Tuscan kitchens capture the warmth and celebration of family dining that is synonymous with Italian culture. Moreover, Italians are known to love their kitchen and spend most of their time in the house in this room as they are an ideal for cooking and conversation. It is a place the old and the young work together to prepare the family’s authentic Italian cuisine heirloom recipes, handed down from generations before them.

Tuscan kitchen decor experiments with warm and pleasant natural colors. Also, it often includes influences of wine, food, and nature in the decor. With that, here are some easy Tuscan kitchen decor ideas you may find useful:


Color and Paints


tuscan rustic wall


Main pointers to check while using Tuscan decor is warm colors, eye-catching Tuscan accessories, and attention to quality and detail. You can also add your own ‘twists’ to create a personal and unique Tuscan decor.  

The prevalent colors used in natural yellow, leatherette, usage of stone and wood and a splash of greenery as it represents the rusticness of the Italian countryside. Select rich, earthy and trademark colors of the region like burgundy, olive greens, blue and red-orange.


Tuscan inspired decor


There are so many different wall painting techniques that you’ll never have to settle for one colored wall again. Using a combination of paint and glazes you can create a range of different textures, from linen to marble. The main tools used for these techniques are quite basic: paint roller, painters tape, painting combs etc.

You can also experiment with paints. Tuscan decor uses a great amount of exposure to paint texture and designs which gives a Mediterranean vintage feel. Use a sponge or patterned rollers. One can even use a simple white paint to create a simple and consistent background. 

A skilled faux finish artist can create a look just for you that the wallpaper manufacturers would love to copy and mass-market. Some of the more popular looks for Tuscan-style walls include:


  • Color washes – ragged, bushed, sponged single glazes over solid paint, the work-horse of faux finishes
  • Multiple glazes – layered over solid paint, provides great depth
  • Faux leather looks – terrific in a study
  • Faux suede – stipple glaze over solid paint
  • Stencil over-all patterns – antique damask or simple borders
  • Venetian plasters – lustrous beautiful plasters
  • Tuscan old-world plasters – troweled on plaster, chipped, cracked and aged to perfection
  • Faux stone effects – limestone, fieldstone, slate, cut and fitted patterns
  • Faux brick looks
  • Faux wood – faux bois, antiqued, distressed, burled, bamboo
  • Faux metal – brilliant metallic glazes, antique iron
  • Tissue paper – textured paper, paint, and glaze
  • Stripes – glazed or just painted, always classy


Unsure as to what options would best suit your kitchen? Don’t be afraid to seek out the assistance of design professionals! They’ll be able to provide some suggestions and ideas that will help you achieve your desired look.




brick wall


In the Tuscan decor, the walls are the highlight and set the tone for the decor. Stonework is widely used in this decor to provide an earthly feel. Stone bricks or tiles have been used widely. You can even use stonework on one wall if you prefer to give a less rustic look and add other paint textures to the walls.   




Hardwood flooring is one of the best options for flooring in Tuscan decor. But for an Italian countryside feel, you can use stone or terracotta tiles. Terracotta tiles are clay based unglazed or glazed ceramic. Using stone or terracotta tiles are used in areas where the temperatures are high. Terracotta tiles are great as it perfectly complements Italian-style brick oven, perfect for those who love to make authentic Italian pizza in comfort of their own kitchen. 

Backsplashes are also used in Tuscan flooring to add a lively design to the kitchen. The matte finish is favored over the glossy finish. But backsplashes allows adding a tad of shine to the floors for some sparkle. The primary function of backsplashes is to prevent the wall behind the sink from water damage or grease splatter.  


Accessories and architectural pieces


Tuscan utensils


To add a Tuscan style to any room is to use wrought iron which gives a look resembling wood. Wrought iron is tough, malleable, corrosion resistant and ductile. Also, if you have high ceiling then storing Tuscan inspired accessories like cups, vases etc high above for a better view. Having arches also adds an Italian feel.

For the utensils and cabinet hardware, you can choose different kind of metals that takes on a patina after some time. If they are finished with bronze, copper or brass, it is great. All these coating ages differently and vary in color and time giving the utensils and hardware a rustic look.

Adding a wooden dining table for the kitchen will complete the decor. The Tuscan style also introduces open shelves and free-standing cupboards to display the utensils. The kitchen sink is either made of marble or natural stone. Induce Tuscan theme in your kitchen with displays of pasta in glass jars, a braid of onions or garlic, jars of olives, and flowers.

Other decorative additions to any Tuscan decor will be the inclusion of canister sets, glass jars, decanters for oil and spices, metal containers, Italian style pots (for both visual appeal and easy access), bowls or plates and wine accessories.



Tuscan inspired lamp


You can use chandeliers or lamps made of wrought iron to add a Tuscan feel. Having huge windows that provide natural light will greatly emphasize the Tuscan decor. Light filtered windows with semi-translucent curtains or with no curtains at all. You can also introduce pendant lights in this decor. Pendant lights in mini glasses can be used for contemporary aesthetic inclusions. 






In homes all over Tuscany, huge windows are accessorized with beautiful and complimenting flora (plants and/or flowers). Huge windows mean it would be bright and airy that would aid in flourishing the flora. Window boxes flourishing with herbs, irises, and alpines will add great color to the kitchen.


Final Thoughts


You can certainly bring style and substance to your kitchen with a bold Tuscan kitchen decor. Add an old world charm with the use of beautiful tiles and paint textures. Give your kitchen that warm Italian feel but don’t forget to infuse your own personal style to create a truly unique look. When you’re finished, be sure to invite your family and friends to a homemade Italian dinner prepared in your new Tuscan inspired kitchen!


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Looking for Tuscan kitchen decor inspirations? There’s no better place to find it than in its origin! While you’re at it, why not treat yourself to a scrumptious culinary vacation in Tuscany