Organic Tribe

Our spirit is connected with Mother Earth ' soul. We help people to re-connect by creative retreats where yoga, sound healing and cooking classes are involved.

Instructors 2

Irene Devi Ma-Pai

Irene combines her artistic skills with her spiritual healing gifts. She has been a sensorial designer, art director, and photographer for more than 15 years. She is a Vinyasa yoga teacher and a spontaneous, dynamic, fluid, creative conscious dancer with an extensive five rhythms dance practice. With her extensive international background and deep sound healing knowledge, she brings wisdom, peace, spiritual awareness, guidance, intuition and a powerful transformative divine feminine energy to her classes, workshops, and retreats.

Andrea Chiriatti

Born in Galatina, Andrea has had the pleasure to work for many established and successful fine-dining restaurants all over the world, which have allowed him to become an emerging, talented, Italian chef. His native land, Apulia-Salento, and his family gave him the knowledge of Mediterranean cuisine and transferred him the love for the cultivation of the land. Andrea is specialized in Tuscan and Northern Italy cuisine. Indeed, he is also a very well prepared pastry chef. He is also expert in vegan-vegetarian nutrition due to his personal nutrition which is based on a vegetarian ovo-lacto diet.

Testimonials 2

Angelica Murga

OrganicTribeSalento Facebook page

Beautiful part of the world. Health conscious owners.

Irene Carzoli Florida, USA

OrganicTribeSalento Facebook page

Organic people, open to share with clients their vision and life style. Nice, modern rooms and most of all brand new building. Quite location, located on the way to the seaside. Yoga practice at sunset is an amazing experience.

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