Chef Paolo Monti's goal is to give you a basic knowledge of contemporary Italian recipes and how they are prepared using traditional ingredients.

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Paolo Monti

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Donna And Kevin Gilder

from United States, October 2019

"Kevin and Donna from CANADA really enjoyed this experience"

Lots of dishes, lots of hands on, and really interesting tours. Plus Lucca is a very cool little city.

Really enjoyed our time there.

Marian Nel

from South Africa, September 2019

"A perfect Tuscan Culinary Holiday Experience"

Chef Paolo Monti shared his in-depth knowledge as a chef with the participants in a very hands-on way. All the recipes are practical and can easily be made at home. The atmosphere in the classes was always relaxed and Chef Monti has a good sense of humour. The classes were conducted in a very organised manner. The generosity of meals and beverages as well as the overall hospitability of Chef Paulo Monti and his staff made this culinary holiday a truly memorable experience. This vacation is highly recommended. The accommodation is spacious, homely and spotlessly clean The apartments are serviced every day.

Jane Mairs

from Great Britain, September 2019

"A wonderful experience with a fantastic chef and host!"

We made many delicious but simple to make recipes and ate them all! The hospitality was excellent, each night you could chose from the menu of the restaurant next door whatever you wanted, both to eat and drink, at no charge. Chef Paolo was not only a wonderful tutor but also very humorous and entertaining. He also took us to tour the production of Parma prosciutto, Moderna balsamic vinegar and Parmesan cheese. The whole experience was fantastic!


from France, June 2019

"Highly Recommend"

We had a wonderful week’s cooking course with Chef Monti. We brought our grandson, aged almost 13, who has experience in cooking, having taken a couple of courses in the UK. The course was demanding in that we cooked over 40 recipes, and ate the final products. We learned a great deal with lots of tips and tricks and covered a wide range of recipes. Each of the classes had a theme, e.g. seafood, risotto, Tuscan specialities and involved preparing a four course menu based around the theme. The results were delicious. The number of people involved differed each day. There were four of us that were there for the week and then several other people came each day for the day’s class. This generally worked well and the groups gelled and combined to give an interesting dayr. This was helped by the Chef’s friendly manner, his string of well-rehearsed jokes and his effective teaching. The other participants seemed to enjoy their course and several said it had exceeded their expectations. The Chef was particularly good with our grandson and they had a great relationship so we would recommend this class for enthusiastic young people but it could be daunting to do a whole week for children who have no experience or are not committed. In conclusion we would highly recommend the cooking classes and perhaps the best summary came from our grandson who said to us at the end."Chef Paolo was inspirational".

Terry Piper

from Canada, February 2019

"Fabulous experience..."

I loved Chef Paolo’s instruction. He was clear, funny, and very good at explaining why he does things the way he does. I learned a number of tricks of the trade, and I found the trips outside to be very informative. I can’t say enough about the hospitality and kindness of Chef and his staff. I fell on my second day (not related to the class), and I was overwhelmed by their thoughtfulness to me, including changes to the schedule to accommodate my limited mobility. The refurbished apartment was clean, comfortable and spacious. I left vowing not to come back.

Anitha Gopinath Kumar

from India, January 2019

"It was my wish to do a culinary tour in Tuscany "

Chef Paolo is a wonderful host and a professional chef and cooking school is so well run

You learn hands on and in a happy environment

Janice Naidoo

from Netherlands, October 2020

"Cooking classes experience"

Amazing personal experience with Chef Paolo Monti. I had the privilege of having private classes and learned so much, ate even more 😁 and the food was just incredible! The quality of ingredients, dishes and overall experience exceeded my expectations. Thank you again for your wonderful hospitality, was such an honor to have a week with you and have absorbed so much knowledge on Tuscan and Italian cuisine! Il be back and highly recommend for any foodie fans.

Eric Key

from Canada, December 2019

"Good food and instruction"

The training and food was exceptional

Arkady Katz

from Israel, October 2019

"It was my best vacations for the last five years"

Te atmothphir

Patricia Agnew

from United States, October 2019

"Fantastic Experience!!"

Chef Paolo was a true delight! We started each day with preparing our ingredients, then learned many tips and processes to making GREAT AUTHENTIC Italian food.

