% commissions.


Simple & hassle-free

Register your business, create listings, and update availability and prices online.

No hassle with rebates and other complicated payment methods. Customers can simply book your holiday package using our online payment system.

When an inquiry or online reservation is made we send a confirmation email to you and the customer. This email will contain all necessary information to follow up and contact your new customer.


Friendly assistance

If you have any questions about our services or you need help with registering and creating your listings, please do not hesitate to [email protected]. We will be happy to help you.



How to get started

1) Register your business.

2) Complete your public business profile.

3) Create a listing.

4) We check/edit your listing and publish it.

Thousands of visitors will see your listing and you can start receiving inquiries and reservations right away!


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