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5 Awesome Reasons Why You Should be Cooking More

by Lystia Putranto

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If you’ve been considering of making the shift from eating out and purchasing fast or processed food to preparing more of your own meals, you are in luck! We at BookCulinaryVacations.com are avid fans of the culinary arts. 

With that, on this post, I would like to share 5 great reasons as to why we believe that you too should be cooking more of your own meals at home!



1. It allows you to make healthier food choices 


One of the best things about preparing your own meals is that unlike eating out or purchasing already processed food, we have the advantage of knowing and monitoring exactly what goes into our food. We can make sure that there no preservatives or hidden fillers that are often included in ready-made dishes. By cooking our own food, we also have complete control to adjust recipes according to our preferences and needs. This makes it a lot easier for us to make healthier choices such as incorporating less salt, substituting meats for vegetables and so forth, unto our daily meals.


Preparing your won meals makes it easier to make healthier options

Preparing our own meals makes it easier to control serving size. Image credit: Crete Experience


Cooking our own meals not only enable us to create dishes that are made from fresh ingredients and are more delicious, we also give ourselves the freedom to plan and create a balanced diet. When we provide our body with balanced meals, it will leave us feeling more satisfied and help to reduce cravings for junk food and late-night snacking that often lead to weight gain.


2. It enables you to better practice portion control 


Though most of us are aware that meal portions offered at restaurants are generally larger than what we would consider as a normal portion, what many of us don’t realize is just how significantly larger they are. According to Journal of Public Health Policy’s findings, portions served in fast food restaurants have increased from two to five times the size of a normal serving size. Additionally, plate sizes used at restaurants have increased by a whopping two inches in the past decade. This presents an issue as the larger the portion of food we are served, the more of it we would likely to eat.

When we cook at home, however, in addition to having control of the ingredients of our food, we are also able to easily control the serving size of our meals. This way, we are likely to stick to normal serving sizes and prevent ourselves from over-indulging.


3. It brings you closer to your loved ones


Bond with your loved ones through cooking and create priceless memories. Image credit: Casa Laura Cooking


“ Nothing brings people together like great food ” they say and we found this to be true. Cooking meals at home give you the wonderful opportunity to include your family and friends in the process. More importantly, you get to share the fruits of your labor together. Though cooking is usually perceived as a peaceful and cathartic experience, it often brings laughter, excitement, and joy. Use your time in the kitchen with your loved ones to strengthen your bonds while creating priceless memories you will surely cherish for years to come.



4. It saves you money


Contrary to most beliefs, preparing your own meals often costs less than if you were to eat out or to purchase processed or even fast food. In most cases, not only are we paying for the raw materials used to create our food, but we are also paying for the brand, packaging, transport, and several other hidden costs that come with ready-made food. Though there is no guarantee that each meal you cook will always be cheaper in comparison to restaurant or store bought food, it will always end up saving you money in the long run.

Other than being able to save by making your own dishes from scratch, you are able to save even more by bringing your home-cooked leftovers to work instead of eating out for lunch. As a great bonus, the money that you save from cooking your own meals can be put to better use such as your travel fund, a brand new cute outfit, or perhaps in a year or so, you’ll find that you have saved up enough to spruce up your kitchen!


5. It sharpens your cooking skills 


The great Julia Child famously said “No one was born a great cook, one learns by doing”. Though Julia is renowned as one of the most talented and respected chefs of all time, she freely admitted that she was not always a great cook. Though she had a late start in cookery, with perseverance and a whole lot of practice cooking in her kitchen, she was accepted to the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu culinary school at age 37.

Whether you choose to pursue cooking as a career or a hobby, the best way to hone your culinary skills is by doing. Try out new recipes. Get cooking and baking tips from friends and family. Be fearless, keep practicing and more importantly, have fun! With time you’ll inevitably impress yourself and others with your newfound capabilities of whipping up decadent meals.


Impress yourself and your loved ones with your new skills!

Impress yourself and others with your newfound cooking skills! Credit: HGH Travel


If you are interested in taking your culinary skills up a notch, why not go on a cooking holiday? Explore the heart of various cultures through its food. With a wealth of culinary getaways on offer, you can choose to learn any type of cuisine and dish your heart desire and have plenty of fun while doing so! 

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