Jerri Griffee

from United States, September 2019

"Even better than I had hoped for"

I absolutely loved it. I like to create special experiences for significant birthdays. We prepared fabulous food using simple recipes. Chef Paulo is well versed and made the classes fun. We took side trips to learn about parmesan cheese, prosciutto, and balsamic vinegar. The restaurant is fabulous and the full menu was available to us. I was apprehensive because I was travelling solo but my classmates became fast friends. I was treated like a queen on my birthday by my classmates and the restaurant staff. It was worth turning 60!

Babak Khosrowshahi

from Great Britain, July 2019

"Memorable cooking experience "

A big thank you to chef Paolo for providing a comfortable atmosphere to learn a number of Italian recipes. Chef Paolo was very generous with the ingredients and the variety of dishes we tried our hands on. His jokes add flavour to the whole experience. The great bonus is having the meals you prepared with Tuscan wine. The advantage of booking your accommodation with Chef Paolo Monti is that there is no driving straight after the class and you can indulge in both food and wine. The accommodation is adequate and is in need of some adjustments, but 20 minutes drive from Lucca, is in great location.


from Great Britain, July 2019


Going to the market was a treat. It is only open once a week and to go with someone who knew what they were looking at was an eye opener - who knew there were boy and girl courgette flowers and the boy ones are the best. I learned a lot and enjoyed eating what we had cooked.

Rachel Abrams

from United States, June 2019

"My 3-Day Cooking Class and Stay in Corignano"

The apartment was beautiful and spacious, the staff very gracious and friendly, and Chef Paolo Monti was a very excellent chef and cooking instructor. He was very talented. I didn’t realize I would be receiving such a top-notch cooking class. One class was about sauces and pastas, and the other was preparing different types of seafood. It was wonderful to try all the foods we prepared and the groups were nice people. Thank you, Rachel

Claudia Blydenburgh

from United States, June 2019


This was an amazing experience for our whole family - the four of us took the two day course and had 8 full hours of instruction on pastas and sauces (Day 1), and seafood (Day 2). The classes were hands-on and fast-paced - the facilities were comfortable, spacious, and clean - and the food was superb!


from United States, June 2019

"Loved the cooking, not much to do there"

Chef was friendly, engaging and informative. The classes were very enjoyable and we cooked some delicious food.

The accommodations were large, clean and comfortable.

Lucca, the walled town, is very pretty and walkable.

Malika Saidi

from Netherlands, June 2019

"cooking course in Lucca"

I liked the apartments and facilities of the cooking school. During the classes, everything was organized and the staff are very hard working and friendly. The size of the groups is good, there is a lot of interaction during the classes. Good balance of theory and hands on cooking.

Pamela Strelec

from Canada, May 2019

"HIGHLY Recommnded!"

Everything was fantastic, from our arrival to hugs at the end of the week. We were treated like royalty, by Chef Monti and all his staff. When we weren’t eating in class we ate in Chef’s restaurant attached to the school. Everything was delicious and fresh. Classes were very informative, hands on and the food was five star. We stayed in an apartment above the restaurant which was spacious and clean, with daily maid service. I have absolutely thing negative to say about our eight day culinary adventure.

Diane Ewer

from Canada, May 2019

"! Learning, cooking, eating and meeting great people!"

The chef is very knowledgeable. Mixed in with a heaping cup full of his dry sense of humor, it made for a fabulous time. Learned so much. Very much appreciated the side trips. Chef put a lot into the week to make it memorable

The staff were outstanding! Friendly & helpful at every turn. The food was the best. Every meal incredible. Very generous with everything.


from United States, May 2019

Staff,facilities and instuction were excellent. Highly recommend this adventure. Kitchen was fully stocked with fruits and drinks and a coffee machine was there for expresso, cappuccino or tea.

The bus stop was in front of apartment and for 2 euros you could go to Lucca.

Recommend taking bus#53 from main hub to Carignano where school and housing is locatec

Marion Burgess

from Great Britain, March 2019

"Just amazing"

Paolo was a brilliant teacher and very funny with it. He showed us the true taste of Italy and the food we cooked with him was delicious. His restaurant also served excellent food and all the staff were lovely. Would definitely return for the other cookery lessons he does.