Offbeat Tracks is an experiential travel agency that promote the idea of eco-tourism. They add a flavor of local lifestyle and cuisine in the itineraries.

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Erin Saltman

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My friend and I had Offbeat Tracks curate 7 days for us. We went Bangalore - Mysore - Coorg - Kabini. Our experiences included market places, temples, safari (where we saw tigers and elephants!), homestays and villages. It was extremely well thought out and we went to places we would have never thought of.

Resham Vikas

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Vandana....dear u did a fabulous job we really enjoyed our stay in Allepy.

Pawan Raj

Offbeat Tracks Facebook page

Offbeat tracks is a fantastic organisation which helps in arranging unique customized tours to exotic places in India and Bhutan. I had the chance to travel to ladakh and bhutan with the team and thoroughly enjoyed the trip. i highly recommend it for people who love to explore these places.