Nordic Light Yoga

Nordic Light Yoga offer retreats in Sweden, Bali and Spain, with a unique combination of traditional yoga, craniosacral therapy, and kirtan.

Instructors 1

Jenny Solberg

Jenny’s spiritual journey started eight years ago in India, when she met her yoga teacher. This was the start of a life long study of the inquiry into her real being. A few years ago, she met her guru in Bali, whom she started studying traditional Vedanta with. She is passionately dedicated to understanding the meaning of true happiness, and what it means to live a spiritual life. She teaches with softness and compassion, allowing the uniqueness of every person and their process to take place. She did her first TTC in India with Atmavikasa yoga eight years ago and a second training in Bali.

Testimonials 3

Sky Akasha Tobias

Nordic Light Yoga Facebook page

Soft, deep, slow and heartfelt yoga, very much like Jenny herself.

Hema Venkatesha

Nordic Light Yoga Facebook page

Jenny is a very dedicated practitioner and in my experience, dedicated practitioners make great teachers. Wishing you the very best Jenny :) Many blessings.

Poppy Lyles London

Nordic Light Yoga website

This was a really unique and special experience in a beautiful setting. I felt incredible during and for several weeks after this retreat. it was magical.

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