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Australian Culinary Getaway: A Road Trip Through Southeast Australia

by Zara Lewis

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From show-stopping sandy beaches to the idyllic countryside – the southeast part of Australia certainly doesn’t lack for gorgeous sights, nor entertainment. We’ve heard all about adventures, but what about food? The true gourmets know that this is the road where deliciousness lies, and those with a discerning palette will definitely want to check out the fine cuisine that this part of the country offers.

While Australian food might have been a little boring several decades ago, the influx of Greek, Italian, and Chinese restaurants and culture stirred things up quite a bit. Relying on the naturally tasty produce that Aussies always prided themselves on, there’s a wide variety of flavors with a uniquely fresh taste. From the Riverland fruit to the roast beef of Coonawarra, you can find both sweet and savory dishes to tickle your imagination. It helps a lot that Australia’s easy, lighthearted approach to food leaves a lot of room both for experimentation and the merging of different cultures and traditions.

If you’re looking for your next culinary adventure, Southeast Australia is the place to be, so here are some unique places you can visit to get the full experience.



Yarra Valley wine


About an hour north of Melbourne, Yarra Valley is well-known for its peaceful greenery and the charming family vineyards that grace the countryside. It’s a popular retreat for wine connoisseurs, and if you want to try a memorable Chardonnay or Pinot Noir, you’ll love it here. You can take a two-days culinary trip in Yarra Valley and stay in luxury accommodations.


yara valley wine


You’ll experience Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula and all they have to offer. You’ll be sipping wine and tasting cheese, and you can take a tour to enjoy the pretty sights. Try the smoked trout or Misty Valley chicken with mushrooms and bacon, and indulge your hedonism fully.


Corringle Beach seafood


Lovers of seafood will love Corringle Beach in the Gippsland region. However, it’s not just the delicious fish that you can try, this area is much more renowned for something a little more unique – abalone mollusks, from the township of Mallacoota. Try them with butter sauce and snow pea tendrils, or with chili and garlic, and make sure to sample some of the equally unique salads. Seaspray, samphire, and our favorite, pigface. It’s a salty and delicious type of sea banana that really gives salads a certain kind of spice.


Gippsland beef



Another thing coming from Gippsland is its unique flavor of beef. The cattle are fed on salt-tolerant vegetables and grass, and they’re on wide pastures and looked after quite well. This gives for a very unique, rich taste of the meat, and people who want to enjoy a good steak will definitely find a place here. 


Sydney and luxury


Sydney is huge, it’s beautiful, and it’s an excellent place for both luxury eating and spicy street food. Quay is ridiculously exclusive, and if you happen to snag a spot in this award-winning restaurant, try their Maremma duck, their smoked pig jowl, or their guava snow egg. From Café Sopra’s shredded cabbage salad to Guillaume at Bennelong's basil-infused tuna, you can spend a month in Sydney and still not taste one of its many iconic dishes.


Sydney panorama


Since there’s plenty to see and eat you can always try the Avis car hire service to get around with ease, and that way you’ll get to try anything that crosses your mind. We also recommend Bills' ricotta hotcakes with banana and honeycomb butter, and 12-hour braised lamb shoulder from Four in Hand.


A cornucopia of good tastes in Lorne


This is a hidden gem that’s simply not to be missed. From warm brioche rolls with pulled pork and swinging slaw, to poached eggs on sourdough with Istra bacon. Try them at the Swing Bridge Cafe and Boathouse that’s found right on the Erskine River. If you’re looking for something relaxing and rejuvenating, then take a 3-day meditation and yoga retreat and try their Turkish cooking classes. You’ll walk through the Otway Forest, practice relaxation techniques, and then learn how to cook delicious meals. Here, you’ll enjoy plenty of nutritious and tasty food with plenty of vegan options included.


Vineyards in Hunger Valley


Another spot for our wine lovers, it’s the oldest wine region that will let you sip on excellent shiraz, cabernet, and Merlot. The Audrey Wilkinson Winery and Pepper Tree Wines are two places that you’ll want to check out for very fine vintages, and if you crave a good meal then try rock oysters, Wagyu Tartare, and charred rib eye. It’s all about rich, playful tastes and the perfect wine to go with each meal.


Australia is not to be underestimated, and those who are looking for both fine dining and exciting street flavors will find plenty to enjoy here. Be sure to check out these spots and enjoy your fun culinary adventure! 

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