Omceanyogi Awakening Retreats

Yoga, meditation, movement and breathing techniques to make you conscience of your thoughts, your state and your actions in order to discover your inner world.

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Xavier Monnet

Omceanyogi Awakening Retreats website

Lovely yoga retreat with a clear path to follow for the different senses exploration. It gave us the opportunity to take some quality time to ask ourselves about important questions as who we are, what are our talents, what can we be useful to.

Are we conscious enough in our daily life of the luck and the great opportunities we have to live free and meaningfully?

This retreat gave me the opportunity to learn more about myself and to decide to take actions as to be a better listener and let more space to my inner self to express its needs and desires. I will also be a better friend to myself and do my best for using my mind as a tool to build a better world for me and for the others.

Berta Revenga

Omceanyogi Awakening Retreats website

Awaken your senses retreat has been a very powerful experience highly recommended. The trip through the waking up of the each of the senses has been a non-stop surprising and acknowledge of memories plus hidden sensations. This Journey is not only a yoga retreat, it is a connection between who you are in your regular life and the person who is behind the mask in our day to day life. Taking the time to listen to each of the senses has improved the awareness of myself and it helped me to get to know me better. Personally for me the touching exercise was very powerful. I actually felt how my mom touched me when I was little. It reminded me how sometimes as adults we get colder and less touching between each other and we forget the feeling of the unconditional love.

To sum up if you want to explore and experience what your body is able to offer you.. Let your body speak to you!

Jennifer Beard

Omceanyogi Awakening Retreats website

The retreat met all my hopes and I left it feeling grounded and able to face up more serenely to my daily challenges.

Simona Foletta

Omceanyogi Awakening Retreats website

The class I liked the most is the Yin Practice where we had to do touch exercises with a partner and then hug everybody blindfolded.

It was really powerful and I found it great to establish a connection with the other yogis. In the end I think I was laughing to avoid crying because it was really emotional

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