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Worcestershire, United Kingdom

Orchards Cookery specialize in training & recruiting Chalet Cooks & runs Off to University, Designer Dinner party, Corporate Days & One/Two Day cookery courses.

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  • Jess Fox

    Orchards Cookery Facebook page

    I had the best time on the two week chalet cookery course at Orchards: the tutors were great and the food was amazing! I arrived having a very limited knowledge of cooking, and came away feeling confident in the kitchen with an enormous variety of dishes, which has prepared me really well for the upcoming ski season. I highly recommend coming to Orchards to anyone wanting to do a ski season, or just to learn how to cook!

  • Ottilie Stephenson

    Orchards Cookery Facebook page

    I loved my two week course at Orchards, every day was so much fun and the staff are all amazing. The course has been a huge help in preparing me for my ski season in terms of cooking and they are extremely helpful in giving advise for CV's. I would highly recommend.

  • George Whisson United Kingdom

    Orchards Cookery Facebook

    One of the best experiences I've had! I learned so much, had a great time and everyone was so nice. I've never felt so full!

  • Janine Cooley

    Orchards Cookery Facebook page

    My daughter and I had a great weekend at Orchards School of Cookery. I cant believe how much we learned in such a short time. Mike, the chef, was fantastic-very patient and helpful. Isobel and Nick were very quick to make everyone feel at home. I would recommend the course to everyone of any age as it was instructive and fun. The food was fantastic! My only regret is that the diet went completely to pot.

  • Lucy Dowson

    Orchards Cookery website

    I wanted to write to you both to say what a marvellous time Polly had on the Chalet Cooks course. Not only did she learn a huge amount, but the course instilled a really good work ethic: that working hard is rewarding and fun.For her, it has resulted in the best outcome, in receiving a job with Powder White and Im sure that the training she has had at Orchards with be invaluable every day of the season.Our heartfelt thanks for providing such a superb course - I have no hesitation about recommending it, as the perfect gap year course.

  • Noreen Keane

    Orchards Cookery website

    My daughter Sarah-Grace was with you in November for the chalet cookery course and I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic success it has been for her. I have to admit that I was very dubious when she told me she had chosen the course herself from the internet with no other background information and that it was only for five days! However she had worked hard to pay for it herself and she was not for turning.She returned from the course with a new cookery enthusiasm and confidence that was unstoppable. Prior to heading off for Val d'Isere with Snowline VIP two weeks later, we had been treated to a host of delicious meals from your great book. She, along with her friend, thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the course - from the lovely setting and accommodation, the darts in the pub, the fun at the evening meals, but especially the intense acquisition of so much proper cookery knowledge.Needless to say, with fantastic snow again this year she is having a wonderful time. I am certain however, that all she learned at The Orchards - both cooking and management has been the most major contributor to her chalet confidence and thus overall enjoyment. I am also certain that you are very unlikely to have received personal feedback from the busy slopes - hence this missive from a very appreciative mother! Best wishes for continued success.

  • Vicky Daniell

    Orchards Cookery website

    I have been meaning to write every since Nancy came home from her 5 day Chalet Cook course with you to say a huge thank you for everything you gave her during her time with you. When I collected her off the train on the Friday evening I wasn't quite sure what to expect!As it was, even though she'd had a pretty long and tedious journey with a couple of changes, and it was late in the evening - she didn't draw breath about what a fantastic week she'd had, and how much she had achieved and hugely enjoyed achieving during that time!And the fun she'd had with the other people on the course. The car smelt of garlic for the next couple of days (which was lovely!), and we have been absolutely bowled over by her confidence and enthusiasm in the kitchen since her return.Nancy's two brothers were home from university over Easter, and she made us several delicious three course meals, and when she decides to have a bit of a bake, she knocks up three cakes, where one would have previously presented quite a challenge! I can't tell you how impressed, and really thankful I am - apart from the fact that we may have to go up a size in clothes!

  • Wilfred McAlea United Kingdom

    Orchards Cookery website

    Excellent instruction from the most knowledgeable and charming instructors. A first class week of fun and entertaining.

  • Isabel Bradley United States

    Orchards Cookery website

    We have paid for our sons education since he was 7 years old, but I think these two weeks with you was the best money we ever spent on him. Many thanks to you and your team.

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