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Why You Really Need to Add Variety to Your Diet [+ 3 Simple Ways to Do So]

by Hisham Aljamil

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There’s a vital need for variety in your diet. For when it comes to food, the more varied and healthy options you have, the better. But when you’re too busy to prepare and cook food, it’s understandable that it would much easier to stick with food items that you are familiar with. 

Having a list of go-to foods is great if you are constantly on the run. But it’s also beneficial to be adventurous once in a while to expand the variety of food you eat and to encourage overall good health.In addition, it also makes eating healthy more thrilling as you won’t get bored eating basically the same thing over and over again.

Food variety should be used to your advantage to get a better balance of nutrients. So if you are dying to get away from your food routine but have no idea where to begin, you can start by adopting these three simple methods


1. Color is key


colorful veggies fruits


Is your daily menu composed of more or less the same colors? If this is the case, it’s time for you to include foods of other colors and eat with your eyes!

If you’re a salad enthusiast, add naturally colored veggies that are red, purple, or orange to your green and yellow staples. The more colorful your meal is, the healthier your diet is likely to become.

When cooking, you also have to make sure that the different food ingredients you mix and match according to colors complement each other in terms of flavor or taste.

A person’s eating pleasure also comes from seeing food that looks vibrant and delightful. This is one of the reasons why most food magazines, cooking shows, and cookbooks are very popular. For an easy “wow” factor when dining in, choose extensively and arrange creatively!


Always Be on The Look Out for Something New


korean stir fry


We often hear people say that variety is the spice of life – I happen to think that this is true when it comes food too! So, if you tend to cook the same dishes every week, find a fresh and new recipe and try cuisines that you’ve never tried before. Make it your goal to be consistent in trying something different, you’ll have the great pleasure of tasting at least one new dish each week!

Make a note of the recipes you’ve cooked that you actually like, and discard the ones that you don’t. This way, you’ll never get bored with your menu and actually look forward to what you will be eating each day. 

I also strongly recommend visiting your neighboorhood’s farmer’s market regularly. It’s a wonderful place to discover new types of food that you can try and add to your improved dietary menu. You also get to have direct access to food producers so ingredients are guaranteed to be fresh. That said, if lack of time prevents you from going on frequent grocery shopping but you still want to enjoy a wide variety of food, you can also opt the assistance of a food delivery service.


Emphasize Each Food Group


meat and veggies


As an alternative to adding various foods in multiple food groups, you can focus on one group at a time. For example, if you want to add a new variety of meat, then focus only on that for a couple of weeks.

Here are more tips on how you can change up your meals one at a time:

  • For main meals, try different types of rice, noodles, or pasta – better yet, you can even try to make your own pasta!
  • For steak, add potatoes or cherry tomatoes as a side dish
  • Instead of white potato fries, cooked legumes, sweet potato, or corn can be alternatives
  • For your sandwiches, try other types of bread such as wraps (pita bread, tortillas, etc.), Turkish bread rolls, etc.
  • For your breakfast, you can pair it up with cook tomatoes, spinach, or mushrooms
  • For your salad, pasta or stir-fry and curry, add toasted chopped nuts


The easiest way to have a variety of food is to switch it up to something that you are already familiar with. Want to experiment with a root vegetable? Try it with quick and healthy recipes where you usually get to use potatoes. By sticking with familiar recipes, you’ll get the right idea on the flavor of your new food and at the same time discover what else you can try it with.


Final Notes


woman enjoying meal


The most important thing when it comes to adding variety to your daily meals is to remember is to be flexible on your shopping list. Check out specialty food stores for even more ranges of exotic foods and spices from all over the world. Renowned food distribution companies also offer large types of foodstuff that you can choose from.

In short, you just have to be open-minded in trying new or different types of vegetables, meats, fruits and many other food items on your brand new menu. And most importantly, don’t forget to have fun! 


Been wanting to eat healthier? Why not start by going on an organic culinary retreat? Not only will you learn a wide range of healthy recipes and eat healthier, you’ll be shown how you can grow fresh organic fruits and vegetables in your own garden!

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