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4 Day Cooking Holidays in Athens

Available from January till November
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Reviews (2)

Lyndsie Lavender

from United States, June 2019

"This is not quite a culinary retreat "

This was not quite a culinary retreat. There were some tickets bought for a walking tour of Athens as well as museum tickets and take it into the Parthenon. I did enjoy the cooking class with instructor Sophia... I liked making the zucchini balls the spanakopita and the Tzatziki And I was very happy to have Marina Assorioti as my friendly guide. She showed me around Athens good feta cheese shops. ( I highly recommend a feta making class ) she helped me find good restaurants around town I really enjoyed trying a traditional local Greek meal. She showed me where to buy good olive oil ( I highly recommend an olive oil tasting class ) I also recommend a hotel that is more common and that taxi drivers know how to find it.