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Panary offers lessons about real bread in the atmosphere of a working watermill at Cann Mills in rural Dorset.

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Paul Merry

Paul has been involved with craft baking and masonry ovens for over forty years, and has been teaching courses for nearly 20 years. Paul considers that the step from being a master of your trade to becoming a teacher and a consultant is a natural and easy progression. During the years that Paul spent in his bakery, he enjoyed having apprentices, and watching them flourish. He has always enjoyed teaching his craft, and now he sees it as a worthy duty given that the craft itself faces extinction.

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  • Charles Everett

    Panary website

    I enjoyed this last weekend’s course hugely and I learned such a lot. It was a real pleasure and privilege to be tutored by you.

    I’ve been making sure I remember all the tips and techniques that you worked through with me and that none slips through the cracks in my memory. I thought I was a moderately experienced domestic baker but spending the time with you has given me a complete step change in my approach.

    You are a great teacher. You bring the theoretical and the practical together beautifully and make what is actually quite hard learning so enjoyable that the time passes in a flash.

    Looking back over the two days, I am amazed at how much you managed to pack in to so short a time. Certainly, I felt a happy exhaustion at the end of each of the two days!

  • Gaye Whitwam United Kingdom

    Panary Facebook

    Thanks Paul for all your teaching and support, helping me to develop my little micro bakery!

  • Avis Jones

    Panary Facebook

    We had the best day at Panary and would definitely recommend the day to anyone. Thank you so much, Paul, for your expert knowledge, advice, and entertainment.

  • Ali Cripps

    Panary website

    I just wanted to say a very, very big thank you for the course this past weekend. I learnt a huge amount, picked up so many tips and just ways of making little improvements in so many aspects of breadmaking. Tomorrow I will start my sourdough ready for a Friday bake, and I’m very much looking forward to putting new techniques (autolyse) into practice. Over the thirty or so years I’ve been making bread I have always loved trying something a bit differently, and the autolyse approach is completely new to me; I really want to work with this.

    Thank you for your inspiration, common sense, and excellent teaching – and I do wish you every success in France! (Thank you too for including David and James in Saturday’s drinks at the end of the day!)

  • Paddy Gallagher

    Panary website

    What an interesting day. Paul is great at teaching not only the art and craft of baking but the science thats hidden inside the dough. We thoroughly enjoyed our one-day British course even if we did veer off into France making great looking baguettes and batons! Many thanks Paul!

  • Patrick Shone

    Panary website

    I just wanted to thank you for a very enjoyable and extremely informative day on Saturday. I learned a lot and really appreciated your pragmatic approach to introducing a group of novices to the art of making sourdough. I have managed to take home what I learned and bake bread with reasonable success. Many thanks again, Paul, for an excellent day.

  • Matt

    Panary website

    Hi Paul, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the knowledge imparted during the sourdough course on May 10th. Youve ironed out where I was going wrong time and time again using recipes only. I am planning on coming back for an apprentice day later in the year if youll have me!

  • Bridget United Kingdom

    Panary website

    It was a real pleasure to meet you! I am always in admiration of humble people like yourself, who are so keen to share and pass on all that you have learned. Being at the beginning of my bread making, I am truly thankful that there are people like you around! Despite sore feet after two days, I still felt like I was walking on clouds!

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